New : Kjaer Weis Summer Makeup

New : Kjar Weis summer makeup shades | TLV Birdie Blog

While summer is marking it’s territory on our calendars and summertime sadness is yet to arrive, let’s focus on the bright side. The bright side of the new summer makeup release from my hands-down-all-time-favorite *I may just put it in all capitals to emphasize my big and bold love to this* organic makeup brand – Kjaer Weis. The freshness and the sweet shades of the newest Kjaer Weis makeup products really make me happy, and my face effortlessly dewy!

Here are two products from the Kjaer Weis Summer Makeup collection that I am equally excited about : Cream Blush in shade “Precious” and Eyeshadow in shade “Angelic”.

New : Kjar Weis summer makeup shades | TLV Birdie Blog Sweet, sweet summer | TLV Birdie Blog - BeautySweet, sweet summer | TLV Birdie Blog - Beauty New : Kjar Weis summer makeup shades | TLV Birdie Blog

The “Precious” tone of the blush made it’s way to my go-to makeup essentials from the first try. It is indeed really precious – soft and peachy, blends into the cheeks so easy and creates a perfectly fresh look. Amazing, seriously. I am not the heavy blush type of gal, so this color got my name all over it. On the days when all I wear is a winning combo of just BB-cream and a brow gel, this cream blush is all I need to add some color! Don’t remember myself that excited about blush. But I do remember a similar excitement when I was madly falling in love with another Kjaer Weis makeup staple of mine – the Dazzing Bronzer (you may remember it from this post).

New : Kjar Weis summer makeup shades | TLV Birdie Blog

*Note : the little drops on the blush is a result of the air vacuum of the packaging, it’s totally legit and is a thing of the past, because by now I’ve used this blush quite a lot. **Actually, that’s the only blush I use these days.

Sweet, sweet summer | TLV Birdie Blog - Beauty

Another sweet guy from the newest Kjaer Weis summer makeup release is the “Angelic” eyeshadow. Yes, it is pink. Probably, one of the lightest and certainly the pinkest color of the Kjaer Weis eyeshadow palette to date. When I think of pink eyeshadow in general, the first thing that comes to my mind is “outdated”. Yet the moment my curiosity replaced a built-in skepticism of mine, I was quite amazed. First of all, KW doesn’t create any colors (that I know of) that I would consider old-fashioned. I would actually say, some of the most trendy colors I have in my makeup collection are coming straight from these sleek and shiny Kjaer Weis containers. “Angelic” by no means is no exception. Soft blush pink shade with a bit of cloudy grey undertone, and – it’s matte. Boom, we’ve got a winner!

New : Kjar Weis summer makeup shades | TLV Birdie Blog Sweet, sweet summer | TLV Birdie Blog - Beauty

After all, I think I owe my makeup curiosity and self-education to Kjaer Weis. That’s the brand that sets my makeup standards pretty high.

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