Hair Care Routine V.01

Hair Care Routine V.01 | TLV Birdie

I really care about my hair. Back in the days, it wouldn’t take much effort to make it look alive, bouncy and shiny. Well, things change. If back in Tel Aviv the air was so salty and humid that my wavy hair always had that desired volume, here in Los Angeles I began to count those ‘good hair days’. I haven’t talked about it on the blog much, but in general it has been one hell of a journey through the past two years to switch the routines, adjust to the water, food, learn what works for me in my new habitat and what products make my life easier. My hair went through some questionable stages, but I am really happy where it is now – shiny and full of body. Still some things to work on though.

Today I am sharing a couple thoughts on my current Hair Care Routine. V.01


I’ve found a hair care brand of my dreams ( + budget) – OGX Beauty. I’ve first grabbed a bottle or two of their shampoo and conditioner while grocery shopping at local Target a couple months ago. Trying new shampoo for me is always quite a gamble, but that time it went especially well. I’ve continued experimenting with a few different products within an impressive OGX hair care range, months before OGX kindly sent a package to pamper my curls recently. By now I have a couple favorites that I like to have on constant rotation on my shower shelf (no particular order):

My curls are loving the Coconut Water and Coconut curls series, the second one feels a bit heavier on my thin hair (which is actually not a bad thing sometimes). Both smell extremely good and do great moisturizing work! I also enjoy the Sea Mineral Moisture Shampoo. For some extra treatment – Argan Oil of Morocco Creamy Hair Butter that I use as a 5 minute mask, works wonders! I am also hooked on the Weightless Hydration Coconut Water Oil which is so pampering for the dry ends, and again makes the hair smell so deliciously relaxing ( a imagine this is what a Caribbean vacation smells like)! There is also Healing Vitamin E Penetrating Oil that I am about to try, it sounds like a hard worker! Also, I’ve just ran out of my Coconut water shampoo+conditioner combo, so I switched that yesterday with the Thick&Full Biotin + Collagen which aims to create full and thick looking hair. I am really amazed with this whole line, it just feels like IT GETS ME and my stubborn hair!

For styling, I’ve tried the OGX’s first ever hairspray – Renewing + Argan Oil of Morocco Elevated Finish Spray. It is super light, you don’t feel it on your hair at all and can continue styling while applying it which is crucial for big, wavy hair that I am on the market for. Another wavy hair product that for me is not only a “summer product” is the Moroccan Sea Salt spray for extra texture and extra laid-back appearance. Frankly speaking, I am not afraid that sea salt spray would dry my hair too much as I’ve got all this moisturizing help mentioned above to back me up.

– – –

When it’s time for a luxurious hair treat I love to reach out to the Gloss Moderne High Gloss Masque. It is definitely on a pricey side so I’d prefer to use it sparely, for special occasions. That’s the feeling I always get with the high end products, don’t you feel the same? Being parabens, sulphates and animal cruelty free, this mask definitely sets a high bar to your hair care game and adds load of healthy shine. The smell is so delicious – somewhat like coconut ice cream, coming from a signature Coco de Soleil fragrance.

– – –

Now, to some serious hair business. When I got to test T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i iconic hair dryer, the newest release from the company known for their groundbreaking (and really good looking) hair drying / styling tools, I was excited yet quite unsure if I would really put this hair dryer to use on a daily basis. Doubts aside. It’s genius. Super gentle on the hair, but not on the frizz. Solid design. It comes with a round ceramic brush that makes it easy to dry large sections really quick and boost shine. If you’re on the market for a new hair dryer, I would definitely recommend looking into this one.

– – –

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What hair products are in your current Hair Care Routine? Send over your suggestions!