Light things on fire! (metaphorically speaking)

Light Things On Fire (metaphorically speaking) | Knot To Self Esh Pin

I am obsessed with these vintage tiny pink matches.

I am obsessed with our newest addition to the Knot To Self store – the ‘Esh’ Pin.

I am obsessed with being obsessed.

That’s basically all I wanted to tell you guys today, but I think I am going to add some more, and make myself clear (well, as much as possible).

This year was all about ups and downs, trials, experiments, success, errors, new beginnings and sh*load of lessons learned. I may end up doing a very long and very emotional post about everything happened this year in terms of entrepreneurship, biz and blogging, but definitely not today. Just because it is not the time to make any conclusions (not too much time for conclusions at all during the super busy holiday season), though I have several pretty bold ones buzzing my mind for a while now. I just wanted to mark the moment. The moment when I clearly understand that by doing things without being passionate about them is NOT the way to go.

I am obsessed with myself being obsessed over work, projects, blogging, Knot To Self, studio work and other things that I am proud to be a parent or a part of. Days when I have complex dreams and wake up with a copy / quotes on my mind. Days/weeks that I spend scouting for the right props for this or that project. Hours that I spend staging a photoshoot setup that will match the vision I have for this or that story. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months of being passionate about what I do.

To mark this moment and publicly admit my obsession with boiling from passion and ideas blood, I couldn’t think of something better than showing y’all the new Knot To Self ‘Esh’ Pin and connecting the vision and message behind it to my current state of mind.

Light Things On Fire (metaphorically speaking) | Knot To Self Esh Pin

‘Esh’ is the Hebrew word for fire. We created this ever burning flame as a constant reminder to light things on fire (metaphorically speaking, obviously). To me, these are two very meaningful inches of metal, passion, tears, sweat and blood (yeah that happens too). Here you can get one for yourself, and one for your friend who may need the same reminder.

Keep your flame burning, my friends!


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