Goes into my makeup bag : new La Mav eye shadow

Goes into my makeup bag : new La Mav eye shadow quattro. | TLV Birdie Blog

Oh, I am so happy it’s finally here! It’s finally safe to say autumn is here and I hope you, darling birdie ladies, are feeling the same magnetism towards neutral, woody, subtle colors and textures – both in your wardrobes and make up bags. Well, personally, that is my kind of state of mind 365 days a year (with extra rare exceptions). So I am refining my makeup bag accordingly. And as if I would be talking capsule wardrobe for fall, let’s talk about capsule eye shadows palette for fall instead… Because it’s just about the time!

My quickly became favorite Australian natural beauty brand La Mav, that you may be already familiar with from this post or this ode to their stunning BB cream, just released their new product, that believe me – you’d want to build you capsule wardrobe around these shades!

Yup, that’s the truth – four bold, earthy, versatile and absolutely gorgeous eye shadows have been just released by La Mav and ready to sparkle up your natural makeup routine.

Goes into my makeup bag : new La Mav eye shadow quattro. | TLV Birdie Blog Goes into my makeup bag : new La Mav eye shadow quattro. | TLV Birdie Blog

They say, “eyes are the mirror of the soul”. Well yes, my neutral loving soul is so pleased with the look of these four fundamental shades. Have I mentioned La Mav eye shadows are mineral, vegan and cruelty free? Not only just that, the colors are so bright and pigmented, it makes it really hard to say NO to eye makeup. And why should we… that’s the right season to experiment and to meet all the holiday festivities “armed and ready”!

Let’s take a closer look at each shade now..

Goes into my makeup bag : new La Mav eye shadow quattro. | TLV Birdie Blog

Bright and shiny “Champagne” shade makes a great base color that visually opens the eye. I like to use this one by it’s own for a defined daily look, and I especially love how it works with a wet application. Such a perfect light vanilla color.

Goes into my makeup bag : new La Mav eye shadow quattro. | TLV Birdie Blog

Slightly shimmery chocolate tone of “Standstone” creates a standing out shade for colder days, or longer nights. It’s a nice cold tone, very easily blending into both daily and evening makeup. Wet application and primer really make this color to pop!

Goes into my makeup bag : new La Mav eye shadow quattro. | TLV Birdie Blog

While “Cognac” sparkling shade is a true statement on it’s own, most definitely the brightest color from this new La Mav eye shadow line! I’ve been really loving how bronze color looks with my turquoise eyes and it matches my hair color so well. Overall, great shade for everyone who’s up for some eye drama.

Goes into my makeup bag : new La Mav eye shadow quattro. | TLV Birdie Blog

My goodness, I was looking for a matte black eye shadow for I don’t even know how long. Not just some eye shadow, but the one that will perform good and that will create a remarkably rich color. And, that will be as natural as possible. Well, here it is – “Matt Black”. As a graphic accent, or by itself – it’s a capsule makeup bag essential!

Goes into my makeup bag : new La Mav eye shadow quattro. | TLV Birdie Blog Goes into my makeup bag : new La Mav eye shadow quattro. | TLV Birdie Blog

 Shop La Mav eye shadows and application brushes here,

plus check out this special on all four shades + two brushes!

Goes into my makeup bag : new La Mav eye shadow quattro. | TLV Birdie Blog

Speaking of festivities! We are giving away the collection of La Mav eye shadows to one lucky lady.

This Giveaway is open for US, Canada and Australia only. Duration period : two weeks, from November 3 till November 17, 2015. The winner will be randomly chosen on November 18 by the power of luck.

Follow these simple rules to enter for a chance to win :
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