Slow Wardrobe : Spring in Vintage

On this relaxed weekend note I want to walk you through the way I envision Spring in Vintage as a part of building the Slow Wardrobe, brick by brick, one style accent at a time. Our walk will be centered around those timeless, effortlessly looking style accents I recommend to adopt into your down-to-earth spring wardrobe. All of the items brought to your attention are available in TLV Birdie Store – as always, as a fruit of a careful treasure hunting and vintage scouting process I use as a way to unwind myself and to offer a world an alternative to shop consciously, shop small, shop a tastefully curated selection of easy-to-style items that work equally well together or on their own.

Let’s see what’s new in TLV Birdie Store :

Slow wardrobe : Spring in Vintage | TLV Birdie

Keywords for wearing vintage this spring are definitely : linen, earthy tones, classic silhouettes, high waist, straw accents, impactful embroidery. The breezier the better.

My suggestions to welcome Spring in Vintage are

Linen : 

Earthy Tones : 

Classic Spring Accents : 

+ more…

Take a look around TLV Birdie Store,

happy to answer any questions and give a styling tip for a particular item!


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