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Let’s talk green beauty shopping for a moment! When it comes to choosing new organic, natural, clean beauty brands to try and new products to put on the proudly green bathroom skincare shelf, spontaneous buying habits have no chance to overcome my passion for a proper prior research. I don’t need to tell you that there’s nothing more comfortable than shopping online! Never the less, there’re a few things to take into consideration when you decide where to go green beauty shopping! Factors like pleasant to an eye online shopping shelves, well-curated selection of products (including unique lines!), high quality standards, ethics and aesthetics. Passion to clean living and organic beauty products that has Megan, owner of the gorgeous Seed To Serum online green beauty boutique, is truly exceptional. Along with all her knowledge and genuine desire to empower the change in a beauty routine into a healthier one, Megan has established a successful organic and green beauty shopping destination. She has brought together a wide selection of small batch, organic apothecary brands from all over the world, including a few lines that are exclusively available for US audience only at Seed To Serum.

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I feel so lucky to have this chance to share my thoughts on a number of products from Seed to Serum store with you today! I am always happy to discover new natural skincare brands of high quality, and I am extremely impressed by each and every company featured in this post. I actually think, this may be the most tempting green beauty post so far – too many beauty at one place, even I can barely handle it!:) Today you’ll meet CAMP, The Little Alchemist, Indah Beautiful Organics, AS.AP Small Batch Distillery, Jacqueline Evans and Kester Black!

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Let’s start with the AS.AP Small Batch Distillery – Mediterranean inspired line of skincare products created from the finest natural plants, blended into blissful formulas for the cleanest of facial and body care routines. I love the authentically looking apothecary jars of AS.AP, including the simple number “#” coding for products instead of long titles. How simple and elegant! AS.AP Little Box of Indulgence, that I am reviewing in this post, consists of 5 mix sized products that make a great introduction into the whole series :

  • Face Cream #3 Radiant and Hydrating – suitable for sensitive / mature skin, comes in a deluxe sample size of 5 mls. Soothes and comforts the skin, leaves a nice herbal-ish scent and hydrated feeling.
  • Lip Balm #9 Murrh and Rose Geranium – full size product that will help the repairing process of cracked from the winter season / stress / bad habits (guilty!) lips. Non-sticky, light formula that acts fast and nourishes deep. Plus, nice floral scent.
  • Body Butter #6 – deluxe sample size of deluxe body product! I am completely in love with it’s “down to Earth” aroma that combines both herbal and wooden accents – Sandalwood, Grapefruit, Patchouli and hand-distilled Lavender essential oil. Melts down on the skin into a mellow body and soul relaxation.
  • Cleansing Oil #5 – perfect oil for any skin type from a signature blend of Calendula, Jojoba Oil, Rose hip oil, Borage and Castor oil that carefully bring back the moisture and regulate sebum production, it also acts as a great anti-oxidant for the tired from big city life skin. Comes in a trial size of 5 mls as well.
  • Mini Cleansing Cloth #1 – 100% cotton crochet pad for those who love the oil cleansing method!

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Nice to meet you, The Little Alchemist Pineapple & Zeolite micro polish, you’ve taken your well deserved place on my shelf now! I can’t stay indifferent to this old school chalkboard inspired label on the bottle! Most of the time, these are the main reasons I end up choosing a product!:) But then, I discover that the liquid that is hiding inside is the real treasure! This gently exfoliating detox polish suits all skin types, it’s ingredients list though is for real nature experts : Pineapple enzymes and Jojoba beads for exfoliation, Wheatgrass and Zeolite for deep cleansing, Calendula and Papaya for detoxification and healthy skin glow. I should probably add that it makes my face smell like sweet Pina Colada, what a great way to start (and finish!) a day!

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Another cleansing product is from CAMP – Desert Island Wonder Balm. Drumroll, combination and acne-prone skin owners (just like yours truly), decent coconut oil and water free balm is here! Effective multitasker : you can play with it as a cleansing balm, moisturizer or extra treatment after a sunburn, minor cuts or scratches. I’ve mostly tried it as a cleanser, and I am very pleased with it’s lavish formula that so deliciously wipes away any dirt, makeup and excess oil and obviously leaves no tighten feeling (think naturally hydrating oils!). To use as a cleanser : warm a little amount of the balm between your fingers, massage into dry skin and wipe clean with a wet face cloth (some may prefer a konjac sponge). Listen how this sounds (whispering) : cold-pressed unrefined Sunflower oil infused with Chamomile, Yarrow and Comfrey, Sweet almond oil infused with Calendula plus a gorgeous blend of herbal essential oils to make this product a real wonder! Matte glass jar and geometric typography of CAMP skincare products make me want to add more of them on my shelf, totally my kind of an eye candy!

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One more small batch company with an interesting branding! All the Jacqueline Evans products are color coded – every dark brown glass bottle has a different color label on it, so even if you do your morning facial ritual with your eyes half closed, you can be safe by just memorizing the color of the product you need to grab next!:) I am going for fellow yellow Jojoba & Camellia Balancing cream, which is (again) a marvelous find for combination skin owners. This perfectly balancing oil production, gently repairing and providing elasticity facial moisturizer made it’s way up to my facial care pedestal and now sharing skin balancing duties with my all time favorite Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Oil*. Rich ingredients list consists of purified Australian water, vegetable emulsifying wax, Jojoba seed oil, Sweet almond oil, Calendula oil, Camellia oil, Carrot oil, Cocoa butter, Lemon oil, rosemary extract, grapefruit seed extract, D-panthenol etc.

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Who doesn’t love luxurious natural body butters that cover you up in a cozy blanket of pampering care? Nobody! And Indah Organics know that so well, they created a series of amazingly looking and temptingly vanishing body butters. Just like this pinkish Dreamland body butter based on virgin coconut oil and cocoa butter with an exotic mix of Ylang-Yland, Jasmine and Sandalwood. Real skin and mind getaway! By the way, you should see how gorgeously looking Indah Coconut Oil jar is!

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Who jumped up to the ceiling when received the news that Kester Black 5-free nail polishes are now available in the United States exclusively through Seed to Serum? Let’s keep my authority respected and leave this as a rhetorical question. 9 beautiful shades currently available + top & base coat! I’ve tried Buttermilk tone – warm pinkish nude color with a high shine – together with Aila Better Than Gel top coat*, and I’ve noticed a first chip only on the 6 day of intensive wear. It’s a great result for me, because my nails are always under pressure – I do embroidery art, I work with natural (and not always smooth) materials and I create displays all – the – time. I can’t wait to add some more colors like Sky and Bubblegum to my “recently got healthier” nail polishes collection.

P.S. : Seed To Serum team knows how comfortable yet difficult shopping online for cosmetics and skincare may be. That’s why they came up with a trial size program that allows you to order most of the products in a deluxe sample size (for a few uses, not just half a try!) before you come up with a decision to splurge on this or that full size product.




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  • This online store is divine and stocks an impressive brand line-up. There’s a good mix of brands I love and ones I want to try. Speaking of which, I love the sound of The Little Alchemist Pineapple & Zeolite micro polish, CAMP (yay to a coconut oil-free balm, acneic skin types rejoice), Indah Organics Dreamland body butter, Herbivore Botanicals, and Aila. But basically all these products sound lovely.

  • Hey, lovely! I am glad you agree with me! I am very impressed by the small authentically brands Seed to Serum gained under one roof, especially those like KasterBlack that are not available anywhere else in the US! Camp is a new exciting brand for me for sure, and I can’t wait to test more of their products! Aila and Herbivore botanicals products were the references for previously reviewed on the blog items I truly love, they are not stocked at Seed to serum, but have their own online stores! Just to make it clear:)

  • Hahaa, thank you for the lovely comment, Michelle!:) Your words mean a lot to me!! All these packaging is so great, right?! I am definitely keeping the jars after they’ll be all wiped from the inside:)!

  • Your site is honestly amazing, the topic, photography, just everything. It’s my first time on it and I had to add you on twitter, bloglovin and instagram so I don’t miss anything! Great job!

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