BLOvember : a month of teaching myself how to blog effectively

 I am glad November is here.

Yesterday night when everybody had crazy halloween party fun, we cuddled at home under the blanket and strong rain outside made a perfect autumn background. As a result, I woke up early and opened all the windows in our apartment. Crisp morning air filled the room, and as long as I have this fresh and motivated state of mind, I’m absolutely fine with wearing chunky sweater and wool socks and having the feeling of cold fingers typing this blog post of November blogging commitments. Cold weather always does this to me. It’s exactly like an artist needs to stay hungry in order to create, a siberian girl needs to stay cold.

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November 1. I have my working space organized and ready to serve all my needs while working on the blog. This month, I want to get more organized and more passionate about blogging. I thought I’ll leave here a list of blogging thoughts and challenges for a new month, it will totally help me to receive the boost of energy (in other words, ass kick) to complete it when it’s not on the piece of paper on my desk, but when it’s an online commitment seen by my worldwide audience.

Besides, I believe this post could inspire, motivate and give answers to some of your personal questions on “How To Blog effectively”.


1. Work space.  Big desk, natural light from the window and a comfortable chair – the right place to get concentrated on work, but not the bed (tempting, I know!) or sofa in the living room with an easy access to Netflix (Gilmore girls, guilty!). I actually have two desks. One (that you see on the pictures in this post) is for writing, blogging, emailing and planning. Second is for creative projects – it has all the materials I use, inspiration board, pens, markers, thread, paper, other tools and lots of unpredictable little things. Working by the desk is way more productive than anywhere else, proved. When I need a little break though – I move from organizing part to creative part, or use 5 mins pause to catch up with some magazines.

2. Time-management skills. When I work from home, the distraction is everywhere – from occasional pile of dirty dishes to laundry. Setting working schedule is important, even if blogging full-time is literally can be done 24/7. Setting household schedule is important too, don’t mess these two together. To do lists are the best helpers to make things done and not to miss a thing.

3. Blog about blogging. Although my blog is more about sharing the result of my creative approach to style blogging, the process is not the less important part. I enjoy composing posts about blog rebranding or sharing tips on how to be a better Instagrammer, and I can tell from your feedback, that those posts that contain blogging tips and tricks from my personal experience help you and encourage you in some way. I am planning to do more of these (and one is here right now).

4. Don’t look back. Yesterday, I finally changed my Instagram name to my blog’s name. To make it clear right away, I did this move for all my social media to be sync by one name – TLV Birdie, so that would be easier for people to find me. My Instagram account started as personal and continues to be the same – there still will be lots of me, my personal life, outfit details, travel and daily stuff along with my creative projects, and the TLV Birdie blog is one of them. The point is, this change obviously lead to tons of broken links over my blog and social media platforms. This is the price of changing username. So yesterday I spent the whole day by fixing the broken links to my Instagram profile (I still have tons to fix on my tumblr blog), and that made me go deep to the very beginning of this blog. Oh my goodnesssss. I didn’t blog then – I did, well, twice a month, without purpose and just to blog. I had a thought to re-write, to optimize that waste of original content written back then, but I realized what a change I’ve been through, how many things I’ve learned since 2012 and that I’d better focus on the new exciting blog projects I have these days and put my energies in present rather in the past.

5. Test-drive. The more new projects I try, the more new ideas I suddenly receive, and honestly my inner inbox is sort of full these days. But you know what, I am going to give all them a try. From writing down ideas, developing the concept to publishing the ready thing, and developing it further from the starting point since the first feedback and general overlook. That’s what I’ve learned with Tzipora the Style Blogger. Jump on it, do it, make the world to see it – and then start to analyze mistakes and take steps to improve it. That’s the only way you can give your idea a chance to live – to test-drive it!

See my work space and enjoy Blovember!

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I’d love to hear about your personal blogging experience, your struggles and your achievements,

feel free to ask questions, that I’d be more than happy to answer in the next BLOvember posts.

Tag #tlvbirdieblovember if you want to share your experience, your blogging space, any of your blogging projects over Instagram with me and other bloggers who may join the movement!

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  • I LOVE your work space! So beautiful! And peaceful. My workspace is torn apart right now and is really the kitchen table or couch since the real room just had the ceiling and floor redone and the desk is torn apart. Hopefully I’ll get around to begin the repiecing of it together tomorrow but it will take awhile and still won’t be as simple and beautiful as yours as it’s really my central workspace for everything- writing, homeschool, etc. I’ve been blogging for about two years now but am just recently really taking it seriously and trying desperately to figure out how to make it successful- gain more followers, comments and maybe make a little something – at least cover my costs. I just switched from over to and trying to figure it all out. I hope you’ll stop by and let me know what you think. 🙂 The Many Hats of an Orthodox Mom @

  • Hey there! I’m excited for you and your blog! I’m glad that you are taking it seriously and are putting forth effort to make it even more successful. I started my blog a few months ago and I am enjoying all the new things that I’ve learned and continue to learn. I love your office space, and I think that if anyone is serious about blogging that they should create a space of their own. I myself created a space in my office just for blogging. I too was getting distracted watching Gilmore Girls in my bedroom. lol I am an absolute GG fan by the way! I’ve got all 7 seasons and I watch all of them at least twice a year. I look forward to seeing your future blog posts!

  • Julie @theolsonfarm from IG here! I’ve been wanting to do a blog for years but although I have a lot to write about I have no idea how to start, as I don’t know the technical part of it. How did you get started? What platform are you on? Any comments on how to get started would be greatly appreciated! If you want to talk offline my email is julie@theolsonfarm (obvi!) thanks, dear!

  • Wow I love your desk and work space. It’s so organized and neat. I’m a new blogger and was curious to hear about how you started out. Are there any tips you can give me about how to get blog traffic or readers? I post about 3 times a week, am a very active commenter, and participate in some link ups. I’m just not sure how to get my blog name out there. I feel like I’m writing to empty air sometimes which is a bummer because I really enjoy blogging, I just wish I had some feedback. Thanks!

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