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This calm Friday morning, by my first (and far from the last) cup of coffee with biscotti, I am thinking how grateful I am for the opportunity to share my green beauty discoveries, slow living lifestyle inspirations and creations on this blog, with all of you. This is so important to me – this flow of positive energy, support, dynamic and inspiration that comes both ways. I am over the moon excited to introduce you today to Skin Owl, extra empowering skin care brand that raises awareness to the core of self-care (where pure, nature-derived skin care is one of the essential components). Annie Tevelin, the skin care guru behind Skin Owl, mixes her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to change one woman’s beauty regimen at a time into a wonderfully curated collection of skin care products. I’ve teamed up with Skin Owl to share my personal thoughts on some products from the line, but I also couldn’t stay indifferent to the brand’s name (from one birds lover to another).

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Skin Owl has developed a face care system that is well-balanced, easy to follow (and to understand!). The range of Beauty Drops, 100% natural skin perfecting moisturizers, is build the way one can easily find the right variation for a particular skin type. It basically offers three different daily (AM) moisturizers for oily (Lavender), dry (Geranium) or mature skin (Clary Sage), and an ultimate overnight (PM) solution – Mangosteen oil serum. I’ve tried Lavender beauty drops*, as the best way to describe my skin would be capricious combination, that always seeks some proper balance. With a very simple, yet highly concentrated ingredients list, this oil moisturizer targets inflammation, redness and sensitive spots to sweet talk and heal fast. I’ve noticed it absorbs pretty fast on my skin, I use about 5-6 drops in my morning routine. This oil can also be used for a night time, especially if you’ve got some serious skin negotiation to do, then it would be reasonable to double the amount of product and let your skin soak all the good stuff while you sleep. Additional way to use Lavender beauty drops would be on the skin after an intense sun exposure, on scratches or minor cuts to calm and help faster healing process.

Among ingredients : pure, raw, unrefined Kernel oil, organic French Lavender oil.

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As I’ve already mentioned, for overnight face care Skin Owl has formulated the Mangosteen beauty drops*, that is a deep nourishing, re-charging and super relaxing oil serum based on two remarkable botanical sources – South African Baobab oil and Mangosteen oil. Not only they create a sweet, fruity aroma for the gentle skin lullaby, but they also provide anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to correct, revitalize and promote ultimate skin health during your sleep. I love how comforting and warming this oil moisturizer is to my skin. I believe it would make a great skin treatment for all skin types. As fas as I can see, my sensitive skin adores it.

Among ingredients : organic African Baobab oil, Mangosteen oil.

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Another Skin Owl creation to fall in love with is Eye +*, nourishing & youth stimulation eye concentrate. Well, yes, not only for your eyes! This cooling gel (store it in the fridge for even more blissful skin experience) has so much good stuff going on inside it’s ingredients list, and so positive intentions as well! This concentrate targets tired and dull skin under eyes, and transforms it into firm, re-vitalized and smooth complexion with the help of Hyaluronic acid, Licorice extract, Periwinkle, Cucumber, Aloe and other super natural powers. My skin barely feels it, this concentrate is extremely light and quick absorbing (which makes it much easier to apply makeup). Can be also applied on other areas too, such as forehead or cheeks to increase blood circulation and help minimize fine lines. Overall, great skin product, and it will last long – a little goes a loooong way!

Among ingredients : organic Aloe, Cucumber Distillate, Jojoba oil, botanical Hyaluronic acid, Periwinkle, Lycorice, Silk Protein Amino Acid blend, MSM, Vitamin E, Glycerin etc.

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Just a few days ago in another post I’ve mentioned my true obsession with body oils, that is based on almost overnight skin improvements and an essential comfort feeling in my own skin. Yet today I’ve got another body oil to add to my beauty shelf rotation. Body oil* from Skin Owl is a superfood for dry, tired and lacking elasticity skin. Incredibly soothing vanilla scent and non-sticky warming formula enriched with lots and lots of pure botanical components, vitamins, anti-oxidants and moisturizing sources. Best to be applied right after the shower on a slightly damp skin for a deeper absorption, but you can also follow Annie’s advice to mix two pumps of oil with one tsp of brown sugar into a brightening body scrub and use it while in the shower.

Among ingredients : Safflower oil, Apricot kernel oil, Sweet Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Aloe oil, Vitamin E, infusion of Calendula, organic Olive oil, Rosemary extract, Neem oil, Rose Absolute, Vanilla, CO2 extract.

Skin Owl products are available via Skin Owl online-store, though European green beauty enthusiasts will be happy to know that Skin Owl is now available on CultBeauty.co.uk*.


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  • I’ve never thought of incorporating lavender into my skincare products. I guess I just didn’t know much about it’s potential benefits, but I might have to try it. Your site is so great for discovering new brands.


  • Coconut oil is great, extra moisturizing! However there’re lots of other whole plant, botanical, natural oils that are full with vitamins and natural antioxidant sources that are super good for the skin! I am so sure you’d enjoy the Skin Owl body oil to the fullest, it’s one blissful skin treatment!:) Thanks for stopping by, Rachel!

  • Hello sweet lady, thank you so much for your comment and for the kind words! It means a lot to me! Do you create your own homemade skincare? That’s fantastic!

  • Oh I wish, lol. No i’m not that crafty yet, but I do like to add things into my skincare. I add sweet almond oil to my moisturizers, and lemon juice to my facial scrub, things like that. I’ve played around with grapeseed oil, coconut oil, and rosehip oil in my skincare, but never even thought about lavender oil!

  • I have had my eye on this brand, I love how simple and yet powerful their ingredients are! Beautiful photos and review lovely xo Rowie

  • I love lavender, and I have to say, these drops have a very light, spring-ish scent! I really enjoy to use them in the mornings, giving a great vibe to me and a burst of loving energy to my skin!:) Hope you’ll enjoy these as much as I do!

  • Not yet, Michelle! I was thinking about to try though! Back in the days I was doing a chamomile steam bath for my face, it’s super pores-opening and cleansing! I think I’ll grab a Tea Tree tablet from Lush next time I’m stocking my shampoos stash, and I’ll try it and probably leave some thoughts here! Thanks for the idea!!:)

  • Did you notice a significant reduction in puffiness or fine lines with the eye +? I’m keen to try it! Thank you

  • Hey Jess, thanks for stopping by! I don’t have any significant line to address, but Eye+ works great on my level of puffiness (I am a hard coffee drinker, so there’s always work to do on my eyes) and helps with dark circles and other signs of tired skin. I am using a very little of this concentrate (it has an amazing cooling / refreshing effect) and I believe this little jar would be enough for a long looong time!

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