Off to Portland

Off to Portland | TLV Birdie

Somewhere in between two glasses of Pino Grigio and *almost* packed suitcase I chose to take a short pause to update the blog. With the following news : we’re about to take off to Portland for my birthday weekend.

Well, I guess there is enough to celebrate about turning 28. I may or may not get into details on how many continents I’ve crossed (relocation-wise) for the last 5 years, or how my name got adapted several times throughout those quite fulfilled 28 years, or how I happily followed my heart with all the happily-ever-after consciences, or how my people skills are still close to zero. Maybe. Later.

Right now I am too excited about this adventure with Yossi, about luxurious hotel sheets, about meeting a couple of our friends back from Israel who are by absolute accident going to make a stop on their huge USA road trip in Portland this same weekend, about having a first hand experience at Portland’s Stumptown Coffee and about summer rains!

My suitcase is looking somewhat like this at the moment:

Off to Portland | TLV Birdie

Among the things I am taking with me:

  • NYX concealer that I discovered a couple days ago and it’s really, really GOOD!
  • Kari Gran Toner, because #hydration.
  • Kjaer Weis Mascara – I’m in for natural looking lashes while traveling, I don’t need anything beyond that.
  • My outfits are all black-white-neutral. I’ll be posting some on my Instagram while exploring Portland, you may want to stick around:)
  • Knot To Self “Flag” Pin – bold accessories for bold souls, ain’t that right!

Take a closer look at some of my travel essentials:

See y’all soon!