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I get it. It is THAT time of the year.

If you ask me (well..even if you don’t), I say there are so many occasions in our lives for giving / gifting / showing attention and pure affection, so these little (big ones go without saying) occasions should be an essential part of our day to day life, without necessarily waiting for the right date on the calendar to come. If you share my point, you most certainly have caught your restless mind on a  hunt for a most perfect gift for this or that dear person of yours. A gift that will not only match the person just right, bit will also reward you with a “best taste in gifting” label. Little or big, occasions or gifts, they are all about a perfect match, a right sign, a warm hand written word.

Simple Gifting guides are here, to help you not to loose your mind in the redgreenandwhite, glittery and in most cases so overrated holiday fever. Committed to choose the best, and leave the rest (this basically concerns anything and everything you see on TLV Birdie Blog).

Today I’ve teamed up with Sycamore Street Press to share with you some of the most perfect, most comforting, warm and dear to slow living heart gifting ideas from their recently launched, gracefully curated online store. If you are not familiar with Sycamore Street Press just yet, you should most definitely dive into company’s blog where you will learn about the heart, soul, inspiration and constant flow of energies (x 2) poured into this family business started by Eva and Kirk with one major goal of creating a simple yet beautiful life.

Simple Gifting : Sycamore Street Press | TLV Birdie Blog

My top 6 picks for simple yet beautiful gifting with Sycamore Street Press :

  1. Winter treat for anyone on your gifting list – organic Chai Tea Soap to gently cleanse the body with the creamy texture and soothe the soul with warming aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamon.
  2. Knitted Baby Shoes would make a perfect little gift for a new human. (100% wool, 100% beautiful)
  3. Perfect scenario for gifting your girlfriends – one set of these darling Bobby Pins for her, one for yourself. (because it’s too hard to resist a fun + functional design like this)
  4. This bamboo Lord Grey Toothbrush Set is a stunning gift for a couple, so chic and so down to Earth.
  5. A good essential – Baggu Medium Flat Pouch in Saddle color leather (hint : you deserve a good treat too!).
  6. Hand poured Firebrand Candle – great gift for any space-oriented person in your life, notes of wood and great packaging design guaranteed.

Neutral gifting options are the best options. I think. Feel free to browse potential gift ideas at Sycamore Street Press – luckily, there are SO many options to choose from – for home, babies, artisan beauty adepts etc. But first and foremost, amazing paper goods! You have to see these gorgeous marbled gift wrap sets!

Speaking of giving and gifting, ….yeah, new giveaway!

We’re giving away a $50 gift card for a simple and beautiful shopping spree at Sycamore Street Press store.

This Giveaway is open for US only. Duration period : one week, from November 23 till November 30, 2015. The winner will be randomly chosen on December 1 by the power of luck.

Follow these simple rules to enter for a chance to win :

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  • My idea of a perfect gift is new jammies, cozy socks and a new candle! Throw in a great new soap, I am a happy girl!

  • A perfect gift to me is something that someone would like/enjoy, but likely not buy for himself/herself. It’s a little “luxury” item.

  • My idea of a perfect gift is something thoughtful and very personal. Something I’d use every day like soap or lotions but fancier than I’d generally buy.

  • I love to find things that are really personal and have special meaning. It doesn’t need to be expensive as long as it means something.

  • A perfect gift is one that someone put a little bit of thought into, knowing it would be special or appreciated by me.

  • I think the perfect gift is something someone has selected with real thought and care for the recipient. It doesn’t have to be expensive as long as there’s a sense of consideration and thoughtfulness.

  • Starbucks Mug and coffee k-cup or bag of ground christmas brew type gift basket, i love there coffee its so good

  • The perfect gift for me is something from the heart. I just love the little craft gifts and letters my children give me! <3

  • My idea of a perfect gift is simply something that’s thoughtful and thought out! It doesn’t have to be big, expensive, or even store bought!

  • Its all about the thought that went into it. One time my son gave me a basket of snacks that I love and he added little surprises of silly things I might like. It was soo nice. I would of never guessed he paid that much attention to know all my favorite foods.

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