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Okay, friends, I’ve been waiting for this moment to re-charge and get a few things straight on my quite cluttered to-do list for a while. The moment has come after finishing a few projects, finalizing the LAFW photo-report and having a good time with this view and our close friends yesterday.

One ritual that always, always works for me to unwind, loose the aftertaste of long, hard working days (and nights) and recharge for the next week is a high quality weekend ME time. Taking a full weekend at a nice SPA at Palm Springs is definitely a great idea, but let’s face it – the hustle is real and SPA has to wait. Good thing – warm bath, scented candles and some Etta+Billie hand crafted natural apothecary treats are here to make this recharging time easy to accomplish.

Recharging Vibes. Etta + Billie natural apothecary. | TLV Birdie

Sustainable life / business attitude, polished to the minimalist perfection packaging design, clean product formulas and soul soothing natural aromas – these are the elements that make Etta + Billie a natural apothecary brand to watch, to try and to admire. Bathroom aesthetics goals are met. Curated scent combination are to swoon (chai latte, earl grey, porter, horchata,  cardamon, clary sage &more). Community values are feeling strong as the personal approach of Alana, the founder of Etta + Billie, to building her brand on the foundation of good, conscious and timeless makes that one of a kind connection that we, simple living adepts, seek in the brands we choose to support, interact with and have in our lives.

Recharging Vibes. Etta + Billie. | TLV BirdieRecharging Vibes. Etta + Billie. | TLV Birdie

So, what is the secret to that tempting ‘me time’, you ask?

I say : choose the aromas that make you feel good, choose the textures that cheer your skin up, choose the simple rituals that bring you a long lasting comfort. A couple Etta + Billie products that help me to recharge:

  • Grapefruit + Cardamon Bath + Body Oil – just a few drops for the warm bath to soften the water / a few massage moves to finish the shower time with a proper body oil treatment. Love this warming, a bit spicy aroma.
  • Earl Grey Soap – milky, skin soothing cleanse for everyday use (I doubt Etta + Billie soap range can get any more gourmet)
  • Mint Coffee Scrub – tone and detoxify with energizing power of peppermint and caffeine (best combo of all times!)
  • Double Mint Lip Balm – because the more mint the better (same goes for the Shea Butter, Coconut and Jojoba oils, Vitamin E, Rosemary that make this formula)
  • Bergamot + Ginger Skin Balm – cuticles, elbows and other little dry spots are taken good care of with this nourishing compact buddy.

Recharging Vibes. Etta + Billie. | TLV Birdie Recharging Vibes. Etta + Billie. | TLV Birdie Recharging Vibes. Etta + Billie. | TLV Birdie Recharging Vibes. Etta + Billie. | TLV Birdie Recharging Vibes. Etta + Billie. | TLV Birdie Recharging Vibes. Etta + Billie. | TLV Birdie Recharging Vibes. Etta + Billie. | TLV Birdie

– Take a look around Etta + Billie natural apothecary online store 

See you next week, with recharged energies and new Simple Living stories!

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