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Hello, darling birdies! Are you ready for a new green beauty adventure? I always am, and pretty sure you feel the same! Today’s beauty story is special by all means : I am going to share with you my thoughts on local (California based) handcrafted with botanical elements skincare line Tokyo Factory. Can you hear the Tokyo nostalgia in my voice, again? Well, that’s barely my point… My point actually is to take you through the essential products of Tokyo Factory and to announce a new giveaway (good traditions are about to be kept!) in the end of the post. Get comfortable, pour your favorite drink ( I would suggest mactha latte today, or iced green tea) and stick with me for a beauty read.

Brand Spotlight : Tokyo Factory hand crafted natural skincare | TLV Birdie

My first meeting with Tokyo Factory happened on their online store, and I have to point out that it is definitely one of the online shopping destinations that makes customer’s life easy. Well organized, beautifully curated store with a great choice of products (and suggested sets) to choose from. I may understand if this is not a crucial point for you, but for me – it undoubtedly is. It’s such a pleasure to browse through their online store, learn about ingredients and all the necessary info about the products. By the way, Tokyo Factory Instagram is just the same eye candy (plus, a great opportunity to catch behind-the-scenes of Ayu, the Tokyo Factory founder, and her creation process).

Tokyo Factory totally match the meaning of “artisan”, with their thoughtful approach to plant based ingredients selection, products formulation and craft, minimalistic packaging, along with their ethical and aesthetic standards. You’ll see a variety of natural soap, skincare (facial + body care) products and hand poured soy candles (7 different scents, one amazing packaging!) in the Tokyo Factory store. Let’s take a closer look at some of the products, hand-picked by yours truly and Ayu for this beauty story.

Brand Spotlight : Tokyo Factory hand crafted natural skincare | TLV Birdie Brand Spotlight : Tokyo Factory hand crafted natural skincare | TLV Birdie

Brilliant composition of natural rose aroma, nourishing skin benefits and velvety, melting texture of Tokyo Factory Rose + Shea Butter Cream ($18) made it to the top of my beauty products rotation. If you’re into floral, yet very light scents – this would be a great choice for you, the aroma stays on the skin for quite a long time and you can easily forget about using a perfume after applying this body butter. In terms of aromatherapy, the rose scent is seriously calming and setting your mind on a down-to-earth note to start or finish a day. Extremely moisturizing, perfect for all-over body pampering, as well as topical treatment for dry zones – hands, elbows, feet and anything else you got! I would say a little goes a long way, just as any other Shea butter based cream, give it a little warming in your hands before massaging it into your skin – you’ll see how little you actually need to cover you skin with this beauty gem.

Among ingredients : Sunflower seed oil, Shea butter, Jojobea esters, Rose Geranium oil, Tapioca starch, Rose extract, Vitamin E.

Brand Spotlight : Tokyo Factory hand crafted natural skincare | TLV Birdie

Tokyo Factory got 3 tempting to try Face + Body bars in their store, every one aims to match your current skin condition. I’ve been testing out the Purifying bar ($12) that is formulated with organic Lavandin oil and pure Rose clay. You already know about amazing Lavender skin benefits from this Field Guide to Lavender post, so when I am going to tell you that the formula of this soap gently cleanses, purifies and calms the skin from possible acne and other unpleasant surprises, it won’t be anything new for you. Lavandin (which is a Lavender hybrid), Orange oil and Rosemary leaf extracts create a stunning aroma, herbal yet floral, revitalizing and clarifying both body and mind. This soap does contain Coconut oil in it’s blend which I personally am very careful about in facial products, so I use it occasionally on the face, but mostly as a body cleanse. Hot shower + this buddy = open, clarified pores, nourished skin and following aroma of soul pampering botanical notes.

Among ingredients : water, Sunflower seed oil, Coconut oil, Palm oil, Lavandin oil, Orange oil, Shea butter, sodium hydroxide, Rosemary leaf extract, Kaolin clay (Rose), Vitamin E.

Brand Spotlight : Tokyo Factory hand crafted natural skincare | TLV Birdie Brand Spotlight : Tokyo Factory hand crafted natural skincare | TLV Birdie

Here comes my favorite part – facial oils! Tokyo Factory got three different face oils formulations under the belt, two of those I was lucky to test myself. Revitalizing face oil ($28) would be a great fit for mature, dry or dull skin due to it’s highly nourishing, anti-aging and detoxifying properties. Blend of 5 gorgeous ingredients only makes this oil a simple yet effective go-to facial product, fast absorbing and notably comforting the skin. Another thing some of us would definitely be glad to know – it’s absolutely fragrance free! Yup, nothing. Sea Buckthorn oil provides healing, revitalizing effect to the skin along with it’s high natural levels of Vitamins C and E that help to fight early signs of aging. Another important component is Rosehip Oil, that is known for a natural source of provitamin A (beta-Carotene), which is a necessary element for healthy skin cells performance and proper hydration.

Among ingredients : Soybean oil, Jojoba seed oil, Rosehip seed oil, Sea Buckthorn oil, Vitamin E.

Brand Spotlight : Tokyo Factory hand crafted natural skincare | TLV Birdie

Another facial treat is All Purpose Beauty Oil ($28) that is formulated with essentials only : organic Argan nut oil, Jojoba seed oil and Vitamin E. Just because sometimes, it’s all your skin needs.  Nourishing, anti-aging, hydrating and protecting properties of these two oils – Argan and Jojoba – create a fundamental skincare product for your greener and cleaner beauty shelf. Use it for wet hair to give life back to dry ends (not for roots!), on dry patches and sensitive zones of your skin, as a basic facial treatment suitable for any skin type including the most sensitive ones.

Brand Spotlight : Tokyo Factory hand crafted natural skincare | TLV Birdie

Lip moment (as you know, my all time favorite). I would never be tired of trying and talking about new natural lip balms. Just because there’s nothing more annoying than chopped, dry lips. Don’t you agree? So here’s a suggestion : Tokyo Factory Rose Lip Treatment ($12). First of all, not you mama’s lip balm size! Look at this jar of lip happiness – it most definitely is going to last a while! A gorgeous blend of rose extract, organic cocoa butter and Vitamin E takes good care of the lips by nourishing, repairing and giving just a bit of natural glow. Non-sticky texture (both on the lips, and on fingers), plus a soft rose aroma included.

Among ingredients : Sunflower seed oil, Coconut oil, Cocoa seed butter, Jojoba seed oil, Candelilla wax, Rose Geranium oil, Alkanet root, Rose extract, Vitamin E.

Brand Spotlight : Tokyo Factory hand crafted natural skincare | TLV Birdie Brand Spotlight : Tokyo Factory hand crafted natural skincare | TLV Birdie

For a weekend home spa day – Rose Bath Soak ($24) that comes in a gorgeous glass bottle with a cork cap. A relaxing and skin balancing blend of therapeutic salts, rose extracts and petals. What could be better than a hot tub soak?! Well… it may be a polishing body scrub! Yup, an additional way to make your bath salts work – mix your favorite body / massage oil with a desired amount of sea salt (depends on how rough you want it to be), and voila, you just got yourself busy for a body toning and skin polishing home spa! Finish with a massage (here’s a tool I love to use on the picture above) and follow up with a body butter!

Among ingredients : Epsom salt, Sea salt, Dendritic salt, Rose Geranium oil, Tapioca starch, Rose petals and buds, Rose extract.


Brand Spotlight : Tokyo Factory hand crafted natural skincare | TLV Birdie Brand Spotlight : Tokyo Factory hand crafted natural skincare | TLV Birdie

Just as promised, time for a new giveaway! My darling birdies, I can’t even express how lucky I feel to be able to introduce you to all the greenER and cleanER beauty alternatives and teach you a little bit of what I’ve learned down my simple living road, AND to get you all a chance to experience, to try out and to become true fans of clean, simple, safe skincare and beauty, one company at a time. This time, Tokyo Factory generously offered to giveaway a collection of their handcrafted with love and botanicals skincare to one of you. Are you excited?!

The giveaway prize is a collection of 5 Tokyo Factory natural skincare products that includes: Rose + Shea butter cream, Rose Lip Treatment, Revitalizing Face oil, All Purpose Beauty oil and Purifying Face + Body bar.

This Giveaway is open for US + Canada only. Duration period : two weeks, from August 12 till August 27, 2015. The winner will be randomly chosen on August 28 by the power of luck.

Follow these simple rules to enter:

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Share this opportunity with your natural makeup and green beauty loving friends by using the social media share buttons in the bottom of this post. Good luck to everyone!:)

*This is a sponsored post in partnership with Tokyo Factory, all words and opinions are always my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep tlv birdie bringing you unique and beautiful content on a daily basis.


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