New Year, New You. Starting with the scent.


Truly, there are only two things I know of that can reset and transform a person instantly – a new haircut and a new perfume. While I did found a couple new do’s to try out this year without drastically taming my at-the-moment-somewhat-manageable mane, new scent is definitely something I’ve been playing around with. It is somewhere in between trying new looks in a fitting room from the items you’ve been keeping a curios distance from and trying on a fake ID. Instantly reinventing yourself, crossing one scent off the list and adding another to a velvety smooth box full of various identities. Feminine, boyish, playful, melancholic, romantic. Recently I got my hands on Commodity Style Guide Fragrance Discovery Kit. Intuitively, the scents that speak to me the most are Rain, Gin, Tea and Wool. I like to create different combinations off of these on my wrists, on my pillows, in my curls. Believe me, it’s pure fun.


by / Oly Shamrik Commodity Fragrance Discovery Kit by / Oly Shamrik