Fresh body and soul with Moksa Organics (+GIVEAWAY)

Are you feeling the spring freshness?! I totally do. Especially right now when I am surrounded by extremely positive Moksa Organics skin care line that I am going to share with you today! By sharing I mean literally – GIVEAWAY TIME! – you’ll find the giveaway rules in the end of the post along with a generous discount for “good vibes” soy candles of Moksa Organics exclusively for TLV Birdie Blog readers.

Have you heard of Moksa Organics brand? I hadn’t, till one lucky day when I got completely blown away with the whole natural, vegan and sustainable skin care situation that is happening over Moksa Organics beauty world. First of all, that’s right – pure certified organic and vegan ingredients, cruelty-free products carefully wrapped in environmental-friendly packaging (recycled materials and zero virgin plastic). Also Moksa Organics creates a real green revolution by engaging in social projects and supporting local programs. Just an example, for each product you purchase at Moksa Organics, you can be sure a new tree is going to be planted by the lovely team behind Moksa. And you will be a part of it. It won’t be easy to decide on a desired product from 13 (!) different scents variations (find a detailed guide here), but the chances are high you can find something to please your body and soul just the way you like it (or, discover new passions!).

As you all know, my passion is green and fresh, so my choice fell for “Forage Farm” and I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I do! Organic Mint, Basil and Lime infused series – clean and healthy by all means!

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Moksa Organics “Forage Farm” Body Butter – looks and smells like a freshly wiped cream that comes in 6 oz size and stands for “a little goes a long way”. Best to be applied on a slightly damp skin, right after the shower. It melts so deliciously on the skin and leaves a very soft scent of lime with green accent. Totally loving the texture and the nourishing abilities of this body butter. Very refreshing scent, however I prefer to use it before bed time as the scent is very relaxing to me also, plus the massage application performs just the right lullaby song for my skin. Pampering all the way!

Among ingredients: Shea butter, Grape seed oil, Jojoba seed oil, Sweet Almond oil, Rosemary leaf extract, pure essential oils blend.

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Moksa Organics “Forage Farm” Body Oil – for those days when you got less time in between shower and dressing up, but your skin is too thirsty. Or just needs a quick moment of indulgence. Light and fast absorbing oil that adds natural glow to the skin and provides with a very, verrry comfortable feeling. Highly nourishing and hydrating blend of pure organic oils and botanical elements along with the aromatherapy benefits of Mint (refreshing), Basil (Clarifying) and Lime (Cheering). If you’re a “bathtub time” lover, a few drops of this oil will make it even better with baby soft skin as a result!

Among ingredients: Chamomile and Lemon balm infused organic Sunflower oil, Organic Sweet Almond oil, Organic Jojoba oil, Organic Grape seed oil, Organic Rosemary extract.

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Moksa Organics “Forage Farm” Body & Face Bar – delivered straight from the Forage Farm fresh ingredients make this soap experience totally blissful! Shower fills up with the the greenest of the scents – mint, basil and lime (like every other product from this series) and the skin gets it’s portion of gentle scrubbing. Solid bar soaps are being my latest obsessions lately (just like solid bar shampoos!) and this one is such a great addition to my shower shelf! The biggest bonus however is the moisture that this bar is able to give to the skin and that actually stays with you throughout the day. Just take a look at these totally green and clean ingredients!

Among ingredients: Organic saponified oils of Coconut, Olive, Sunflower, Castor, Hemp Seed and Shea butter.

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Moksa Organics “Forage Farm” Hand Soap – for the clean hands freaks like me that wash hands about thousand times a day (this week I am dog sitting for our friends, so triple this number), safe and naturally moisturizing hand soap as a must. It really is and I was happy to discover the beauty of Moksa liquid hand soap. Which is basically soap-free and made from the cleanest and safest plants and essential oils. Very gentle, very cleansing, very Earth-loving.

Among ingredients: saponified organic oils of Coconut, Olive, Hemp Seed, Pumpkin seed and Sunflower, natural essential oils blend, Guar Gum, Citric acid, Tocopherol and Rosemary extract.

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Besides amazing skin care products, Moksa Organics got your good vibes and positive well-being covered as well by producing eco-friendly soy candles of 7 different scent variations. Beautifully packaged candle makes a perfect gift for your precious self and other beloved ones. From today till the Earth Day April 22nd you receive a 25% off discount when ordering Moksa Organics Soy Candle with exclusive coupon for TLV Birdie Blog readers : “tlvbirdie”. Smells divine and lasts for up to 30 hours, but also fills your soul with positive vibes for triple of that time! Take a moment for yourself : $12 per candle with the discount code. I’ve tried Citrus Patchouli, very sensual energizing scent!


As I’ve mentioned in the very beginning of this post, Moksa Organics is going to make one lucky person very naturally pampered and happy with a set of “Forage Farm” skin care. It’s giveaway time!

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The giveaway prize (value of $55 and priceless positive vibes!) contains : one set of “Forage Farm” -Body oil, Body & Face bar, Body Butter and Hand soap.

This Giveaway is open for continental US only. Duration period : two weeks, from April 14th till April 28th. The winner will be randomly chosen on the April 29th by the power of luck.

Follow these simple rules to enter:

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  • Jasmine

    These sound like a beautiful enriching products that I would love to experience! It being all natural definitely appeals to my senses and opinion as I’m very picky about what products I consume and use in my life. Keep up the beautiful work

    • I totally hear you on the “picky” side of consumerism! I believe less is more, and I am so happy I have genuine readers like yourself who share the same passion to natural and clean living! Thanks for entering the giveaway!:)

      • Jasmine

        Thank you for hosting such a wonderful giveaway! It’s a shame our system of consumerism is so shady as well as common-place to the extent tha no one thinks to question the origins, process,or contents within a product. I’d love to give these a try

  • Thanks for the brand introduction! Which do you like more, the body butter or body oil? Gorgeous styling and photography.

    • In this particular case, it’s really hard to tell! But I think at the moment I am loving the texture of body butter more, it feels very pampering! And again, I tend to use body oils all the time, so body butter for me is sort of a skin retreat few times a week:)

  • Lily Wolfe

    These sound absolutely amazing!

    • Thanks for the lovely comment! I hope you’ll get a chance to try these!:)

  • tma

    love moksa! amazing products with a conscience <3

  • Tricia Savino

    Would love to try the entire line!

    • Hope you’ll get a chance!:) Good luck, Tricia.

  • Vesna Pajovic

    this blog is incredible and I’d love to try out this line!

    • Thank you so so much, Vesna! (what a beautiful name)
      And good luck!:)

  • I have the hardest time finding products that my face doesn’t hate. I’d love to give this line a try!

    • Most of the products mentioned in this post (except face&body bar) are meant to be for the body use! I am sure you’d love them!:) If you’d be interested in learning on some facial products that my face (personally) doesn’t hate, I’m collecting all my reviews (in A-Z brands names order) here :, hope it will be helpful!

  • You always create this serene atmosphere with your photos, ahh. Now I really want the skincare set, why oh why am I in Russia, lol.

    • Thank you so much, Yana! I am really happy my visuals make you feel this way!:) I am definitely looking forward to create an international giveaway one day soon! Where are you in Russia? You know that I am russian too, right?:)

      • Omg, didn’t realise that 🙂 I now see a certain Siberian vibe in the photos 🙂 I’m in Moscow!

        • yeah, that is it:) Mix of Siberia, Israel and California:)

  • These sound lovely (and your photography is incredible as always!). Thanks so much for the amazing giveaway!

    Morgan //

    • Thank you for your lovely comment, Morgan! Good luck!:)

  • This is such a beautiful blog!

  • rih

    Sounds and looks gorgeous! I love green and citrus scents 🙂

    • Ohh, then you’d love this set! Good luck:)

  • Wendy Browne

    I love how you styled the products!

  • Catherine W.

    I love everything on here…the products,layout,blog topics….it’s great!

  • tianna

    gorgeous photos as always Oly! Everything looks amazing ♥

    • Thanks Tianna!:)) You’re lovely as always!

  • Jessica @LuxeandtheLady

    The products and the pictures look lovely! I’m always looking for gentle, yet effective hand soaps that won’t dry my hands out too much so I love this. Thank you for the giveaway!

    • Thank you,dear! I know, hand soap is such an essential item yet has to be chosen with the most sustainable attitude… Good luck!:)

  • Kyung

    It’s amazing how the green beauty movement has grown. I bet Moksa’s products smell really refreshing and I appreciate the eco-packaging. Thanks for the chance to win!

    • I am the same amazed here, very positive! Good luck!;)

  • Lisa

    This sounds amazing and I bet it smells awesome! The pictures are beautiful!

    • Thanks, Lisa! Smells amazingly fresh, hope you’ll get a chance to smell it yourself! Good luck:)

  • eni

    I have been eyeing Moksa for a while already.Cool would be to meet it in person. Wishing me luck 🙂

    • Wishing you luck too, dear Eni!:) What is your favorite scent? There’re so many to choose and after trying “Forage Farm” I want them all!:)

      • eni

        Thank you, sweetie! After reading the guide I understand that I want them all too haha! If I would have to pick just one I would probably go for Kashmir, but limitations here are very tough indeed 🙂

        • Kashmir sounds very tempting, right!:) I love pink grapefruit scent (and flavor!) too!

  • Akaliene

    Thank you for sharing various organic products with us. I like how you incorporate natural goodies in your photos. I am going to do more research on Moksa products. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

    • My pleasure!:)) Thanks for reading and good luck:)!

  • Dori

    These products sound amazing! I would love to try them!

  • oh wow! These sound absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing and for hosting the giveaway!

    • Good luck!:) Hope you’ll get a chance to meet them in person, they totally worth it!

  • chris z

    these products sound awesome!

    • I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for taking part in the giveaway:)

  • vava

    thank you , products sound natural and nice .

  • Jennifer Miller

    These products look very nice!

  • Kelly O’Malley

    We are switching all of our products over to organic, and these look wonderful!

    • That’s the right thing to do for sure! Moksa Organics is one of my recently discovered “family friendly” skincare brands that totally won my heart! Thanks for entering this giveaway, and good luck!

  • alyssa Lines

    I’d love to smell & try these out!

    • I hope you’ll get a chance! Good luck!:)

  • latanya t

    The products sound amazing

    • I couldn’t agree more, loving every little sniff of Moksa Organics!:) Good luck!

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    You don’t know how badly I want this. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

    • Ohh I can imagine!:) Thanks for taking part in this, good luck!:)

  • pepperqueen

    These look amazing. I can’t wait to try them!

  • Alison Gibb

    I love all natural skin products! My Mom does, too!! If I was the lucky winner, I would give this to my Mom for Mother’s Day!! Thank you so much!!

    • That’s so so sweet of you, Alison! I hope you’ll get a chance to do so, good luck!:) P.S.: I bet your mom would love to have a relaxing soy candle from Moksa Organics as a present, there’s a 25% off code on them – “tlvbirdie” – till April 22! Just a thought:)

  • casaflamingos

    Your products are great, would love to try them.

    • Moksa Organics knows the natural beauty deal!:) Thanks for entering the giveaway!:)

  • Dana Andrakowicz

    Awesome products I would love to win! Thanks so much!

    • Good luck, Dana! Thanks for taking part in this giveaway!:)

  • Melissa Renner

    I have been using Moksa Organics products since 2010. I have tried so many of their scents and have loved every one. The body butter is amazingly moisturizing and the soaps start my day off on a happy note. I look forward to adding Forage Farm to my list of loves!

    • Oh that body butter is something special, I agree! So great to know that you’re a fan too!:) Thanks for taking part in the giveaway, good luck!:)

  • janet woodling

    What a great giveaway.

  • Holly E

    Looks like a great skincare set.

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    I love how the product is organic which would be great for my uber sensitive skin! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

    • Thanks for taking part in this, Anita! Good luck:)

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    This seems like a nice skin care set.

  • I love the photos you took, and these look like such great products!

    • Oh thank you!:) Hope you’ll get a chance to try them!:)


    These look like high quality products! Would love to try! Thank you! 🙂

    • Thanks for participating, good luck, Elizabeth!:)

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    Any organic brand is worth trying!!!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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    • Thank you for participating, Cindy!:) Good luck!

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    • Awesome indeed!:) Thanks for participating in this, Sara, and good luck!:)

      • Sara

        Thank you! (:

  • Francine Farmer

    ‘Forage Farm’ has such a lovely, rustic sound to it. I would love to try these products. This is the first I’ve heard of them.

    • A very natural sound too!:) I am so glad I’ve introduced you to a new, totally incredible skin care brand! Thanks for taking part in this giveaway!:)

  • Phaydra Annette

    You have such great giveaways! I bet these products smell great. I love all 3 of these scents.

    • Thank you! These are actually one scent, called “Forage Farm” and it’s a gorgeous mix of basil, lime and mint, super refreshing and energizing!:)

  • Leah

    This sounds so nice! I checked out their website and in addition to the Forage Farm scent I think the Amazon Lemon scent sounds really good, too!

    • Mmm, Amazon Lemon is probably very citrusy and refreshing!:) I am currently eyeing Chai as well, love warming, spicy scents!:)

  • Alexandria Gilbert

    I would love to try the citrus patchouli candel!

    • Hey dear, I had a discount coupon for my readers on Moksa Organics soy candles but it already expired.. Anyways, it’s a great, relaxing scent and makes just perfect gift (for yourself!)!

  • Kristina Leezer

    This looks really great! I’d love to win and try these products out.

  • Annamarie Voss

    The Moksa Organics products look and sound amazing, I would love to try them.

  • Jasmine

    I’ve since read a lot about their products and foundation and it’s great that you work with such clean and organic companies such as this one. This is a field that is definitely going to grow and expand which is a wonderful thing as we should be treating our bodies with those naturally given to us by our beautiful Mother Earth! Thank you for hosting this giveaway

  • Andrea

    Wonderful products! Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  • Connie

    I love all these products. I wonder if the hand soap is moisturizing…it seems like it would be with the oils it has in it. You didn’t mention whether it was or not. I’d really like a natural, moisturizing hand soap because I’m almost as much of a clean hand freak as you and I don’t want to dry out my hands 🙂

  • Connie

    Oops…just saw that I missed you saying the hand soap WAS moisturizing….sorry

  • Michell Zav

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