On my beauty shelf : Plant

Very happy to accommodate on my beauty shelf and to introduce to y’all a skincare line I just recently came across : PLANT. Being drawn to simple things, I find constant inspiration in plants, and my indoor garden seems to be rapidly growing over the past year (planning to add some big and tall new green friends next month with our living room make-over).

Simple, beautifully designed and purely beneficial to the skin and overall well-being – those are the things I want to fill my beauty shelf with. Now let me get into some details to tell you why PLANT is exactly the right fit for that.

On my beauty shelf : PLANT | TLV Birdie

Besides the minimalistic (and very thoughtful!) packaging design and clean ingredients of Plant skincare line there are many more things I can personally relate to and admire about this Brooklyn-based environment-conscious company. Like the fact that it is a husband-and-wife team who runs the business with especial nature-and-design driven grace and passion. Like the other fact that the whole line is beautifully curated and easy to navigate through – catchy tag lines of each product tell exactly what to expect (isn’t the Wake Up Bodywash just what the doctor ordered for an early morning shower?!). Not to mention the transparency of ingredient lists and all the nature derived botanicals used in formulations. Another fact – PLANT products are made with the help of adults with physical and mental disabilities, at the nonprofit BKLYN UNLTD workshop, in Brooklyn, New York.

On my beauty shelf : PLANT | TLV Birdie On my beauty shelf : PLANT | TLV Birdie

I got to try two products from the PLANT skincare line that matched my current skin needs just right :

– Plant Body wash – 

On my beauty shelf : PLANT | TLV Birdie

I love peppermint uplifting qualities, so my choice fell on Get Happy Body wash* featuring geranium & peppermint essential oils as a key to a great start for the day. Love the consistency, the natural aroma, the shower dance, the 100% natural happiness.

The rest of the body wash line actually sounds really good too: Wake Up, Get It On, Be Well, Calm Down.

– PLANT Face Oil –

On my beauty shelf : PLANT | TLV Birdie

When I say easy to navigate through I mean exactly this : you know what your main skin concern is, and PLANT knows how to address it, naturally. So your ultimate choice would lay between three different face oils – for normal/combination, dry or oily skin. All three of them celebrate the Seabuckthorn oil in their formulas as a traditional skin healing element throughout Scandinavia (and beyond), plus include oils that target the mentioned skin concern.

The right fit for me is the Normal-Combination Face Oil*, that smells divine and provides long-lasting comforting moisture. The only thing I wish it could have is a built-in glass dropper. Just because I value every drop and would love to avoid wasting the extra.

On my beauty shelf : PLANT | TLV Birdie plant-apothecary-clean-skincare-tlv-birdie-09 On my beauty shelf : PLANT | TLV Birdie plant-apothecary-clean-skincare-tlv-birdie

 Shop PLANT skincare*:

Have you tried anything from PLANT skincare line? Let me know if you did, would love to hear your thoughts!



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