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  I am so thrilled you guys find my blogging tips and tricks posts practically useful, easy to understand and to learn something meaningful from! I constantly receive feedbacks from you and that makes my heart melt – your sincere questions, the way you share your blogging struggles and concerns with me, your wins and failures. All this totally makes me want to grow, move forward and to share with all of you what I’ve already learned from a gazillion of mistakes, my own little wins and big failures. The Blogging Tips series will continue to appear on TLV Birdie Blog, and I am asking you to leave as many questions about blogging as you have in the comments below, or feel free to send them directly to my email. Anything goes! It will help me to schedule the blogging tips posts better, get to the core of blogging routine and to answer your questions. I bet the question you have on your mind for days is bothering not only you, but a dozen of fellow bloggers too. Let’s grow together, individually and as a blogging community of creatives and independent personalities.

blogging tips and tricks from TLV Birdie Blog
  In the meanwhile, see these posts where you can find some answers on your HOW TO BLOG questions, get some motivation, find writing inspiration and set the new goals for your blog:
BLOvember : Month of teaching myself how to blog including tips on blogging productivity, better time management skills and organizing your blogging work space, but also personal motivation to move forward and keep doing the blogging thing!
My personal story of blog rebranding. Should I point out that after I’ve started to develop my brand direction that I genuinely love and feel the most natural and complete with, my readership has grown significantly, my social media subscribes more than doubled and the bounce rate of my blog has reduced!? I wish I could have print screens on before / after, but let’s just focus on “after”, shall we?:)
Be a better Instagrammer – I personally consider my instagram the FACE of my blog, read this post and you’ll find some clear answers on how to make this face shine and speak for you and your blog. 
Cultivate your inspiration – we all need it in some sort, I hope my story of how I find inspiration will motivate you on your way to find one too. (in the post you’ll actually will see that I don’t search for it, but I create it).
  The editors of the Independent Fashion Bloggers network also find my BLOvember post useful and included it into this week’s links roundup. I am thankful, as always! 
P.S. : to make a first “V” sign toward being a better blogger, show these chosen by IFB community editor blog posts some love and attention! 

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Gearing Up

Oh man, it’s really starting to feel like the HOLIDAYS. Get your beauty treatments in order, because before you know it, it’s GO TIME. You know, the parties, the traveling, the gifts, enough to make anyone’s head spin. That’s why this week we have an excellent selection of how-tos, guides and handy posts that will help you keep a level head when everything else is going bonkers.

Links a la Mode: November 13th

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