Mahalo Skin Care – from Hawaii with love

I am super excited to write this post today, I don’t even know where to start. That’s why I am starting with this confession, oh boy. Honestly, I just lost all the possible words to describe the green beauty brand that I am going to introduce to all of you today. It’s big-time. Officially. Mahalo Skin Care. Write this name down, because it’s your one way ticket to Hawaiian spa resort (in the comfort of your own bathroom). Thinking of a luxurious retreat with a feeling of being spoiled by Mother Nature herself? Mahalo Skin care got your back (as well as your face, spirit and soul!).

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Mahalo Skin Care is a new comer in the green beauty niche, but within a few months it already made it’s name, story and Gorgeous packaging (capital G if you ask me!) recognizable and respectable! Not a surprise. Coming all the way from Kauai island, Hawaii this skin care line is carefully hand crafted, free of synthetics, parabens, dyes, chemicals and any cruelty. All the products are formulated with love, Hawaiian spirit and best intensions to create an enjoyable experience and effective skin treatment that can be delivered to any home, to any bathroom directly from it’s original source – sun blessed paradise island. The line consist of 3 truly unique skin treats: Vitality Elixir, Mahalo Balm and Pele mask. Step by step I’ll walk you through these and the gratitude (read : “Mahalo”) to Mother Nature infused into these little bottles.

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Vitality Elixir Facial Oil from Mahalo Skin Care comes in this absolutely stunning bamboo bottle that I am so happy to have in my interior just for being ridiculously pretty. You know my weak spot for outstanding packaging, don’t you? But the joy is only starting here – this extremely powerful elixir is formulated with the most unique ingredients that aim to nourish, stimulate and feed the skin with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. This serum contains exotic (and super beneficial for the skin) oils : Tamanu oil (heals damaged skin, marks and scars, also knows as a highly powerful acne treatment), Chia Seed (anti-aging properties), Sea Buckthorn oil (moisturizing element for dry and aged skin full with vitamins C and E), Turmeric supercritical extract (anti-inflammatory and detoxifying characteristics), Helichrysum Oil (soothing irritated, acne marked skin) and Kukui nut oil (natural source of polyunsaturated fatty acids to protect the skin). I love it’s a little bit bitter (nut-based) scent, definitely takes my mind far far away to a sandy beach. You only need 3-4 drops to use over damp face and neck (after cleansing and toning). Just as great as it sounds!

Among ingredients: Polynesian tamanu oil, Chia seed supercritical extract, Kukui nut oil, Black cumin supercritical extract, Carrot seed supercritical extract, Sea buckthorn supercritical extract, Turmeric supercritical CO2 extract, Immortelle oil, Geranium oil, Carrot Seed supercritical extract.

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Mahalo Balm is a blissful “head-to-toes” experience that comes your way where you need it the most. Partially based on the same ingredients as the Vitality Elixir ( Tamanu oil, Turmeric, Sea Buckthorn oil, Carrot oil) plus additional care is coming from natural extracts of Avocado butter, Macademia nut oil, Grapeseed butter, Rosehip oil etc. Basically, this balm can be helpful on handful of directions – makeup remover, lip balm, skin moisturizer, cleanser (oil cleansing method with a cloth or a sponge), conditioner (for example to be blended with a makeup foundation) etc etc. Thoughtfully healing skin and soothing mind with a sandalwood aromatherapy touch. Note: if your skin is sensitive to coconut oil, you still can benefit from this balm by using it as an extra treatment for dry body zones, like lips, hands or elbows. Pure tropical pleasure guaranteed.

Among ingredients: Virgin Coconut oil, Sweet almond oil, Macadamia oil, Avocado butter, Beeswax, Cocoa butter, Grapeseed butter, Tamanu oil, Rosehip oil, Neem oil, Kukui oil, Marigold flower, Hibiscus flower, Comfrey leaf, Sea buckthorn oil, Carrot oil, Vitamin E, Turmeric extract, Lavender oil, Geranium oil, Sandalwood.

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One little facial tool (that actually reminds me of Hawaiian black lava by it’s visual) that can help the cleansing process is Facial Cleanser Puff available in Mahalo Skin Care store. This hand-crafted pure konjac sponge with bamboo charcoal infusion is safe to use on any skin types and any levels of sensitivity. It becomes super soft when wet, gently exfoliates and wipes away dirt, excess oil and makeup. Naturally filled with minerals, it helps to restore the skin pH balance and I would say is a must tool for an acne-prone skin. Re-usable and suggested to be renewed in every six weeks. Also can be used with a cleanser, or cleansing oil balm. I always feel super positive about my skin status after using the konjac sponge, but I definitely need to work harder on making it into a daily habit.

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Powder – to – mousse is my favorite sort of facial masks, and I was very glad to be introduced to Mahalo Pele Mask made of pure natural ingredients to detoxify the skin, deeply purify the pores and bring the radiant healthy glow back. Perfect acne fighter – you can also you the mask as immediate spot treatment. Rhassoul clay, Hibiscus, Guava, Holy Basil, Papaya with a bit of spice from Cayenne and Ginger extracts will provide a deep treatment with a bit of warming, tickling feeling (quite similar effect that has May Lindstrom Problem Solver mask). Makes my skin so “baby soft”, once a week go-to mask for me from now on! Also, I love the idea of saving bamboo jar and ordering a refill. Named by the name of Hawaiian island, Pele also means “wonder” in hebrew (the language I speak 80% of my day time), and I can totally see the connection!

Among ingredients: Volcanic Ash clay, Hawaiian red clay, Rhassoul clay, Raw cacao powder, Black Lava Hawaiian salt, Bamboo charcoal powder, Papaya leaf, Hibiscus flower, Aloe vera leaf, Turmeric root, Ginger root, Holy basil tulsi leaf, Neem powder, Sandalwood, White willow bark etc (see the full list here).





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  • I am dying to try this brand but it’s just choosing one product to buy that’s hard enough! I was sure it was going to be the mask but now I’m tempted by the Elixir as well! The packaging is amazing, I love it and I also love that you can just buy the refills for the mask & keep the same jar, very eco 🙂

    • Everything about Mahalo skincare is very eco, indeed:)! Vitality Elixir is the great way to start the introduction, I believe! It’s full with exceptional ingredients and definitely spreads the Aloha vibes;) Thanks for reading, Amber!

  • Ana Green

    I love the look of the balm and the vitality elixir, your gorgeous pictures make it very tempting! I am nervous of all the spices in the Pelle mask, just like May’s products I believe my skin is too sensitive for them but the other products sound incredible for sensitive skin, turmeric in oils is fast becoming a favourite Xx

    • Hey Ana, thanks for your lovely comment! I am always nervous every time when I feel my face getting warm (sometimes I am getting in doubts, what is actually “too warm”), but it’s been all cool so far!:) My skin is relatively sensitive, and I personally prefer more calming masks, but once in a while it’s good to have an exotic treatment like this! Just today I read a comment on Naturally Marcy twitter (, she got me an idea to use masks while showering – steam will activate the ingredients and yup, clean and effective!:)

  • I first discovered this brand via Julie (Let’s talk about Green blog) ..and since then, I have been really tempted. I love the packaging as well!x

    • Packaging is the first thing I fell in love with, later on – with everything inside as well!:) Mahalo skincare products are totally outstanding, by all means, and would make your skin very happy for sure! Thanks for reading, dear!:)

  • This is a lovely review! Mahalo Care has an incredible aesthetic and ingredients. I’d love to try the Vitality Elixir. Also, how would you compare the Pele Mask to May Lindstrom’s The Problem Solver?

    • Vitality Elixir is a liquid gold, no doubts here! It is so rich and pampering, and I just love it’s nut-based scent! I had a very pleasant experience using both of these masks, they are acting very nicely by minimizing the pores and leaving a very clean and smooth feeling. I personally feel warmer and a bit burning effect from The Problem Solver, so I don’t use it that often.

  • dollactitud

    amazing products! xxo

  • Oly, your pictures are d-i-v-i-n-e!!<3 Mahalo has been on my radar too, but right now I prefer to use up my stash before I try this gorgeous brand, so that I can fully enjoy the experience 🙂 xx

    • Hey Liz, thank you so so much for your lovely comment! Oh sure, you have to be fully prepared to dive into Mahalo skin care experience!:)) Hopefully soon!

  • Your photography is amazing! Haha this brand looks great x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

    • Thanks a lot, Charlotte! Mahalo Skin care products are beautifully packaged and formulated as well!

  • Hannah Cornish

    You take the most beautiful photographs! I love the sound of the balm, sounds like the perfect product to have in your handbag 🙂

    Hannah x | hannatalks

    • Thank you for your lovely comment, Hannah!:) That’s right, it would also do a great job at your bathroom shelf – cleanser, skin moisturizer and all the other things I’ve mentioned before, with an extra-tropical love and care!:)

  • Mademoiselle Lala

    These are some stunning photos – I’m in love with your photography!!! The product’s packaging looks so nice. 🙂

    • Thanks, lady! I am so deeply in love with Mahalo packaging 🙂

  • This looks so amazing!
    I would love to go to Hawaii it looks so beautiful!
    C O C O N I C O L E ❤ Fashion Lifestyle & Design

    • Well, Nicole, Hawaii is one step closer to you right now with Mahalo skin care products that are just one click away from your own spa paradise:)!

  • Your blog is so beautiful! I love it!
    xx Elisa

    • Thank you so so much, Elisa!! I am so glad you enjoy!<3

  • 100% agree with the packaging, it’s really gorgeous! I seriously love the sounds of the Vitality Elixir, I love serums and facial oils so I’ll be checking that out after this.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • This packaging is a piece of art, indeed! I know you have the same feelings towards serums just as I do:) I believe you’ll love it, Shireen!

  • I’m dying to try this brand, looks and sounds gorgeous!:) xx

    • You won’t be disappointed with Mahalo, Jana, I am pretty sure about that:)!

  • Veronika Rajničová

    I love the packages either 🙂 Vitality elixir seems to be worth trying, thank you for the tip 🙂


  • Wow, these products look so luxurious! They definitely look like something I’d want to try.

    • I know,right?! Luxurious tropical spa delivered to the comfort of your own bathroom…<3