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I get it. It is THAT time of the year.

If you ask me (well..even if you don’t), I say there are so many occasions in our lives for giving / gifting / showing attention and pure affection, so these little (big ones go without saying) occasions should be an essential part of our day to day life, without necessarily waiting for the right date on the calendar to come. If you share my point, you most certainly have caught your restless mind on a  hunt for a most perfect gift for this or that dear person of yours. A gift that will not only match the person just right, bit will also reward you with a “best taste in gifting” label. Little or big, occasions or gifts, they are all about a perfect match, a right sign, a warm hand written word.

Simple Gifting guides are here, to help you not to loose your mind in the redgreenandwhite, glittery and in most cases so overrated holiday fever. Committed to choose the best, and leave the rest (this basically concerns anything and everything you see on TLV Birdie Blog).

Today I’ve teamed up with Sycamore Street Press to share with you some of the most perfect, most comforting, warm and dear to slow living heart gifting ideas from their recently launched, gracefully curated online store. If you are not familiar with Sycamore Street Press just yet, you should most definitely dive into company’s blog where you will learn about the heart, soul, inspiration and constant flow of energies (x 2) poured into this family business started by Eva and Kirk with one major goal of creating a simple yet beautiful life.

Simple Gifting : Sycamore Street Press | TLV Birdie Blog

My top 6 picks for simple yet beautiful gifting with Sycamore Street Press :

  1. Winter treat for anyone on your gifting list – organic Chai Tea Soap to gently cleanse the body with the creamy texture and soothe the soul with warming aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamon.
  2. Knitted Baby Shoes would make a perfect little gift for a new human. (100% wool, 100% beautiful)
  3. Perfect scenario for gifting your girlfriends – one set of these darling Bobby Pins for her, one for yourself. (because it’s too hard to resist a fun + functional design like this)
  4. This bamboo Lord Grey Toothbrush Set is a stunning gift for a couple, so chic and so down to Earth.
  5. A good essential – Baggu Medium Flat Pouch in Saddle color leather (hint : you deserve a good treat too!).
  6. Hand poured Firebrand Candle – great gift for any space-oriented person in your life, notes of wood and great packaging design guaranteed.

Neutral gifting options are the best options. I think. Feel free to browse potential gift ideas at Sycamore Street Press – luckily, there are SO many options to choose from – for home, babies, artisan beauty adepts etc. But first and foremost, amazing paper goods! You have to see these gorgeous marbled gift wrap sets!

Speaking of giving and gifting, ….yeah, new giveaway!

We’re giving away a $50 gift card for a simple and beautiful shopping spree at Sycamore Street Press store.

This Giveaway is open for US only. Duration period : one week, from November 23 till November 30, 2015. The winner will be randomly chosen on December 1 by the power of luck.

Follow these simple rules to enter for a chance to win :

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Light things on fire! (metaphorically speaking)

Light Things On Fire (metaphorically speaking) | Knot To Self Esh Pin

I am obsessed with these vintage tiny pink matches.

I am obsessed with our newest addition to the Knot To Self store – the ‘Esh’ Pin.

I am obsessed with being obsessed.

That’s basically all I wanted to tell you guys today, but I think I am going to add some more, and make myself clear (well, as much as possible).

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Brand Spotlight : Lizora Skincare (+ GIVEAWAY inside)

TLV Birdie Blog Green Beauty Brand Spotlight : Lizora Skincare

Darling birdies, get comfortable and please join us for the tea ceremony. Tea ceremony for your skin. (actually, I am pouring myself a cuppa right now to accommodate this post as well, because my hands are noticeably shaking – Los Angeles winter just arrived).

Happy to introduce you all today to a green beauty company that is a) local, based in California and b) dedicated to deliver a fresh, clean and green product that is formulated with the ancient holistic traditions in mind, yet speaking to a modern day woman’s skincare routine. Here, at TLV Birdie, we’re always down to meet brands like Lizora to talk about simplicity, powerful ingredients and minimalistic choices.

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5 reasons to love : Hourglass Immaculate Foundation

I am not quite sure how to turn down my raving mind before I start sharing this with you, but I will try. OMG is not exactly in me vocabulary anyways, but if it would – I would most definitely start this new beauty post with it. Let me just tell you this : I’ve got a million bucks face feeling right now, and here is the reason why. I’ve got to test out the Hourglass Immaculate Foundation, and yes, it is totally a face game changer.

Just a tiny drop of luxury : Hourglass Immaculate Foundation | TLV Birdie Blog

Hourglass Cosmetics is a luxury performance makeup company based in Venice, California. If you haven’t seen yet their signature eyeshadow palettes you’re definitely missing out on some pure art. Also, Los Angeles locals and visitors, make sure to stop by Hourglass store on Abbot Kinney, their space can be easily compared to an art gallery, it’s THAT good!

So having Hourglass on TLV Birdie Blog today means celebration of luxurious makeup that matches with my current state of mind and core theme of the blog : less stuff, better stuff. I truly believe that simple living of a modern woman means learning how to pick the best, and leave the rest. Outside of a clean home, clean makeup bag, clean wardrobe. Do you agree?

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In a full fall swing : new Kjaer Weis organic makeup favorites

Here we are, birdies, – snuggling in a wool blanket at the evenings, sipping hot spiced cider at any given moment and adjusting our wardrobes for colder times (helloooo good ol’ sweaters and my new go-to boots!). How about we’ll discuss an opportunity to give your makeup essentials a bit warmer and moodier direction as well? Well, especially because Kirsten of Kjaer Weis already took care of everything – from warm, metallic accents for the eyes, soft golden glow for the lips to a very festive blush color.

In a full fall swing : new Kjaer Weis organic makeup favorites on TLV Birdie Blog.

It’s not a secret that every single season I’m falling in love with the new Kjaer Weis organic makeup colors : from my very first introduction, to the new summer favorites and my go-to source of glow.

With that being said, I am happy to invite you, birdies, to enter the new season with me and these new Kjaer Weis shades today – always smart, multitasking and eco-friendly.

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