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Murad Facial | TLV Birdie

Last week Murad treated me for a facial at Massage Envy spa and it felt like my ‘ME time’ prayers got heard. 1 hour of a thoughtful facial and great ‘skincare chat’ with Lauren, Massage Envy esthetician who took good care of my heat-stressed face. My skin loves Murad products, and I had zero doubts if I should jump on this opportunity and take a step out from my face-comfort-zone. You’d ask, what doubts?

Well, trying out a new facial regimen (for a lucky sensitive skin owner like myself) can be so damn stressful. You just never know how your skin will react and what level of consequences you’re about to face after the treatment.

Two major keys for a stress-free facial – skincare brand (that you trust!), and straight-forward intro to your current skin situation (the better history you provide your esthetician with, the more correct treatment you’ll get). Massage Envy got a special Murad facial protocol developed for different skin types (sensitive, anti-aging, clarifying, antioxidant regimen are available) and after I’ve explained all the specifics of my skin to Lauren, I felt like I am in good hands. It was indeed a treat and due to a proper exfoliation, I’ve noticed a better texture of my skin right away.

Till the end of July Murad and Massage Envy offer 10$ OFF on Healthy Skin Murad Facial during the Summer Glow Skincare Event, see the details here. Win/win if you’re on the market for a good facial plus a chance to experience the best of the Murad skincare range.

Here are some of my current Murad skincare favorites:

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See y’all soon!