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How much do you need to feel pretty? What are the sources to give you that happily glowing and widely smiling reflection in the mirror? Personally, I don’t need much. I need something botanical, something pure, something extremely well-formulated. Something that will make me feel right in my own skin. In fact, today I am going to share my personal secret to not just “something”, but an extraordinary botanical skincare paradise. Nice to meet you, Prim Botanicals, you’re absolutely gorgeous!

Let me tell you just this : the skincare fairies behind Prim Botanicals definitely know their thing. These totally natural beauty solutions came a long way from testing, mixing and blending pure ingredients that eventually serve the best purpose to our skin. Oh yes, 100% natural. And eco-friendly : look at these beautiful eco-friendly glass bottles. What else? Great sense of humor. And perfectly narrowed selection of ultimate beauty products for you to not get distracted from the point – simplicity’s best! Let me guide you through the Prim Botanicals skincare collection now. And also to give you a chance to win one (yay!), giveaway in the end of the post!

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First things first, as always, this means only one thing – we’re taking facial products! The Face Oil, ladies! Sounds simple, which is the best sign ever for me. The super rich formula, however, works it’s magic : mix of some of the best natural oils (like evening primrose, tamanu, moringa, marula etc.) topped with an essential oil blend create a well-balanced facial oil that absorbs fast and nourishes deep. It also helps to heal, reduce inflammation and provide a wonderful moisture. Delicious herbal scent (with a note of Rosemary and Bergamot) and softly melting texture. I think those with dry skin will especially enjoy this oil, comforting as a warm blankie!

Among ingredients : Evening Primrose oil, Meadowfoam seed oil, High Lineolic Sunflower oil, Tamanu oil, Moringa oil, Marula oil, Blackseed oil, Sea Buckthorn oil ; blend of Lavender, Geranium, Bergamot and Rosemary.

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Let’s just say I have a thing for body oils! Prim Botanicals raised the game with their The Body Oil that has an extremely pleasant aroma of soft yet spicy bergamot, jasmine, black pepper, rose and rosemary. If I ever need to get my head and body relaxed – hot shower and a few drops of this body oil work all the time! Even better, if I have a chance for a hot bath – this can be used as a bath oil (just a bit to soften the water and create moisturizing soak). Besides the healing aromatherapy, other benefits contain skin toning and providing extra care for especially dry, rough zones and areas prone to stretch marks (the ingredients list is truly wonderful!). Plus, a little goes a long way!

Among ingredients : Hazelnut oil, Camellia oil, Almond oil, Andiroba oil, Pracaxi oil ; blend of Jasmine, Rose, Black Pepper, Bergamot and Rosemary.

prim botanicals the hair oil review, tlv birdie blog, green beauty blog, natural hair oil treatment

Absolutely stunning piece from the Prim Botanicals collection is The Hair Oil. Highly addictive product that basically teaches to embrace the hair love and find time for a good old oil hair treatment! And it’s not that difficult – 30 minutes of my precious relaxation time while watching the Young & Hungry (oh Netflix, what do you do to me…) can be much more beneficial when combined with a blissful beauty session. I’ve tried this only method so far : I’ve applied The Hair Oil for half an hour before shower, and when I washed my hair and let it air-dry, voila, it felt like the life is coming back to the dry ends and the general picture got so soft and manageable! Super good!

Among ingredients : Coconut oil, Camellia oil, Argan oil, Moringa oil, Evening Primrose oil, Tamanu oil, Marula oil, Blackseed oil ; blend of Lavender, Rosemary, Orange Bitter and Vanilla.

prim botanicals the skin potion review, tlv birdie blog, organic beauty blogger, natural beauty blog los angeles

Let’s talk Prim Botanicals beauty Potions now, those little additions that can help you target some specific problems with highly concentrated Nature’s best.

Potion No.1 beats the crap out of early signs of aging, uneven skin tone, dryness and acne situation. It is full with omega rich oils (only 3 ingredients, that simple!) and also provides anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties, naturally. Think of this little buddy as a highly effective serum (1 drop will work just right), applied twice a day and combined with The Face Oil (or your another favorite oil-based moisturizer).

Among ingredients : Blackseed oil, Tamanu oil and Sea Buckthorn oil.

Potion No.2 is a natural SOS source for very dry skin, unpleasant situations like scars, rashes, burns, bites, etc. Exotic blend of oils is meant to be applied topically where effective healing is needed. Essential treatment for any signs of irritation, rough or inflamed skin. Besides, it’s great to have it in the ultimate beauty travel kit, as well as home apothecary drawer. To me personally, it’s an official declaration of war to stretch marks!

Among ingredients : Andiroba oil, Pracaxi oil, Marula oil.

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Finally, one lucky reader of TLV Birdie Blog can win this whole collection of Prim Botanicals skincare (because the power team behind the brand couldn’t be any more cool and generous!). Aaand, this time this giveaway is global (I’ve heard you, my dear European readers!).

The giveaway prize (value of $184 and priceless happy skin as a result!) is Prim Botanicals skincare collection of : The Face Oil, The Body Oil, The Hair Oil, Potion No.1 and Potion No.2.

This Giveaway is internationally open. Duration period : two weeks, from May 26 till June 9, 2015. The winner will be randomly chosen on June 10 by the power of luck.

Follow these simple rules to enter:

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  • Their packaging is gorgeous as well! The Body Oil and The Hair Oil are especially on my radar.

    • Oh I agree, their gorgeous packaging inspired me on this watercolor piece in the beginning of this post!:) The Hair Oil is a dreamy treatment, and I also believe this bottle will last for half a year at least, you’d only need a tiny bit for each application! Thank you so so much for reading TLV Birdie Blog, every single post, you’re something else!:)

  • ella

    These sound nice! I could certainly use something for uneven skin and dryness.

    • You’d enjoy Prim Botanicals then, Ella!:) Whatever you refer to – body or face, there is a natural nourishing solution to that!:) Thanks for stopping by!

  • Heather

    I would love to try these! Just discovered your blog yesterday (looking for reviews on Acure) and am really enjoying it, thanks!

    • Thank you, Heather, I am glad you’re here!:) I’ve tried a few Acure products, I hope I answered your question on those in my review on that brand. Did I?

  • Lisa

    This all looks so lovely, I’d love to try it.

    • I hope you’ll get a chance!:) Thanks for stopping by, Lisa!

  • I am truly obsessed with the packaging on these! The ingredients sound wonderful as well, this is definitely a brand I’d love to try 🙂

    Morgan // http://www.blushingwit.com

    • Oh, Morgan, these would be such a great addition to Healuxe Beauty Boutique (btw, congrats on your new biz!!!). I believe you’d love Prim Botanicals!

  • Ann Lassiter Edwards

    I have this thing about hair treatments. I really want to try one – this sound wonderful

    • I totally hear you, Ann!:) I wish I had “this thing” before, as my locks got so damaged under LA sun and I totally neglected them… But not anymore!:)) Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

  • The aromas sound intoxicating. I’m intrigued to try their products!

    • I wish I could have this thing on the screen of my laptop that could pass scents to my readers!:) Maybe, someday in the future! Thanks for stopping by, good luck!:)

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    • Amy, you’re extremely right! I hope you’d get a chance to test Prim Botanicals natural skincare items by yourself!:) Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

  • Jasmine

    Wow would I love to try this set out! After living for three months in a tropical climate I’ve realized a lot of my face, skin, and hair issues were actually caused by dryness and have been trying all types of oils and natural remedies to better take care of my body!

    • That’s the right direction, Jasmine! Where do you live?:) I feel like some sacred truth have opened up to me about oils (natural and pure!) and their secret properties that have totally changed my skin within just a few months! Now, I am on a “hair change” mission!:) Thank you so much for stopping by, and good luck!:)

      • Jasmine

        Yes, the benefits of natural oils have been helping my face incredibly! I live in Los Angeles currently, but after living in Central America for three months and having completely different skin and hair, I was able to figure out my problem and that oils are my friend!

        • That’s so true! I am so glad to know you’ve found the right way to overcome the skin/hair situation! And I am also glad to know I’ve got some local readers over here!:)

  • Emily S.

    I had not heard of Prim until now and I would love to try their products. The Potions sound amazing. The packaging is really lovely, too.

    • Hello Emily, I am so happy I’ve introduced you to the Prim Botanicals skincare collection! This is quite a young brand, but it totally won my heart! Thanks a lot for stopping by TLV Birdie Blog, and good luck!:)

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    Thank you for introducing me to Prim Botanicals! Everything sounds wonderful – the Prim Hair Oil is especially tempting me 🙂

    • I knew so many would be tempted by The Hair Oil, it’s beyond gorgeous and effective! And so many ways to use it! Thank you so much for being on TLV Birdie Blog with me, Francine! Good luck!

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    • I agree, stunning and eco-friendly!:) Thanks for reading, Kelly, and good luck!:)

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    • Thank you so much for the kind words, Christina! I appreciate it a lot! Prim Botanicals are relatively new. I am so glad I have a chance to introduce this brand to you, I am so sure you’d enjoy every single drop!:) Thanks for stopping by!

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    These sound absolutely marvelous! My skin is ridiculously dry but most moisturizers sit on top, the only thing I’ve had luck with is coconut oil.. I’d love to give these luxurious oil blends a try!

    • Coconut oil is such a tricky subject, it works for some people, for others (like me) it brings lots of problems.. My skin is too sensitive to it (for body products it works great though!). I am so sure you’d enjoy Prim Botanicals a lot! Thanks for stopping by, and good luck!:)

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    • Michell, you’re my favorite commenter, you know that, right?! Thank you so much for reading, and for being a part of my community, I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate it! Sunflower is doing magic to my skin (I realized it when I got so addicted to White&Elm deep cleansing oil that is based on sunflower, that product has totally transformed my skin!), and I completely agree with everything you’re saying!

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    • Thank you so much, dear! Your kindest words mean so much to me, I can’t even explain! I am also excited to be hosting the international giveaway this time! Best of luck, darling!

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