Green Beauty Camping with Camp Skincare

How about I’ll take you camping today, guys? In this post I’ll be gifting you a perfect opportunity to get synced with Mother Nature, experience some wild camping vibe and get inspired for your lifetime journey. Green Beauty Journey, obviously. Because I mean Green Beauty Camping, with the best field guide you can only imagine – Camp Skincare. Camp’s statement is very close to me personally – by embracing the minimalism and the knowledge of nature, we simplify our lives and take them to a whole new level. Green, clean and smart!

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I’ve first been introduced to Camp Skincare through Seed to Serum online green beauty boutique and I’ve shared my super positive thoughts on Camp Desert Island Wonder Balm in this post. Today I’ve teamed up with Camp Skincare to walk you through every little path of the green beauty journey. I promise, at the end of the post you’ll realize how little you actually need for your day-to-day beauty routine. Camp suggests the best way to think of it: “pack light and pack smart”! Let’s go!

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Starting from the basics – exfoliation. Good ol’ first priority step in every beauty routine. Camp has formulated a very “down to earth” formula for this ritual – Coconut Beach Face Scrub. Very powdery texture, very soft touch, very relaxing young coconut scent. Half teaspoon of the powder mixed together with water or your favorite cleanser will create a paste that is a true pleasure to apply, massage and rinse. Leaves a wonderful silky skin feeling, and once again, the scent! I am a huge coconut fragrance fan, and the more natural it is – the better. Here we are talking as natural and simple as just 4 (four!!!) ingredients alone making all the hard exfoliating work done smoothly. Besides the exfoliating properties, Coconut Beach also soothes, reduces redness and wipes away impurities with the help of Rhassoul clay. That means, this scrub can be also used as a mask for a deeper healing effect : mixed with cold green tea for oil/combination skin or with honey, coconut oil, rose water or plain yogurt for normal/dry skin.

Among ingredients: Coconut milk powder, Cane sugar, Oatmeal, Moroccan Lava (Rhassoul) clay.

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Talking about tempting scents, raise your hand if you have a weak spot for Vanilla! Extra body care and mind relaxation are guaranteed under Vanilla Moon body oil. It’s very delicate vanilla scent (think vanilla pancakes!) along with luxuriously melting oil texture creates a personal skin getaway. Antioxidant-rich and ultra hydrating formula of this body oil will definitely make happy any skin – from normal to dry and dull. I am also loving the fact that it comes in a spray bottle – makes it much easier to apply the exact amount you desire and keep the bottle clean and dry.

Among ingredients: Almond oil, Vanilla Planifolia, Evening Primrose oil, Jojoba seed oil, Borage seed oil, Vitamin E.

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camp skincare filthy rich face cream, tlv birdie, organic face cream review,

The best skin care products, in my opinion, are those with a great portion of humor in their names. Don’t you agree? Camp Filthy Rich face cream is one of the best examples for this. First of all, this is a skin relief!! It’s milky extra-caring texture nourishes and extensively hydrates dry skin and provides it with a handful of antioxidants, vitamins and natural benefits. The wonderful news is that the formula of this cream is noncomedogenic – mango butter, shea butter and macadamia nut oil deliver natural hydration and naturally lock it, without clogging the pores. That means hurray for combination skin owners who got a few dry patches on their precious faces! In this case, I’d suggest using Filthy Rich as a nighttime moisturizer especially focusing on those thirsty spots. In a scenario of dry skin – Filthy Rich will become your new best friend who will protect your skin am and pm on a daily basis.

Among ingredients: Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Sweet Almond Oil infused with Madasgar Vanilla, Rosehip Seed Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Borage Seed Oil, Vitamin E.

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One of the latest additions to Camp Skincare family is the Yin Yang Balancing Facial Oil. Smelling like a summer fruit basket, Yin Yang is capable of real magic : it can sweet talk your skin (whenever condition it is – winter dryness, fussy period, constant search for ideal balance) into a nice and steady behavior full of harmony. One spritz would be enough to cover the whole face, so I would say it’s an approximately 1,5-2 month long peace-keeping operation for your skin. Signature blend of watermelon, cherry kernel, argan and pomegranate oil makes this oil a perfectly hydrating, balancing and lightweight one. I am most definitely not going to separate from this little guy in the nearest future!

Among ingredients: Camellia (Tsubuki) seed oil, Cherry Kernel oil, Argan oil, Watermelon seed oil, Pomegranate seed oil, Borage seed oil, Alkanna tinctoria Root, Ylang Ylang Flower oil, Pink Grapefruit Peel oil.

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Another new product release of Camp Skincare is Matcha Latte eye cream. I am swooning over it’s really green scent and ability to take a proper care of such a delicate area of my face. It targets puffiness, lack of moisture and caused by UV damage fine lines and acts super effective. Matcha green tea boosts the circulation, cucumber seed oil soothes the skin and green coffee bean extract brightens. Refreshing by all possible means. You’ll need just a tiny bit of the cream for under eye area, so I believe this jar is a couple months long beauty investment.

Among ingredients: Mango Seed Butter, Shea Butter, Camellia (Tsubuki) seed oil, Matcha Green Tea, Pomegranate seed oil, Borage seed oil, Cucumber seed oil, Green Coffee Bean oil, Peppermint essential oil.

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What a camping without “white rabbit”? I may not believe in camping legends, but I do believe in an eye makeup remover that makes mascara goes away and keep all the lashes on their place! White Rabbit Eye Makeup Remover is exactly what I am talking about! Soothing formula with a comforting herbal scent is exactly what I need to call it a day. Simple,organic and essential little helper for any beauty routine.

Among ingredients: Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil infused with Chamomile flowers, Jojoba oil, essential oils of Lavender and Chamomile.





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  • Adore the photos in this post! I really like the look of these products, particularly the eye cream. I’ll put in on my “to try” list x

  • Oly, your photos are even more amazing than usual here – really beautiful 🙂 I’ve heard so many good things about Camp. They’re a local company for me too, so I really should try something from them already! The Matcha Latte Eye Cream is looking especially tempting right now 🙂

  • Vanilla Moon is a bomb! It has such a delicate vanilla scent, you can totally say it’s coming for original, natural source! I love it’s velvety touch and how fast it absorbs on the skin! Plus, that’s a really good size of the bottle and you can control the exact amount of oil you want to apply!:)

  • Hey Michelle, I am so glad you find these products attractive because I am totally in love with every single one in this post! Matcha Latte eye cream is the newest product in Camp collection, and I believe it is going to become one of the best sellers in no time! So crazy good!

  • Thank you so so much, Caitie!:) Eye cream is definitely something special, it’s so green, refreshing and very soothing! Matcha Latte and Yin Yang are new products in the Camp family, and they’re seriously breathtaking, both of them!:)

  • It’s unique indeed! All the ingredients and nature-derived and serve a particular purpose in the product, the less the better. I’m glad I’ve introduced you to a new brand! Thanks for reading.

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