Beauty Lounge on TLV Birdie Blog and a date with May Lindstrom Skin

  Today I have a big announcement to make, organic loving ladies and gents. This year, along with my new year resolutions, is a year of big changes (yes, even bigger than in 2014). Fearless changes. Changes that are positive by all means. Out of the comfort zone changes. And today I want to officially announce that I am going to expand the BEAUTY section of TLV Birdie Blog. Making things around me beautiful is part of my moto, and this year let’s all start with ourselves first. I believe, a person who is in harmony with his body, skin and reflection can move mountains. Achieving that desired inner glow is a tough task, and I will be here with you – guiding you through a journey of natural beauty and organic skincare products that will change the way you treat your skin.

Note one thing – I do not pretend to be an organic expert. I do not turn my nose up at everything that has no organic certification stamp. I simply learn to listen to my body and to provide it with what it actually needs. I learn to read ingredients lists and I know a thing or two about naughty chemicals. I do not understand fanatic approach though, but want to make steps towards better skin routine – one step at a time.

    I hope you will join me in my natural beauty movement with genuine curiosity and understanding my style of doing it. I would love to push the boundaries and create sort of a BEAUTY LOUNGE here on TLV Birdie Blog. It is important to me for you to feel it can be your place to learn about organic beauty products in a fun and easy way, and I promise to find and cover for you the best of non-toxic | organic | green | natural beauty products.

  I wanted to make this first organic beauty post of 2015 truly special, dedicated to the purest Earth experience and the luxury of being literally face to face with the best ingredients you can benefit from Mother Nature. All the lights on May Lindstrom Skin, artisanal hand crafted skincare brand that combines two words “natural” and “luxury” into a perfect mixture of truly delightful beauty experience. May is one of those inspiring personalities who aims to turn a daily procedure into a spiritual ritual of pleasure, and she kindly gifted me an opportunity of one of a kind quality time with my skin.

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  Well, that was a beauty date! No, I couldn’t find a better analogy of spending the most thoughtful and magic 40 minutes of my skincare ritual with The Problem Solver correcting masque* and The Blue Cocoon beauty balm concentrate*.

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  First things first: I wanted to greet the beginning of the year with my face detoxified, even and glowing. The Problem Solver masque seems like solved some problems I didn’t even know I had. Among the active natural ingredients of the masque are raw cacao (natural antioxidant), bamboo charcoal (known for healing qualities), soil nutrients, salts and exotic warming spices that all target to clean the skin and make it perfect. The Problem solver works on the following directions : effectively purifies and tightens pores, extinguishes inflammations, fights and heals blemishes, helps circulation in the epidermis and detoxifies the skin.

may lindstrom skin, organic beauty blog review, may lindstrom skin review, the problem solver masque review, green beauty blog, non toxic skin care, tlv birdie blog, natural beauty and skincare blog review

  The beauty ritual: the powder formula of the masque ( that according to my observations, is actually very popular in natural beauty segment) activates on contact with water, that guarantees the full potential of ingredients to work full power for you only when you release them. Mix a tablespoon of masque powder with equal part of water in a bowl, gently blending them together into a soft mousse texture. Apply over the face + neck area with the help of a soft brush and let it dry (it took me about half an hour). Rinse with warm water.

may lindstrom skin, organic beauty blog review, may lindstrom skin review, the problem solver masque review, green beauty blog, non toxic skin care, tlv birdie blog, natural beauty and skincare blog review

  The result: I have a very sensitive skin and every time I try a new face mask, I am a bit afraid of consciences of unwanted redness. I was slightly worried about that when I read on the box “expect a slightly hot and tingling sensation”. That being said, I was over the moon when I saw my skin calm, clear and glowing healthy. Should I even say that my mind got calm and clean as well? (remember what I told you about the skin confidence?!)

  Ingredients: Fuller’s earth clay, Red moroccan rhassoul clay, Raw cacao, Red alaea sea salt, Vitamin C, Lavender flower, Bamboo carbon charcoal powder, Clove, Cayenne pepper, Nutmeg, Cinnamon etc. (full list of ingredients here).

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  For a better result of complex treatment, after rinsing The Problem Solver mask I’ve followed with The Blue Cocoon balm concentrate. When I saw the blue relaxing color inside the bottle, I already knew that is going to be something good! And it was – I absolutely adore the melting feeling of oil based balms. The texture may feel a little bit heavy on the skin, so I love to use them before I go to bed – then I know my skin is under careful treatment, I can sleep calm and wake up with a better reflection in the mirror.

may lindstrom skin, organic beauty blog review, may lindstrom skin review, green beauty blog, non toxic skin care, tlv birdie blog, natural beauty and skincare blog review, the blue cocoon beauty balm review

  The Beauty ritual: Place a pea sized amount of The Blue Cocoon on the palm of your hand, warm it up and massage into damp skin after rinsing off The Problem Solver. Your skin will love the contrast of cooling and relaxing  balm massage after hot and spicy masque treatment.

  The result: your skin has been taken good care of – it is calm, nourished and healed ( and so is your mind).

  Ingredients: Camellia seed oil, Shea butter, Theobroma cacao seed butter, Virgin marula oil, Yangu oil, Baobal oil, Blue tansy oil, Myrrh oil, Lavender oil, Geranium rose oil etc. (full list of ingredients here).

*Products that appear in this post were kindly provided for the review by May Lindstrom Skin.

Have you ever tried May Lindstrom Skin treats? Did you enjoy my beauty ritual story? Share your thoughts in the comments, I would love to hear anything you got to tell me about your natural skin routine and not only!

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  • May Lindstrom has a really nice selection on natural products that will take a great care of your skin! I am slightly worried about getting addicted to the Problem Solver masque from now on:)

  • I love that you’re getting behind organic!! I love finding new organic beauty products (seems so hard lately with legislations not being too strict in the definition/labelling of “organic”) so thanks for this post! And thanks for visiting my blog 🙂


  • Beautiful photos!! I want to try more from May Lindstrom this year. I have Clean Dirt & I absolutely adore the scent but I’d love to buy the full size Problem Solver too x

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  • What beautiful photographs! Love the way you’ve illustrated around them 🙂 I’m looking forward to hearing more about organic products! When it comes to skin care, I always use LUSH products as they’re made from natural ingredients. That beauty balm is such a lovely colour, looks really soothing. I imagine it would be lovely to use to nourish dehydrated skin

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  • Thanks for your comment, Aurelie! I just believe you receive what you give, and our skin is not an exception..don’t you agree?:)

    The Blue Cocoon is a seriously lovely treat for the skin, I’ve also tried to apply it only as eyes and lip treatment – such a gentle yet effective treatment! And the smell is heavenly!<3

  • Thank you so much, Tegan! I’ve worked hard on my visual presentation and your words mean a lot to me!:) The Problem Solver is crazy good, spa relaxation delivered to my home:) Hope to see you again on TLV Birdie Blog!<3

  • Hey Ellen, thanks for your comment!:) That’s true what you’re saying about labeling, that’s why being able to read the ingredients and all the things written small is so important! I am not sure if I will ever cover those details on the blog, but definitely won’t advice something that is not good enough. Besides, as I said about my organic beauty approach, I am curious and I am willing to learn more!:)

    Hope to see you again around TLV Birdie Blog!<3

  • Thanks a lot,Amber! I’ve heard lots of good words around Clean Dirt, I think I would get my hands on it pretty soon too:) I have nothing bad to say about the Problem Solver, I think it can easily became my big beauty secret!

  • Thank you so much, Hannah! I am really excited to hear you love the illustration style of this beauty review! I love Lush, their products have been my really good friends for years, I constantly use The Herbalism as my daily cleanser – you can read more about it here – The Blue Cocoon Balm from May is such a rich treatment that can be used all over the face, or as a lips and eye treatment only! I would be really glad to see you again on TLV Birdie Blog, more organic beauty posts are coming this year!:)

  • More and more to come this year! As I’ve already mentioned in the post, the beauty section of TLV Birdie Blog is going to be very rich and informative from now on!:) Hope to see you again on TLV Birdie Blog soon, and you should definitely give May Lindstrom products a try!:)

  • Hey Alice, I am glad you want to know more about organic and natural beauty products, I hope TLV Birdie Blog can become your favorite destination point to learn more about good stuff for you skin and beauty routine!:)

  • Thanks, Carmen! Neither do I, but as I’ve mentioned in the beginning of this post, I am looking forward to make small steps towards better future of my skin. I am expanding the beauty section of the blog at the moment and going to bring lots informative posts about brands and products our skin will love! Hope to see you again on TLV Birdie Blog soon!:)

  • I’m new to your blog but I’m really excited to see more of these posts! I love seeing beauty reviews but a lot of them are products that to be honest, I would just never use. This was very informative – and beautiful! I can’t get over that photography.

    Looking forward to following along!

    xx Kathryn

  • Thanks Josie, it would be a pleasure if you’ll join me on my organic skincare journey:)! Her products are a true definition of “affordable luxury”, and the value is way higher because all the ingredients are pure, organic or natural! And I’d agree about the brush – makes the ritual even more pleasant and less messy:)

  • These two are a pure joy and the result is wonderful, if you’re interested in nontoxic skincare made from the pure natural ingredients – May Lindstrom beauty products could be a great intro into the green beauty world!:)

  • Thank you so much for you comment and kind words, Kathryn! I am very picky when it comes to my skin and beauty procedures, and I am willing to fulfill TLV Birdie Blog with beauty advices, reviews and stories with the same attitude! It would be a pleasure if you’d join my beauty and style adventures over here!:)

  • This post is amazing and I love the idea! I do enjoy organic products a lot 🙂 and I love the pictures btw, that masque is making me want to have some chocolate haha

  • Thank you, Carla! You’ve mentioned the chocolate..oh, now I want it too and it’s already midnight in LA!:)) Hope you’ll enjoy my organic beauty adventures, so many great brands to discover!

  • Love this post, and so happy you’re embarking on a new beauty journey! Hopefully we can collaborate somewhere down the road. My fave MLS product is the blue cocoon, followed by the problem solver. xo

  • Thanks for your comment, I am really excited about stepping into this new part of my life! Would love to collaborate, let me know whenever you have ideas on that!:)

  • So excited to hear that you’ll be expanding the beauty section of your blog! I can’t wait to see more of your stunning photos. May Lindstrom products are so luxurious and effective; my absolute favorite is The Blue Cocoon. The whole line provides indulgent and calming sensory experiences. Blue Cocoon especially puts me at complete ease. <3

  • I absolutely am, and there’s plenty of great, worth to check out organic beauty brands are coming to TLV Birdie blog already during January! I’d be more than happy to introduce them all to you, so hope you’ll be checking what’s new!:) The Blue Cocoon is a totally genius product, as for it’s restoring properties, but for it’s aromatherapy bonus as well! Going to use it veeeery slowly!:)

  • You’re welcome!! That’s far enough–there is so much to cover, not to mention every state has different legislations. It would be a textbook blog post :$ Haha.

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