Brand Spotlight : Stop the water while using me!

The day when you’re going to right down your new year resolutions is so close. I hope you got some new ideas from TLV Birdie Blog recently of what to promise yourself and the world for the next year and how to step up your consciousness by creating a sustainable wardrobe, paying closer attention to Mother Nature and being aware of what you’re putting on your skin on a daily basis.

Today I am highlighting a GOOD FOR YOU bath&body brand that not only represent a quintessence of the best skin intentions and great packaging design (that’s always an additional bonus point for me, and for my bathroom shelf), but also raises awareness for something we unfortunately tend to neglect. Yet it’s a matter of habit. We can do that. How hard is to follow the “Stop The Water While Using Me!” sign? Yeah, these really good products will remind you doing real good.

Brand Spotlight : Stop the water while using me | TLV Birdie Blog

Stop The Water While Using Me! is a german brand of bath and body products created without artificial ingredients, colors or preservatives, animal testing and with a strong aim to popularize the idea of a conscious behavior in a bathroom on a daily basis.

While living in Israel, I’ve learned that the drought is a big issue. When I moved to California, the drought topic remained the same important. You may think, well, what can I do to make it better? First of all, stop the water while brushing your teeth! That’s a huge waste of water, twice a day. I like how Stop The Water While Using Me reply to questions about this subject and tell their story here.

Here are 5 Stop The Water While Using Me! products you may want to add to your bathroom shelf :

Brand Spotlight : Stop the water while using me | TLV Birdie Blog

All Natural Wild Mint Toothpaste is a great reminder to step up your dental care routine with a more natural choice, filled with high sea salt content to prevent tooth decay and botanical ingredients that take good care of the gums. Like extracts of myrrh, green tea, peppermint and sage. Consider pairing it with this so well designed toothbrush, little touch of a minimalistic perfection for your bathroom.

Brand Spotlight : Stop the water while using me | TLV Birdie Blog

This All Natural Hand Kit may easily become your new best friend in the kitchen (that’s where my hands suffer the most damage), by reminding you to always put the Hand Balm right after washing hands, over and over again. It contains moisturizing hand balm + vegan soap both with cucumber lime soft scent (it does contain fragrance along with natural essential oils), which can be also bought separately. Just to mention, these are recyclable and refillable.

Brand Spotlight : Stop the water while using me | TLV Birdie Blog

Another product worth trying (and falling in love with) is the All Natural Lavender Sandalwood Regenerating Shampoo. This water based, highly nourishing shampoo with warm, relaxing aroma suits normal, dry and suffering from any kind of environmental stress hair. It notably softens the hair and makes it so much easy to manage and comb. Plus, Lavender is well known for a whole bouquet of natural properties (read this post to learn more). If creamy shampoos leave a heavy feeling on your hair, most likely you will love this one. Seems like I am going to stick to this shampoo for a while, and looking forward trying the Rosemary Grapefruit next.

Brand Spotlight : Stop the water while using me | TLV Birdie Blog

An essential addition to any bag / desk / other place you stock your lips saving balms is this handsome All Natural Moroccan Mint Lip Balm. I am really, really in love with this one! So much good stuff going on in it’s formula: shea butter, Vitamin E and C, organic castor oil, organic burrito, marigold, sesame, jojoba and apricot kernel oils are all here to say bye-bye to chopped lips. I like the way it feels on the lips – super light and immediately soothing. It is quite liquid, so you only need a tiny drop to cover and protect the lips.

*personal note : I prepare moroccan mint tea for my husband every morning, so now it goes with a moroccan mint kiss.

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Interested in learning more about water saving projects? Stop The Water While Using Me! are supporting Good Water Projects, step inside to learn more and participate.

This post contains PR samples.

Shop Stop The Water While Using Me! products in the online store (USA), or use the shop finder to locate your nearest store.


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