The Last Blog Post. In 2015

The Last Blog Post. In 2015 | TLV Birdie Creative Studio + Hub + Simple Living blog

Here they are – my (almost) last cup of coffee, my bubbling, rumbling and bursting out thoughts, and this last blog post. The last one for 2015.

How was 2015? 

It was BIG! It was big for me, for my blog, for my family and for my business. It was big on tough work, on trials, experiments, errors and success of all kind (big and small). It was big on decisions, 180 degrees turns, new ventures, personal work, creative work, business development. On travel and family time. On true values and evaluations of all things around. First year in business, first year as entrepreneurs, first year of being my own boss.

It wasn’t easy. The amount of lessons learned, knowledge gained and tricks revealed throughout 2015 is hard to put into any figures. I’ve tried things, I’ve been places. Now, I have a clear vision for 2016, and I am willing to share a glimpse of the new year plan with you today.

The Last Blog Post. In 2015 | TLV Birdie Creative Studio + Hub + Simple Living blog

What to expect on TLV Birdie in 2016?

TLV Birdie has been my online home for the past years. It changes with me, every step, every new direction of my life (personal, AND professional) receives it’s reflection here. It’s been through dramatic changes in 2015 – in quality, quantity, branding, audience, values, goals, purpose. It’s not a personal journal anymore. It’s a place where my interests, my creative work, my passion projects connect. For early 2016 my goal is to find balance between these all. And I find writing this last blog post of 2015 as an essential step towards that.

Let’s see.

The Last Blog Post. In 2015 | TLV Birdie Creative Studio + Hub + Simple Living blog

TLV Birdie is

  • a Creative Studio. I work with small businesses to help them grow, creatively. Product / Editorial / Lifestyle photography, styling, social media content packages, creative direction, branding work and consultations are the main directions of my work with clients in various fields (beauty, fashion, lifestyle products and services), you can learn more about TLV Birdie Creative Studio here.

I’ve been sharing some of the TLV Birdie Creative Studio work on the blog this year : like my recent botanical collaboration with Urban Outfitters (+ interview), photography + website refining work for Board and Batten etc.

In 2016 I am planning to share more of TLV Birdie Creative Studio‘s work, process, behind the scenes, results and so much more. If YOU are interested in working with us – send us a note!

  • a Creative Hub. I’ve been gathering tips, tricks, personal observations and advices on how to make it happen #FROMVISIONTOVISUAL for your personal brand or/AND business. In the web world. On social media. Actually, anywhere. Visual comes first. How to find that right balance between how you see your own brand and how it actually looks, how to create an appealing visual backup for your product, how to translate your words into unique aesthetics and imagery line – all of those topics will be discussed, broken down to essential steps and actionable tips in TLV Birdie Creative Hub, starting early 2016.

Generally, it’s not a course. These are going to be an ongoing series of blog posts that I hope many of you will benefit from. And yes, Social Media platforms tips are going to be there too!

  • a Blog. Field Guide to Simple, Beautiful Living including stories on beauty (mostly, green and clean), style (effortless and sustainable), interior and travel.

My blog goals are pretty basic and they mostly concern quality over quantity. Plus, consistency (finding the right balance and as a result, avoiding painful writing block). Hoping to continue treating you all, long time readers and those who occasionally stop by, with interesting, simple living dialogue cultivating and lifestyle habits changing blog stories.

  • a MarketPlace. This Fall, I’ve launched TLV Birdie Store – a place where craft, nature and sustainable style connect! This is my passion project. I am filling it with my hand embroidery art, curated collection of vintage (hand picked from across California), hand printed stationery. More products in work for 2016.

I am also sharing my vintage styling tips for some of the items from TLV Birdie Store on the blog. Definitely planning to continue these series of the blog in 2016, and talking more about the sustainable style topic. As well as nurturing and expanding the marketplace direction.

The Last Blog Post. In 2015 | TLV Birdie Creative Studio + Hub + Simple Living blog The Last Blog Post. In 2015 | TLV Birdie Creative Studio + Hub + Simple Living blogThe Last Blog Post. In 2015 | TLV Birdie Creative Studio + Hub + Simple Living blog

I guess that’s pretty much it for now. Finishing the Last Blog Post in 2015, together with the last cup of coffee in 2015.

Happy New 2016 | TLV Birdie

See you in the future, Happy New 2016!

*Bookings for TLV Birdie Creative Studio are currently open for 2016:

  • photography, styling, creative direction, branding consultations, etc – let’s work together! 
  • Social Media content packages are limited, reach out to learn more and save a spot.


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