Get Your Act Together. Part 1: Organization.

Salut, friends. Salut, 2016. Salut, new decisions, experiments and adventures.

I could start this blog post with a few sentences filled with guilt over loads of holiday food, seasonal lack of track and overwhelming difficulty of empowering myself to start acting, but I won’t. 2016 does not deserve that. Neither does it deserve my impulsive resolutions of hiking more and stressing less. I mean, this could be good to keep, but I think there is something definitely wrong about the word “resolution” itself (10 random characters, always the same extensive amount of pre-programmed shame), so we’ll skip that part as well. Especially considering the fact that this last blog post of 2015 was pretty much clear about where we stand in terms of blog, creative studio, store and everything else TLV Birdie is about.

Today, my friends, I am encouraging y’all to GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER and start living the way you’ve been envisioning yet postponing for any kind of reasons.  Constant rain check with your own life / business / passion projects is definitely not the way to go (in fact it doesn’t take you nearly close your destination).

So let’s take it step by step. As loud as it may sound – “get your act together” – it’s actually doable if we understand where to pour our energies (and how to cultivate them). 5 parts action plan for 2016 is ON! I hope it will help you (and me) to get back on track, save time, efforts and unnecessary doubts (well, also money) and tidy up your head, your to-do list, your master plan (running a business? solo entrepreneur? building a personal brand? – I’d like to hear what you do in the comments section!).

Get Your Act Together. Part 1: OrganizationGet Your Act Together. Part 1: Organization. | TLV Birdie

  • Clean up your work space. Personally, I find it really hard to get a fresh stream of ideas while surrounded by papers, piles of sketches, all sort of leftovers and other eye disturbing stuff. Put everything away, re-arrange your space from clean zero to the desired volume of creative mess. Leave just the right amount of things that help your inspiration, depends on what your occupation is. For me it’s a current moodboard that I always get back to with occasional changes, few main props, ONE planner, couple inspiration books (vintage botanical guides, lately) and well-organized desk supplies.
  • So yes, ONE planner. Pick one that you like and stick to it through the year. It may sound like a big commitment, I know. I am an impulsive stationary addict myself, and I hear you. Make an effort to write down everything you’re dealing with on a daily basis – calls, to-do lists, notes, ideas, plans. Keeping everything in one place is not only a sustainable habit for both your wallet and mind, but it also helps to track your success by simply going back a few months / pages and looking at all those tasks you’ve already accomplished.
  • Speaking of to-do lists. This is a big one. Does a scenario of re-writing the same task every morning sound familiar to you? Oh my friend, to-do lists are the first overwhelm bells if you do them wrong. Think of your master plan for a year. Write down key destinations you want your business / blog / creative work (again, whatever it is) to get to. Break down your plan into monthly goals. Write them down as detailed as you can, one thing at a time. Dedicate time in your schedule to implement those tasks (this may be a few hours every day, or one day a week solely dedicated working on your big time goals). The key point here is not to mix your main goals with your daily tasks. Your daily to-do lists should be limited to a number of doable tasks, the smaller the better. This will results in more ticks and less stress at the end of the day.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of color-coordinated stationary and desk supplies. Not only sticking to you very own color palette will make your ‘office hours’ much more pleasant, but I also find it way more focusing. Let’s say, my colors are strictly neutral, so is my desk (and my whole studio). On the opposite of “boring”, looking at different shades of the same colors (browns, terra cotta, cream, black, white, copper) helps me cultivate constant inspiration, bring new ideas of combining colors, textures and shapes just by being surrounded by the “right” objects. All the colorful props and art supplies for clients work I keep organized in the separate part of the studio.

Get Your Act Together. Part 1: Organization. | TLV Birdie

  • Folderization. Okay, that may be the most time consuming part of getting your act together, but once you’ve done – you won’t look back. Start your folderization process by cleaning up your desktop and organizing your computer files. Even if you have a photographic memory of places where you save your work, business docs, templates, personal images etc, it still would be better to save time by blindly navigating through the dark forest of digital clutter, don’t you think? The sooner you start – the better, because the amount of work is only growing! Folderize and create shortcuts! 

Get Your Act Together. Part 1: Organization. | TLV Birdie

  • Folderization part 2. Your phone. Oh yes. Don’t waist another twenty minutes of your precious time by looking for a right picture for a particular social media platform to upload, folderize your phone too! I find this extremely crucial. Create folders for every social / personal / marketing needs of yours, create a system that works for YOU and stick to it. Check back on your folders once in a while to delete the content you’ve already used. This will help you a) save time b) know what you got and c) plan ahead.

Get Your Act Together. Part 1: Organization. | TLV Birdie Get Your Act Together. Part 1: Organization. | TLV Birdie Get Your Act Together. Part 1: Organization. | TLV Birdie

I hope these tips will help you GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER and start accomplishing your goals. Beginning of the year is just the right time for that, so don’t get swamped with an idea of investing some time into organization part of your small business / blogging / creative entrepreneurship, it will pay back in more free time, energies and most importantly, clean and sharp mind sooner than you think.

<!> If you enjoyed this post, there are 4 additional parts of getting back on track on their way, and we’re gonna talk wardrobe, food, beauty and social media.

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