Get Your Act Together. Part 4 : Food Habitization

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the long weekend is over. How many of you ended up with a food-related guilt? I think it’s the best timing to get back to the Get Your Act Together series with the next subject : Healthy Food Habits. Today I am going to break down a few around food subjects that can help you develop new food habits that are clean, healthy, motivating and frankly speaking, quite simple.

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Get Your Act Together. Part 4 : Food Habitization. 5 awesome ways to train your healthy food habits | TLV Birdie

The way we consume food, in my ultra-subjective opinion, is purely a matter of habit. With that being said, it can be trained just like waking up at 7am instead of 10 and brushing your teeth twice a day without skipping the floss part. Let me tell you this : three years ago, I was living off coffee, Pringles and an essential bucket of Ben&Jerry’s every other night. Plus, alcohol. And burgers at midnight. And pasta. And all sorts of snacks. There were basically no vegetables or grains involved into my “diet”, and I was effortlessly skinny (all the efforts went into climbing stairs and lifting all things possible while working in Visual Merchandising for Forever21). Then, I met my husband who happened to be vegetarian. Later we moved to the States, and my body went into serious stress that not only was quickly followed by some unwanted extra weight, but also the whole process of realizing that I’d better put a big bold X on a long list of products that I’ve been doing so well on in my previous days in Tel Aviv.

I’ve tried my first avocado in 27. Well, everybody knows I am picky when it comes to food, but I am also quite dumb too stubborn when it comes to trying new things. Now my fridge is packed with fresh vegetables, I am mastering quinoa and healthy bowls, and broccoli is my spirit veggie.

Before we begin to talk about how cooking at home and healthy food habits can benefit you in 5 awesome ways, let me make something very clear : by all means, I am very far from clean eating fanaticism, and from fanaticism of any kind (and yes, we do satisfy our occasional midnight In’N’Out cravings). Taking things easy, yo.

Get Your Act Together. Part 4 : Food Habitization. 5 awesome ways to train your healthy food habits | TLV Birdie

5 awesome ways to train your healthy food habits:

1. Eating healthy, nutritious food can be easy and affordable. There are plenty of stereotypes around the whole clean food theme, and it seems like a very expensive thing to eat healthy. Some of those are most definitely true if you buy all of you groceries and fresh produce at Whole Foods. Honestly, I don’t think I could ever afford that. Instead, there is a nice local supermarket where we stock on all of the fresh produce, grains etc for the week, and I do buy some “special things” at Whole Foods like nut mix and superfoods for the morning oatmeal (also, new habit!), and things like that. Need recipes ideas? Well, that’s super easy : use Pinterest. I have a Pinterest board where I save all the healthy recipes I stumble upon, and believe me, there is no shortage of cool ideas by the food expert bloggers from all around the globe. This is my totally favorite salad / healthy bowl recipe that I’ve done a numerous times with slightly different variations. Another method that proved itself to be motivating is – tadaaam – beautiful objects, and here are some really yum-looking bowls for all of your healthy cooking endeavors*:

Get Your Act Together. Part 4 : Food Habitization. 5 awesome ways to train your healthy food habits | TLV Birdie

2. Lunch box is your new best friend. Advantages are quite obvious : you save money (a lot of money!), time and headache of deciding where to grab your lunch. Plus, you’re having home-cooked, delicious meal with no surprises. This is also a great way to show your care if you’re preparing lunchbox for your other half (my case). Yes, it would require some planning though. I usually pack the lunchbox a day before and keep it in the fridge, so all I need to do in the morning with my half-closed eyes is just to put the lunchbox in the bag. Healthy bowls (grains + vegetables, fresh / half-baked / sauté) work especially good!

Lunchbox suggestions over here*: 

Get Your Act Together. Part 4 : Food Habitization. 5 awesome ways to train your healthy food habits | TLV Birdie

3. Cooking can be fun! Pinch me, I just said it. With time you gain knowledge and confidence in mixing things together. Here comes the whole new world of experiments. This doesn’t mean fancy ingredients or ten layer cakes, the freedom of cooking comes in very basics. At first, you stop being “against the kitchen”, then you start enjoying it, then you master a few meals, get compliments, then you can cook together with your sous chef / husband and create a brand new experience together.

Few things than can help you create your own “natural habitat” in the kitchen space*:

Get Your Act Together. Part 4 : Food Habitization. 5 awesome ways to train your healthy food habits | TLV Birdie

4. Friends and family gatherings are your thing now. Your new impressive skills and a few great recipes under the belt are gonna pay back with all the compliments you’re about to receive from your beloved ones, family and friends on all those special gatherings, AND on a daily basis. That appreciation alone is worth a try. At some point, comes the natural part of exploring serving ideas. Here are just a few*:

5. Improve your WATER drinking habits. There isn’t enough to say how crucial are those multiple glasses of water every-single-day. Especially in hot temperatures. Especially if you’re drinking too much coffee. The easiest way that worked for me to start drinking lots of water every day was to prepare fruit-infused water, and to refill it throughout the day. Super easy, and really helpful. My go-to recipe is to slice half lemon and cucumber and pour water over. There are a bunch of other combinations full of vitamins, detox and weight loss benefits like grapefruit + rosemary, watermelon + mint, citrus + cucumber + mint, orange + blueberry etc.

Here are some water bottles you’d want to take everywhere with you*:

Here’re few other things that you may want to explore:

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