Field Guide To Beauty : Lavender Skin benefits

Raise your hand if you’re not a fan of lavender. Anyone? Oh, you? Well, I am on a mission to change your mind after reading this Field Guide To Beauty new post dedicated to one and only, gorgeously blossoming and filling the room with elegant Provance-alike aroma, that is also happen to be a gold-mine of natural skin benefits – Lavender. You already know why Aloe Vera is good for your skin, so here’re the reasons to add Lavender to your green beauty routine as well.

Field Guide To Beauty : Lavender skin benefits | illustration by Kelzuki | TLV Birdie Blog

Illustration by Kelsey aka Kelzuki – naturally charming, always inspiring and extremely talented illustrator and TLV Birdie Blog contributor. For more illustrations by Kelsey make sure to follow her over-addicting Instagram page.

5 main Lavender skin benefits you should know about: 

  • Who knew that Lavender is one of the Nature’s best antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent! It is used in cleansing skincare products not only too boost the fragrance, but to add more efficiency to the clarifying process as well.
  • Lavender also helps to regulate acne. Besides the fact it inhibits the bacteria that causes acne, lavender also normalizes the over-production of sebum and helps faster healing of acne and post-acne scars too.
  • Speaking of healing, due to Lavender antiseptic properties it is also used to help faster healing and bringing relief to cuts, insect bites and minor burns, including sunburns.
  • Lavender is a detoxifying element. Handful of nature-derived antioxidants to reduce the daily stress your skin gets “thanks to” pollution and big city life.
  • Lavender calms your body, and soul. The oh-so-hyped relaxing effect of Lavender aromatherapy effect is actually hyped for a reason, for a declared scientific reason. “The scent of lavender increases alpha waves in the area of the brain responsible for relaxation,” according to Alan Hirsch, M.D., neurological director for the Smell and Taste Research Foundation in Chicago. Got it?

 For your beauty shelf : 5 green beauty products that contain Lavender 

Field Guide To Beauty : Lavender skin benefits | TLV Birdie Blog

From top to bottom, these skin treats are amazing on so many levels:

  • Another great way to a cleaner skin is Prim Botanicals Face Oil that I’ve introduced you in details in this post. Deep nourishing and extremely comforting formula with a kick-ass ingredients list!
  • Every time I touch a bottle of Kypris Clearing serum* is like touching a sacred something to me. Well yes, it is partially for the reason it is relatively expensive, but clear, blemish-free face worth every drop of this beauty elixir! The most effective topical treatment for problematic skin I’ve ever put my hands on. After my first introduction to this serum that happened here, this is my holy skin grail, period.
  •  Want to know one more secret of overnight skin wonder? Though Lavender is not one of the major ingredients of Mahalo Balm, this skin treat is essential for your beauty shelf if you’re seeking a deeply moisturizing, soothing and balancing formula. A little goes a long way, read more about this balm in this review of mine.
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Oh, please let me know how do you like the Field Guide To Beauty series, and if you have any specific quires for ingredients to talk about, I would love to hear your thoughts!


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  • Hi Morgan, this serum is a blessing, I swear! Every time I see something is coming, I grab the bottle! I know I can feel safe and wake up with clear face:)

  • Lavender is my absolute favorite scent, and I had no idea that it has those skin benefits – great to know! Can’t wait to switch to a lavender based face oil to see if it will help improve my skin.

    Love the Field Guide to Beauty so far!

  • gotta love lavender! I personally love it as a fragrance and body oil, but now I’m dying to start incorporating it into my skincare as well. I think that Kypris Serum and Prim Face Oil are going to have to come home with me soon 😉

  • Thank you for your lovely comment, Brittany!I am really glad you’re enjoying the Field Guide to Beauty series!!

    I’ve been fascinated by Lavender as a plant for a while, but since discovering new ways to bring it into my skincare regimen – I got to love it even more!:) I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts on any Lavender infused facial products once you give them a try!

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