Plans for Valentines

Plans for Valentines (no candy involved) | TLV Birdie

Plans for Valentines Day :  full mode nesting.

Yes, me and Yossi are lame like that. And I am going to share some of our lame cozy plans for Valentines Sun-Day with you guys today. Simple pleasures only.

Lately, we don’t see each other as much as we’d like, as much as we used to. This basically results in weekends well spend, together. And as Valentines day doesn’t really mean much to us, to be completely honest, I predict our Valentines weekend will be just like any other chill, sweet and slow weekend of ours. Well, perhaps the only difference would be the softer than ever kisses as I’ve partnered with Vaseline to back me up on this with their recent US launch of Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins. Because let’s get real for a moment – nothing cracks me up more than cracked lips.

Slow start to a slow weekend

Soaking in leisure vibes and current LA heat wave in comfy lingerie (I love this breezy striped romper* + little black lace number*), watching series, catching up on some reading, cuddling. All of that smoothed out with loving kisses.

Lounge Essentials | TLV BirdiePlans for Valentines (no candy involved) | TLV Birdie Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin | TLV Birdie

Good thing is I’ve started treating my intensely dry from the winter period lips a few days ago by opening the first Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin* and melting my way into healed, soft, smooth and great looking lips. It’s insane how fast the transformation happens : Lip Therapy formula deeply moisturizes and protects lip barrier. It feels really light, non-greasy and smooth on the lips. Instant relief for dry lips, with just the right amount of natural shine and comfortable feeling. My favorites involve the Original* (unscented) and Cocoa Butter* versions, Aloe* is a great refreshing option, and Rosy Lips* tin is especially for those romantic, chill moments when a light pink tint is highly appreciated. I love the old school inspired steel tins, totally my kind of thing. Plus, it feels like they are going to last (almost) forever!


Turkish coffee | TLV Birdie Turkish coffee | TLV Birdie Turkish coffee | TLV Birdie Turkish coffee | TLV Birdie

In our house, the day usually starts after a second cup (sometimes, bowl) of coffee. On weekend though, preparing turkish coffee is an ultimate ritual. I am constantly wondering why copper turkish coffee pot is not a big trend item yet like Chemex. Well, here are my two cents to the turkish coffee movement, if I may. Core slow living. Take a look at all these cool copper coffee pots I’ve selected for y’all:


Home Decor | TLV Birdie Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin | TLV Birdie Home Decor | TLV Birdie

We love to be at home. We love to make our rental feels like our little nest by decorating it with items that we genuinely love and find inspiration in. Like our newest “Craft Your Days” Knot To Self flag, vintage (and not only) books, uplifting candles and this latest gem of our house – hand lettered by The Walt House black globe with one of my favorite Knot To Self phrases  – The Horizon Is My Real Home.

Out we go

Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin | TLV Birdie

Okay okay, Valentines Day wouldn’t be “Valentines” if we would skip a romantic dinner. I vote for white wine and oysters, kind of our signature variation of a date night. L&E Oyster Bar in Silverlake is one of my favorites here in LA. I am okay with waiting to be seated even for an hour, as long as I have my go-to necessities in my bag (and a tiny lip helper that can fit into a mini pouch). A feeling of being comfortable in my own skin, my husband and some ice cold wine = all I need for a perfect V-Day, or any other day.

Let your Valentines day will be filled with true love, and your lips will be oh-so-ready for kisses!

Make sure to get one of the Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins next time you shop at Target*

(also available on Vaseline website)



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