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Good things meant to be shared, and today I am so happy to introduce you to an innovative skincare line that is able to change your beauty regimen and raise the level of self-confidence up to the skies. Because we all know what we want – clean, smooth and healthy face smiling back to us from the mirror! Meet Murad* – skincare brand founded by Dr.Murad that offers an impressive selection of scientifically proven skin solutions for any skin type or concern.  From acne relief, combination skin treatments to highly effective anti-aging line that all aim to help find balance of healthy and happily glowing skin. This personalized skincare test* will guide you through Murad products that suits your skin condition the best. After trying quite a few products from different lines of Murad skincare and diving into the beautiful atmosphere of the recent Murad Spring Event that I’ve attended about two weeks ago, I am here to let you know what my favorites are!

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As you all know from my previous beauty reviews, my skin is always in a process of finding the right balance. That is why when it comes to trying a new brand, products for combination skin are always first on my skincare radar. I was super curious about the Pore Reform line* (color code – pink!) that aims to bring harmony to the T-zone, minimize pores, prevent future blackheads and blemishes and to purify the whole picture. The secret of the line is great exfoliation of current problems and prevention process of future oil build-up. To clear the clogged pores and even dry and oily zones into a perfectly smooth face, the Pore Reform regimen is based on : Daily Cleansing Foam* (to tone and tighten pores while washing away dirt and excess oil, 2-in-1), T-Zone Pore Refining Serum* (to clear and balance the tricky area) and Balancing Moisturizer with SPF 15* (to hydrate and control shine). I like how light and effective these products are, especially the foamy cloud of cleanser! Light fruity scent and amazing toning effect.

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Another product that I especially love to complete the Pore Reform regimen with is the Skin Smoothing Polish* to “hit the ground” 2-3 times a week. It gently exfoliates with the help of the tiniest micro-granulas and wipes away impurities like clogged pores and blackheads. It also significantly tightens the pores and balances oil control (Witch Hazel properties). And not to mention, it is pink!:) Even if your skin is normal and not heaving visible impurities, good yet soft exfoliation is the necessity to keep it that way. New favorite facial scrub of mine, that causes me no redness and leaves a very fresh, baby soft skin feeling.

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Speaking of impurities, another line of Murad skincare that I’ve got my hands on is the Acne Relief line* (color code – blue). While I don’t have any acne to treat, this Clarifying Cleanser* is not exactly for me. However it shows the ability to kill acne bacteria with it’s 1,5% Salicylic acid component and will be definitely helpful for some of you who are seeking a true acne relief. The product that I am really curious though is the Post-Acne Spot Lightening Gel*. It’s name speaks for itself and the active component stated is 2,0% Hydroquinone, the most effective skin lightening agent (I’ve done some research on this one, and it seems like the right concentration is the key to no harm, trusting Dr. Murad on this one!). It usually takes months for my skin to get rid of the spot caused by a blemish, so this is one of my major concerns. I like what I see from the short period of testing this gel, and really excited to continue using it!

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Let’s talk real game changer now – newly released Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield* with SPF30. Invisible sun protection – checked. Smoothing skin treatment – checked. Amazing primer – checked. We had a long day shooting in a desert about a month ago, and I’ve decided to give this little guy all my trust. That was the day when it saved my face from the harsh sun and kept my makeup on till the late evening. That was the day when Invisiblur earned it’s privileged place on my beauty shelf. I also gave a little sample of it to my dear friend, and she fell in love with it immediately too (Lisa, say hi!).


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  • Nope, this is a dermatologist developed skincare brand that is not green or organic. As much as I love to talk / write about / use green skincare, I am still very open minded to other innovative beauty products and solutions. Hope this makes sense:) They actually do display full ingredients lists, on the bottom of every product, after reviews, there’s a link to “see all ingredients”.

  • So true – the Invisiblur Perfecting Shield is a total blessing. I have some scars on my face that I am very insecure of and from the first day of using I feel like it’s made them less visible and given me just a smoother, more even skin. thanks for sharing with me, Oly 🙂

  • I love the way you shoot all your products! So creative, beautiful, and so gorgeous with the color scheme on your blog.

  • I LOVE Murad! Invisiblur is a game changer but I think my top pick would have to be the spot corrector… or the oil cleanser. Gosh too many to pick from.

  • Thanks for stopping by, Krissy!:) The spot corrector is great, you’d have to be careful with it as the active ingredient is really “active”, I guess it’s better not to use it on a daily basis, but refer to it as a treatment. I agree, the range of Murad products is huge and difficult to stop on just a few items, but I hope I’ve guided you through a few of them!:)

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