Natural Skincare Splurge

Hello ladies,

today I want to talk about Natural Skincare Splurge. For some it would raise ideas of high-end, luxury beauty shopping spree. But if you know me well and have been following my simple living blog for a while, you know that I actually tend to find the most effective, natural, eco- and sometimes even budget-friendly beauty alternatives to splurge on! So today I’d love to introduce you to SPLURGE skincare, that for me personally is an ideal match between very simple and completely transparent ingredients list (good stuff only!), minimalistic packaging, high product performance and the price! Because we all deserve those moments to get naturally spoiled, aren’t we?! Without digging a painful hole in the bank account.

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Splurge skincare brand has grown from pure passion to natural elements and desire to create body treatments that actually work. Splurge skincare line consists of 4 products, with a few different scent variations. Ingredients lists are easy to read and understand what component is involved and what is it’s purpose (max 8 ingredients per product, I’ve counted). Why so simple? Because it doesn’t have to be complicated when it comes to beauty products. What matters is safety, ethics (Splurge products are not tested on animals), efficiency and delightful experience.

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The story of Splurge skincare has started with creating The Rub – natural sugar based body scrub. It made it’s way to many happy showers, and now to mine as well!:) The Rub is a highly addictive product : it’s tiny granules easily spread all over the body, it polishes very gently without scratching the skin, leaves delicate aroma and super nourished skin after the rinse. I don’t apply any body serum after the rub session, as it’s natural oils blend does the moisturizing trick just fine! Comes in 4 different scented options (essential oils mixes) – Almond, Lemond, Peppermint and Winter. I got lucky to test out Peppermint (if you ask me, the more mint in this world – the better!) and Winter (soft floral with a pinch of vanilla spice scent).

Make sure you get your happy shower time NOW as Splurge are having special sale price on The Rub scrubs (8 oz, old packaging) for $13 instead of $26 regular price! This sale is being a hit (and I am so not surprised!), so it probably won’t last longer than a week more! Grab yours here. On the photos you see new packaging of The Rub body scrub that comes in 12 oz weight.

Among ingredients: Sugar, organic Safflower oil, Meadowfoam oil, Glycerin, Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Aloe Vera leaf juice, Vitamin E, essential oil blend.

splurge melted buttah repair balm, splurge skincare reviews, natural skin balm review, simple living beauty blog

Melted Buttah repair balm in this little glass jar is another wonderful creation of Splurge Skincare that targets any zone that needs extra care, ultra moisturizing and some healing action. Starting from lips to cuticle, elbows, dry or irritated spots, minor cuts etc. It’s signature blend contains of Babassu oil (similar to coconut oil in it’s benefits, this ingredient has a very high moisturizing value), Calendula Flower extract (anti-inflammatory, soothing and healing properties) and Red Raspberry seed (high vitamin value that helps to condition and repair the skin). This balm has very light scent that you would barely feel and totally non-greasy texture that makes it simple to use anywhere you’re. I am just loving to use it on my cuticles! Definitely makes my life much easier being placed right next to my laptop as a constant reminder to take a proper care of myself. Devoted multi-tasker for $10 only.

Among ingredients: organic Castor oil, Red Raspberry seed, Beeswax, Babassu oil, organic Jojoba oil, Calendula flower extract infused in olive fruit oil, essential oils blend.

natural lip balms review, splurge skincare lip buttah review, tlv birdie blog

Oh, these two! Spurge also have two different lip balms in their skincare collection. One is Lip Buttah – dreamy creamy lip moisturizer that lasts really long on the lips. I mean, if you don’t eat it right away because those scented options sound so delicious – Lemon, Almond, Orange Chocolate and Peppermint. I’ve tried Lemon and it definitely has some green, refreshing effect on me along with excellent lip care!

Among ingredients: Babassu oil, organ Cocoa butter, Beeswax, Sweet Almond oil, organic Castor oil, Litsea Cubeba essential oil, Bitter Almond essential oil, Vitamin E.

Another little lips helper is Tinted Buttah and it offers the same moisturizing action as Lip Buttah with a tiny bit of color – “In Love” (on the picture), “Fling” (berry color) and “Going Steady” (more of brownish shade). The color is very sheer, but adds some nice glow for sure. “In Love” looks almost transparent on my lips, but I guess “Fling” would give a bit more color as it looks darker. Slightly scented with Peppermint essential oil – love the cooling effect that it does, such a relief for dry lips!

Among ingredients: Babassu oil, organic Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Sweet Almond oil, organic Castor oil, Peppermint essential oil, Alkanet root powder, Vitamin E.




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Simplicity – casual style inspiration

Remember the last time I walked you through my weekend essentials in this post? It was just a beginning of pretty much successful styling series I’ve started on my Instagram about two weeks ago. Your response (TLV Birdie Blog readers are just the best, you know it, right?!) was so good, so it makes me think to bring these collages to the blog as well. From time to time. On a special occasions in between green beauty editorials. What do you say?

tlv birdie blog, casual style, minimalist style, style inspiration instagram, black and white casual outfit ideas

Today (just like any other day in my life) is about simplicity. Less stuff. Clearer mind. Essential colors. Down – to – Earth attitude. Confidence. Priorities. Casuality. This collage shows how to minimize the time in front of a mirror by a few simple steps, and how to keep it simple by picking some all times favorites to accompany your day.

  1. Sunglasses for any occasions – I love budget-friendly versions ZeroUV got to offer and this black retro Ray Ban inspired pair is one of my go-to options. You can see me wearing these here and here.
  2. Casual black and white attire for any possible scenario of the day – black skinny jeans (latest Zara purchase) and Project Social T for Urban Outfitters white V-neck tee. Majesty Simplicity herself.
  3. Hats. It’s my “cherry on the top”. I don’t have many black hats (I wish to expand my collection a bit though), so this last year wide brim Forever 21 find does the trick when a bold black accent is needed. I’ve showed you this black straw hat in this summer post. I called it “fedora” back then. What a hat amateur I used to be.
  4. Can’t start a day without decent green cleanser, and by green I mean literally – Herbalism from Lush has been my good morning routine partner for quite a long time and I keep on advising you to give it a try if you have a combination skin seeking more balance.
  5. I can’t stop telling you how important the toning part of the morning beauty routine is! Brightening Tonic with Sea Kelp and Licorice root from Aster&Bay* is one of my latest green beauty discoveries, and I am already planning on restocking it. So good, salty and refreshing!
  6. I am in a constant rotation of different lip balms, I love them a lot and can have a panic attack if I don’t find one in my bag / on my desk / on a bathroom shelf. The one I am especially happy to have in my life is Kari Gran Lip Whip*, it’s super effective on cracked lips and smells cinnamon!
  7. Still swooning over these little apothecary jars filled with wonderful green beauty elixirs from AS.AP small-batch Apothecary*. Their cleansing oil is a perfect way to call it a day, and that body butter needs to come in a few pounds size if you ask me!!
  8. Another dedicated multi-tasker I have on my bathroom shelf these days is CAMP Wonder Balm*, that moisturizes, wipes away makeup and dirt and treats little scratches and cuts like you never had them. You’ll be glad to know that it contains NO coconut oil and can be your very trustful facial routine friend. Also, more CAMP products to arrive to TLV Birdie green beauty blog reviews very soon!
  9. Lina Hanson “Satori” botanical perfume and her blissful Body Serum* are making me days straight to the point by surrounding me with soft, feminine scents and thoughtful skin care!
  10. Not to mention one of the most gorgeous facial balms to calm down my skin and soul before going to bed – May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon Balm Concentrate*. I’ve caught myself sniffing the jar for a few minutes before applying the balm, it’s just too good to ever end.
  11. My Moleskine diary for notes, inspiration moments and everything that needs to be written down. Have you seen my Embroidered diary series? Oh, these were so popular on Tumblr. I have to find more time for that.
  12. Another perfume that I have on my sniffing radar is my zodiac sign (Cancer) from Strange Invisible Perfumes*. There are so many exotic notes in it, I still can’t figure them all out and that what probably makes me go back to it. Not a regular perfume for sure!
  13. Oh and these Forever 21 espadrille slides are just perfect for the black and white outfits! I got them last week and really loving them! Though I wish they were not so crisp white, but I believe some time will do the trick;)

Pinterest Inspiration Call :

Inviting you all to my Pinterest page – you love it if you’re enjoying casual style, green beauty insights, DIY tricks, nature-inspired decor and many other things that will spice up your life!

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Green Beauty Shopping with Integrity Botanicals

Are you feeling this soft touch of spring sun already? Oh I do! And this makes me so cheerful and excited for the new beginnings, fresh feelings and yes, spring cleaning! I looove spring and it’s just another motivation for me to try something new, to organize better, to complete the “closet uncluttering” mission and consider new beauty habits. You know where this is going, don’t you?:)

Today, my dear green beauty enthusiasts and those who are just starting their way to a clean and eco-friendly skincare, I am planning to reveal online natural beauty shopping destination that has e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g your mind, body, face, soul, hair, knees and toes can only imagine in terms of green and organic beauty products for the whole family (husbands and babies included) – Integrity Botanicals. I guess, beauty shopping at Integrity Botanicals is like shopping with a good trustful friend :

  • she won’t pitch you something you don’t need (chemicals free beauty products only),
  • she will suggest you the best choice (luxe beauty products with natural, safe and organic ingredients),
  • will give you a thoughtful tip (education is a part of the beauty shopping process),
  • will remind you to not over-spend (frequent promotions and 3 free samples of your choice with every order)
  • and will introduce you to something new (just recently a few exciting beauty brands arrived to Integrity Botanicals family!)

I’ve teamed up with Integrity Botanicals to tell you about some new brands that are now available in their online store (like Meow Meow Tweet and Nudus) plus to share my thoughts on a few more products and lines (it’s going to be Kypris, Aster&Bay, Laurel and One Love Organics). Keep on reading:)

meow meow tweet skincare review, integrity botanicals, green beauty blog, organic beauty blogger, eco friendly skincare reviews

I was curious about Meow Meow Tweet skincare line for a while – their signature animal illustrations on colorful packaging plus great reviews all over the green beauty blogosphere were keeping me intrigued till this exact moment when I received the package from Integrity Botanicals. 4 products from Meow Meow Tweet arrived and I even don’t know where to start from, they are all too cute for words, but their branding and packaging is definitely not their only advantage! Brooklyn-based small-batch skincare brand that creates clean beauty experience – these little buddies are beyond just cleansing and nourishing your skin, my mind is so happy by simply looking at them and constantly sniffing! Absolutely vegan and eco-friendly.

meow meow tweet baking soda free deodorant review, aluminum free deodorant review, organic deodorant cream review, tlv birdie, green beauty blog meow meow tweet deodorant review, tlv birdie blog, green beauty blogger, los angeles beauty editorial stylist, beauty editor los angeles, eco friendly beauty blog

Meow Meow Tweet has a product that all sensitive skin owners would be happy to know about – Deodorant Cream Grapefruit (Baking soda free!). It isn’t easy to find a natural deodorant that contains no baking soda (the most popular component in green deodorants), but here it is. Effective formula, nice citrusy scent and no rush or irritation that your regular deodorant can cause. In fact, shea butter and plant oils will condition and soothe the skin instead.

Among ingredients: Arrowroot powder, Shea butter, Magnesium hydroxide, Virgin Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Lemon and Sweet orange essential oils.

meow meow tweet body oil review, integrity botanicals, tlv birdie blog, green beauty blogger, eco friendly skin care reviews blog

My bathroom shelf was happy to welcome a new member (that is here to stay for long!) – Body Oil Frankincense & Flowers, another blissful creation by Meow Meow Tweet team. You would be surprised to know that you can get 100% vegan, hand crafted body oil with a purely natural ingredients list and fast absorbing non-greasy formula for a quite budget-friendly price of $22. Plus, you’re also getting a mind blowing spring garden floral scent. And feline friends on the bottle!

Among ingredients: Sunflower oil, Hempseed oil, Virgin Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Frankincense, Palmarosa and Geranium essential oils.

meow meow tweet skincare review, meow meow tweet bar soaps review, organic beauty blogger, green beauty blog, tlv birdie, organic soap bar review meow meow tweet reviews, meow meow tweet tangerine basil bar soap review, green beauty blog, organic bar soap review, tlv birdie, green beauty blog

Solid soap bars have a few reasons to be on your skincare radar – it’s a great cleansing and moisturizing treatment for your skin without over-doing (it’s not like liquid soap!), with that being said, very economical. They also make a great gift! Name one person who won’t be happy to receive one of these cuties as a present?! Speaking of cuties, here’s the Tangerine Basil soap bar that not only does a great cleansing job, but also provides an extra exfoliating touch with the help of poppy seeds blended into this sweet yet a bit spicy soap formula.

Among ingredients: Olive oil, Coconut oil, Sunflower oil, Castor oil, Shea butter, Distilled water, Sodium Hydroxide, Poppy seeds, Tangerine and Basil essential oils.

meow meow tweet skincare reviews, meow meow tweet tea tree eucalyptus bar soap review, green beauty blog, organic bar soap review, tlv birdie, green beauty blog

Another buddy from the Meow Meow Tweet soap bar collection (9 different soaps available in Integrity Botanicals online store) is this Tea Tree Eucalyptus bar soap with charcoal. Real treasure for combination / capricious / blemishes-prone skin – while charcoal does it’s detoxification assignment, tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils naturally fight blemishes, cocoa butter moisturizes and grounded oats gently polish the skin. Herbal scent stays on the skin for all day long!

Among ingredients:  Olive oil, Coconut oil, Sunflower oil, Castor oil, Cocoa butter, Distilled water, Sodium Hydroxide, Oats, Bamboo charcoal powder, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus essential oils.

aster and bay reviews, aster bay skincare, green beauty blogger, online green beauty store, integrity botanicals

Moving forward to another company that I wanted to “meet in person” for a long time – Aster + Bay. I had a feeling that their products created in the natural apothecary tradition, from the purest botanical ingredients without any preservatives, chemicals or synthetics, with love and environmental-friendly intensions, just can go wrong with my skin. In fact, they made my skin very happy!

aster + bay dandelion face grains review, tlv birdie, organic facial scrub review, green beauty blogger, natural facial cleanser review, natural face scrub review tlv birdie, green beauty blog, organic beauty blogger, beauty editorial stylist los angeles, los angeles beauty blog, eco friendly beauty reviews

The more RAW the better, in my opinion! These Dandelion Face Grains with Frankincense and Myrrh from Aster + Bay are not a traditional facial scrub, which made my experience very interesting! What you see in a travel size bottle is a blend of very soft botanical exfoliant sources thoughtfully chosen for their anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Besides that, these can be used both as a delicate scrub or a mask : mix a tea spoon amount in a small bowl with water (or a cleansing oil) into a desired consistency and apply as a facial scrub (with a circle massage) or just leave it as a mask for 5-10 mins. I like how gentle the texture actually is, yet what a clean feeling it lefts after the treatment! Everything about this product is so genuinely wild and raw, just love it!

Among ingredients: Adzuki powder, Colloidal oat flour, Rice powder, Moroccan lava clay, Dandelion root powder, Licorice root powder, Hibiscus flower powder, Marshmallow root powder, Fennel seed powder, Frankincense powder, Myrrh powder, Turmeric root powder.

aster bay cleansing oil blog review

Two more Aster + Bay products that made me fall in love even deeper with this authentic green beauty brand : Cleansing oil with mandarin and macadamia (on the left) and Brightening Tonic with sea kelp and licorice root (on the right).

Aster + Bay Cleansing oil is suitable for all skin types (no coconut oil involved!) and for all levels of cleansing with oil method experience. Sweet and citrusy scent and very warming texture make the cleansing process to become a joyful ritual with a clear skin and comfortable feeling as a result. Used with a warm facial cloth, it makes it easy to remove dirt and makeup. Start with a travel size if you’re new to cleansing with oils and dig into the process slowly.

Among ingredients: Hazel seed oil, Macadamia seed oil, Sesame seed oil, Castor seed oil, Mandarin oil, Grapefruit oil, Lemon oil, Non-GMO Vitamin E.

Aster + Bay Brightening toner has probably the most interesting scent I’ve ever met while trying different facial toners. Very fresh and a bit exotic. Sea kelp makes it smell like an ocean and also provides with nutritious minerals, licorice root brightens the skin. Brightens in a long term, of course. Perfect for those mornings when my skin needs a very effective “wake up call”.

Among ingredients: Water, Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, Licorice root extract, Lactobacilus, Dead Sea salt, Vegetable glycerine, Genger oil, citric acid.

aster and bay glow body serum review, green beauty blogger, organic body oil review, aster and bay reviews

One more product from Aster + Bay, yet this time to focus on a bigger picture – Glow Body Serum with blackcurrant and jasmine. Rich on vitamins and botanical anti-oxidants this body oil nourishes deeply and helps to create that desired natural glow. Jasmine adds a very tempting note to the blossoming garden scent of this oil, I simply can’t enough of it! It is not a “fast spritz” product, this was definitely created to give you a nice body and soul moment to soak into.

Among ingredients: Rice bran oil, Camellia seed oil, Blackcurrant fruit oil, Brazil nut oil, Passionfruit seed oil, Jasmine extract, Jasmine oil, Turmeric oil, Caprylic, Vitamin E.

kypris reviews, kypris cleansing serum review, integrity botanicals, online green beauty store, green beauty blogger, organic beauty blog kypris cleansing serum review, green beauty blogger, tlv birdie, natural beauty blogger, editorial stylist los angeles

A moment of botanical luxury with Kypris – gorgeous bottle design, 25 (!!!) active natural ingredients and everything around the Clearing Serum is calling to action! Created to help blemished skin find a balance and happy complexion, heal and eliminate redness, this serum acts sweet yet effective with the help of following elements: Zinc, Botanical Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Black Willow Bark, Green Tea, Lavender, Niaouli, Tea Tree and Centella asiatica. They all target inflammation, redness, current skin problems and signs of previous blemishes. I would say this serum demands consistency, but it seems working pretty fast on the occasional redness. I am planning to continue using it and looking forward seeing some meaningful results on a few spots left after old blemishes. Advised not to be used on a broken skin, plus to do a patch test twice before using to ensure compatibility. I am also looking forward to splurge on a Kypris Beauty Elixir one day soon (buy the way, Integrity Botanicals have them all in trial sizes)

Among ingredients: Water, Zinc, Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, Sugar Cane extract, Apple fruit extract, Orange fruit extract, Lemon Fruit extract, Camellia lead extract, Rice extract, Black willow bark extract, Tea Tree leaf oil, Lavender oil etc.

integrity botanicals, where to shop online for green beauty products, organic beauty store, natural beauty online store, tlv birdie, green beauty blog

Speaking of trial sizes and samples, Integrity Botanicals offer to choose 3 free samples with every order. You receive a long list of available sample sized products to choose from and it includes most of the brands presented in the online store, counting even lipsticks. You can finally get to try a few desirable shades of Vapour lipsticks, or lets say give a chance to Briogeo Shampoo. I’ve received samples of One Love Organics Morning Glory Brightening Complexion Booster (lightweight facial serum that I’ve finished in 4 tries and left very satisfied and craving for more) and Laurel Serum Sun Repair (that I am saving for future summer days).

nudus lipstick, beauty blog los angeles, tlv birdie, green beauty blog, integrity botanicals online beauty store, nudus lipstick review, organic lipstick nudus lipstick swatches, nudus lipstick review, organic lipstick review, organic beauty blog, tlv birdie, integrity botanicals, beauty editor los angeles

One of the newest green beauty lines just arrived this month to Integrity Botanicals online store is Australian handcrafted lipstick brand – Nudus. Not tested on animals, Australian certified organic and free from parabens and other chemicals, these lipsticks are came here to stay! Nudus lipsticks are highly pigmented and holding their “lip euphoria” brand name with pride – made with 27 active natural elements (vitamins A,B,C,D and K, antioxidants, cold pressed oils including pumpkin, raspberry, kiwi seed, argan, mooring and pomegranate and more botanical ingredients) mixed together with ancient ayurvedic sources of color (flowers, herbs, fruits and minerals). Nudus lipstick collection consists of 10 deliciously looking shades – all one click away from you! Here you see me playing with “Fairy Tales”, “Halo”, “27 Kisses” and “Naked”. Naked is a very universal brownish color that embraces the natural tone of the lips and can be worn as a base under other colors. My favorite at the moment is “Halo”, it’s spring and it’s time for everything to blossom;)




P.S. : If you blog about green beauty, then my Green Beauty Bloggers Community is for you:

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Gressa Skin : makeup routine for a Minimalist

The Green Beauty Blogger in me loves to talk about organic makeup, modern natural solutions for skin and hair hare and other eco-friendly beauty related bits and bobs. The Minimalist and Simple Living addict in me tends to downsize the amount of products I use on a daily basis to an essential minimum though. It’s not a simple task by any means. Sometimes you can look at all your skincare / makeup storage and think you need ALL of it! Let’s face it – you don’t. Not every day. Not right now.

gressa skin, tlv birdie blog, organic facial serum review, natural makeup blog

I spend most of my days in my home studio (where all the magic happens, from styling displays to finalizing the articles). I’ve already passed the stage when I needed to convince myself to switch from a pj into normal clothes before, now I am taking it one step further and focusing on how my skin looks from the moment I wake up till the moment I am ready to go outside. There’re days when it doesn’t happen but still you won’t see my face dull, sleepy or “not so fresh”. And it only takes me a 2 minutes additional time after I complete my morning skin care ritual. I admit, I own my naturally glowing, always ready-to-go face to Gressa Skin!

Gressa Skin is a US based company who deeply understands the need of current beauty industry – pure and simple ingredients list, knowledge of science together with traditional natural apothecary secrets, passion and dedication that as a result offer a women not only a product, but a blissful beauty experience that can change the way of consuming skin care and makeup items. Gressa Skin has a wide selection of products, from botanical extracts and essential oils based skin products to natural lip colors collection, but today I want to focus on 3 products that create an essential makeup kit for a Minimalist. Three of these make my mornings way more simple and the result in a mirror much more lovable – Correcting Serum Foundation, Illuminating Serum and Contouring Serum Bronzer. So here I am, sharing the secrets of Gressa Skin minimalist makeup with you today!

green beauty blog, gressa skin correcting serum foundation, organic makeup blogger review, natural foundation review, tlv birdie blog

Gressa Corrective Serum Foundation makes my days prettier : it’s both serum, foundation and an extra vitamin boost for your face! If you’re still using a BB / CC / DD cream for a non-green beauty brand, consider a switch to this one right now! It’s carefully selected natural ingredients list is purely beneficial for your skin and provides it with everything your skin wishes for her “breakfast of champions”. I love how gently this serum foundation melts on my skin and evens out the tone without leaving any sort of heavy feeling. From 8 available shades it will be easier to choose the one that fits your skin tone the most (here’s the shades guide), I went for 02 and it was a win win. It makes me feel bare faced, and it’s only me who knows the secret! Well, now you do too, but I love to share with you, ladies!:) In my humble opinion, it’s a natural makeup must have! 

A tip: shake the bottle really well before applying those magical 2-4 drops! I do that with my fingers, but you can also use a brush if you prefer so. If you have a thirsty, dry skin it would be the best for you to use this serum foundation a few minutes after you’ve applied your daily moisturizer to avoid any dry patches.

Among ingredients: Broccoli seed oil, Gressa Healing Complex™, Vitamin C, Lemon Balm Extract, Sea Buckthorn extract, Bitter Melon extract, Licorice Root extract, Elder flower extract, mica etc.

green beauty blogger, gressa skin illuminating serum review, tlv birdie blog, organic highlighter review, green makeup editorial

Illuminating Serum gives a bit of feminine glow : natural-looking pearly highlighter for a luminous skin finish. One of my personal reasons to love this products, besides it’s obvious bonus to make your cheeks, brow bones and other desired parts of your face shimmering with a sheer touch of beautiful radiance, you can’t actually over-do it! It’s so light and so easily adjusts to the skin, you would only need to 1-2 drops to make all the trick. Now I don’t need a going out occasion to use a highlighter on my cheeks, as this one from Gressa Skin completely understands my love to literally “no make up” daily look. With just a tiniest bit of secret;)

gressa skin, gressa skin contouring serum bronzer, organic beauty blog, tlv birdie blog, green make up review

Contouring Serum Bronzer for a sun-kissed skin look : probably, the most sheer looking bronzing serum I’ve ever met. It’s ability to give a blissful radiance, sunny glow and warm any skin tone without adding too much facial luggage is worth to be considered as another must have in your minimalist daily makeup routine. It lays so perfectly on the skin, you barely would worry about blending the borders, although using a brush would obviously make the ritual super comfortable. Works pretty well even on my pale skin, can’t wait to get some tan and use it on a daily basis during the summer! Naturally looking sun kissed glow guaranteed, along with hundreds of complements.

Here’re a raw swatch of Gressa Minimalist Glamour set of Foundation, Illuminating Serum and Bronzer. With that being said showed, don’t forget that these adjust magically and go way more transparent when blended over your natural skin tone.

gressa skin swatch, natural correcting foundation review, tlv birdie blog, eco friendly beauty blogger gressa skin review, tlv birdie blog, natural makeup reviews, organic beauty blog, eco-friendly beauty blogger

Gressa Skin has a promotion running for a purchase of 2 products from the Minimalist line – Foundation, Bronzer and Illuminating serum, you’ll get a free vegan beauty brush included with your order. Hurry up, the promotion ends on Monday, March 23rd at 10 PM PST !




P.S.: A few days ago I’ve launched my own little GREEN BEAUTY BLOGGERS COMMUNITY here on TLV Birdie Blog and you’re invited to take part in it’s first monthly link party! There’s a nice gathering of green beauty ladies going on already, click the button to join:

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Tzipora The Style Blogger is back : How to wear denim dress

Hello lovelies,

I thought I’d spice up my ongoing green beauty thread a little bit and will bring back my hand embroidery project I’ve started a while ago - Tzipora The Style Blogger. Tzipora was born from my love to nature, hand embroidery and visual merchandising / styling, you can read more about her in this post. And, well, probably a nice sense of self-humor was involved into the process too:) I am combining all these things together to give you a few styling tips today.

hand embroidery art, tlv birdie blog, denim dress outfit, avenue 32 designers, carven denim dress, how to wear denim dress, carven embroidery sweatshirt, creative fashion blogger

So today is all about “How to wear denim dress”.

With all the NY fashion week buzz, only a lazy style blogger could miss a chance to take a glimpse into the designers collections. I personally feel in love so deeply with the Carven Resort 2015 collection – Parisian couture house with a decades of history, fine cuts, clean lines, exceptional craftsmanship standards and that “modern day romance” in the core of the brand. This deep blue denim belted dress is a pure art, if you ask me. Well, a girl (and a bird) can dream, right? According to the fact that botanical motives and embroidery never ever leave me indifferent, this Carven black embroidered floral top made it’s way on my virtual wish list right away.

Here’s the plan how I would wear these designer items : denim dress + top + funky clutch ( I love the Shrimps collection of the faux fur clutches that will most definitely add 100 fashion points to any casual outfit!) + essential platform espadrilles (you’ve seen me wearing budget version of these here and here). Casually chic and spring-inspired, from a catwalk into a real life.

denim dress styling, carven embroidery sweater, avenue 32 designer clothing, tlv birdie blog, hand embroidery art blog

Tzipora loves:

1. Carven – Blue Denim Belt Dress

2. Carven – Black Embroidered Floral Top

3. Shrimps -Grey Faux Fur Pearly Clutch

4. Manebi – Black Pony Hair Dacota Espadrilles

*all these can be found at Avenue 32 designer clothing online boutique*


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What are your recent style obsessions? Did my “HOW TO WEAR DENIM DRESS” tip sparkle an outfit inspiration for you? I’d love to hear anything you got to share with me about your daily style and beyond!

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