Slow Wardrobe | TerraCotta instead of sequins

Do you feel this empowering freshness in the air?

Actually I have some thoughts on ’empowering’ right here, fresh from yesterday. Spring is amazing, definitely my favorite. It comes with some sort of a natural and light butt kick, like go, go out of your comfort zone, out of your shell. On the other hand, it calls for extra comfort. It is likely to be a shifting period for many of us, human beings, in terms of extra capricious skin, wardrobe changes, switch to a lighter food, occasional mood bounces.

The biggest shift I am going through right now is right here, in my Studio Work and in my general perception of TLV Birdie blog Space, it’s constant evolution, visual and internal. There are new things and changes coming up. (I hope you’ve already noticed the new visual change!) I have been building this space brick by brick for so long, I guess this is the time to just enjoy it and roll with it. Enjoy the comforting freedom of creating and showing my work and my passion projects, leaving the doubts behind.

So here we go today, debuting at the Spring 2016 with the new series : the SLOW WARDROBE.

It’s all about the soul comfort, timeless style, right choices, effortless look and down-to-earth vibe. 

At this moment I find so much comfort and soothing benefits in terracotta color, it’s beyond my ability to put that into words. We’ve just recently got our new terracotta ceramic dinnerware and it’s effect on our food habits has been quite amazing. I love how organically terracotta can mix with any other neutrals, both in home decor and wardrobe essentials. Grey, olive green, white, beige, black (!), denim, mustard, even blush pink, everything works! Just so you know, I’ve also added this Vintage Terracotta Blouse to TLV Birdie Store.

Here are some of my most desired terracotta style finds, mixed with my hand illustrated plants, bricks and terracotta pots.

Madewell Embroidered Wander Dress || Mango Buttoned Flowy Shirt || Moorea Seal Morley Hat || Warby Parker Maynard Eyeglasses || Mango Striped Sweater || Pansy Bra / Need Supply || H&M Chiffon Dress || H&M Linen Blend Tank Top ||  Park Lane Suede Backpack || Forever21 tasseled scarf || Forever21 Pointy Flats

Shop Terracotta Style Favs :

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Have any thoughts on the Terracotta topic? Got any Terracotta style favorites to share? Would love to hear!

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