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My BBF | Best Bagel Friend / TLV Birdie blog

Lox bagel is undoubtedly my choice of food whatever the circumstances are, day or night, summer or winter. Writing this bread praising post during Passover seems a little wrong, but I’ve been postponing a moment to share my impressions on Lox Bagel from Wexler’s Deli for a while and just happened to have a moment now. Located at Grand Central Market, just two blocks away from our new apartment, Wexler’s Deli became my go-to in no time. Love the ability to grab a fresh bagel during my morning coffee run and enjoy this pure piece of jewish happiness at the studio, or indulge into people watching by the counter at the market. Another little detail of the to go bagel variation was a single packaged pickle, which, truth to be told, striked an inspiration behind this impromptu visual etude.

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Green & Fragile | Knotably BTS

/ LIFE HAPPENS /   Creative process takes a great amount of patience and acceptance when things go literally flying. It’s been a long day at Knotably Studio filled with fresh greens of all kinds, beautiful objects and beauty products, crafting a fresh and elegant social media visual content package for one of our clients.

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New Place | DTLA Loft

/ WE MOVED! /   We wanted to start 2017 with a change, and so we did. Packed our neutral possessions and moved into a new place – open space work/live loft in the Historic Core of Downtown Los Angeles. The undeniable energy, great views, natural light and industrial feel are fueling us on both personal and

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Idyllwild Winter Getaway

Last week, when it was still 2016 and snow storm covered mountain areas with white shimmering blanket, we packed our warmest sweaters and hit the road with 2 hours drive to Idyllwild. It was the best family getaway to date: we stayed at a gorgeous A Frame cabin, hidden in the woods we wondered Idyllwild

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Olly x Oly | Midday pick-me-up

– This post is produced in partnership with OLLY –   We got back from our Israel trip and one short sleep after almost 24 hours of combined flights, I found myself in the middle of the work / jet lag balancing act. Even though I consider myself good at planning (this is an ultimate

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Curated Fall Wardrobe : Cozy feels

September, I’ve been waiting for you! For your gloomy mornings, for the ability to finally enjoy hot beverages and full-length jeans, for cozy fabrics re-entering my curated fall wardrobe wardrobe and for my neutrals-loving soul feeling in sync with what is happening in the stores. Also, for leaving us to 30 days till our big vacation.

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Styling the greens

It’s been a while since I casually put this blog on hold while trying to figure out what place TLV Birdie Blog takes in my life / business and what is my current take on blogging in general. I was this close to draw a bold, one-direction line and just … let it go, fading and

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Cuppa | Steep Echo

Stepping out of the comfort of my daily caffeine routine today with a cuppa of Steep Echo, an all natural olive leaves tea blend.

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