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Remember the last time I walked you through my weekend essentials in this post? It was just a beginning of pretty much successful styling series I’ve started on my Instagram about two weeks ago. Your response (TLV Birdie Blog readers are just the best, you know it, right?!) was so good, so it makes me think to bring these collages to the blog as well. From time to time. On a special occasions in between green beauty editorials. What do you say?

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Today (just like any other day in my life) is about simplicity. Less stuff. Clearer mind. Essential colors. Down – to – Earth attitude. Confidence. Priorities. Casuality. This collage shows how to minimize the time in front of a mirror by a few simple steps, and how to keep it simple by picking some all times favorites to accompany your day.

  1. Sunglasses for any occasions – I love budget-friendly versions ZeroUV got to offer and this black retro Ray Ban inspired pair is one of my go-to options. You can see me wearing these here and here.
  2. Casual black and white attire for any possible scenario of the day – black skinny jeans (latest Zara purchase) and Project Social T for Urban Outfitters white V-neck tee. Majesty Simplicity herself.
  3. Hats. It’s my “cherry on the top”. I don’t have many black hats (I wish to expand my collection a bit though), so this last year wide brim Forever 21 find does the trick when a bold black accent is needed. I’ve showed you this black straw hat in this summer post. I called it “fedora” back then. What a hat amateur I used to be.
  4. Can’t start a day without decent green cleanser, and by green I mean literally – Herbalism from Lush has been my good morning routine partner for quite a long time and I keep on advising you to give it a try if you have a combination skin seeking more balance.
  5. I can’t stop telling you how important the toning part of the morning beauty routine is! Brightening Tonic with Sea Kelp and Licorice root from Aster&Bay is one of my latest green beauty discoveries, and I am already planning on restocking it. So good, salty and refreshing!
  6. I am in a constant rotation of different lip balms, I love them a lot and can have a panic attack if I don’t find one in my bag / on my desk / on a bathroom shelf. The one I am especially happy to have in my life is Kari Gran Lip Whip, it’s super effective on cracked lips and smells cinnamon!
  7. Still swooning over these little apothecary jars filled with wonderful green beauty elixirs from AS.AP small-batch Apothecary. Their cleansing oil is a perfect way to call it a day, and that body butter needs to come in a few pounds size if you ask me!!
  8. Another dedicated multi-tasker I have on my bathroom shelf these days is CAMP Wonder Balm, that moisturizes, wipes away makeup and dirt and treats little scratches and cuts like you never had them. You’ll be glad to know that it contains NO coconut oil and can be your very trustful facial routine friend. Also, more CAMP products to arrive to TLV Birdie green beauty blog reviews very soon!
  9. Lina Hanson “Satori” botanical perfume and her blissful Body Serum are making me days straight to the point by surrounding me with soft, feminine scents and thoughtful skin care!
  10. Not to mention one of the most gorgeous facial balms to calm down my skin and soul before going to bed – May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon Balm Concentrate. I’ve caught myself sniffing the jar for a few minutes before applying the balm, it’s just too good to ever end.
  11. My Moleskine diary for notes, inspiration moments and everything that needs to be written down. Have you seen my Embroidered diary series? Oh, these were so popular on Tumblr. I have to find more time for that.
  12. Another perfume that I have on my sniffing radar is my zodiac sign (Cancer) from Strange Invisible Perfumes. There are so many exotic notes in it, I still can’t figure them all out and that what probably makes me go back to it. Not a regular perfume for sure!
  13. Oh and these Forever 21 espadrille slides are just perfect for the black and white outfits! I got them last week and really loving them! Though I wish they were not so crisp white, but I believe some time will do the trick;)

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