In a full fall swing : new Kjaer Weis organic makeup favorites

Here we are, birdies, – snuggling in a wool blanket at the evenings, sipping hot spiced cider at any given moment and adjusting our wardrobes for colder times (helloooo good ol’ sweaters and my new go-to boots!). How about we’ll discuss an opportunity to give your makeup essentials a bit warmer and moodier direction as well? Well, especially because Kjaer Weis already took care of everything – from warm, metallic accents for the eyes, soft golden glow for the lips to a very festive blush color.

In a full fall swing : new Kjaer Weis organic makeup favorites on TLV Birdie Blog.

It’s not a secret that every single season I’m falling in love with the new Kjaer Weis organic makeup colors : from my very first introduction, to the new summer favorites and my go-to source of glow.

With that being said, I am happy to invite you, birdies, to enter the new season with me and these new Kjaer Weis shades today – always smart, multitasking and eco-friendly.

In a full fall swing : new Kjaer Weis organic makeup favorites on TLV Birdie Blog.

Falling for fall.

The latest addition to the Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow* range is the “Transcend”, warm brown shade with an intelligent touch of metallic shimmer. By intelligent I mean good shimmer, festive shimmer, shimmer that hints on fun but keeps the morals high. You know what I mean, wink. Oh, and speaking of capsule wardrobe for your eyes, this color should be counted in for sure!

In a full fall swing : new Kjaer Weis organic makeup favorites on TLV Birdie Blog.

How do you feel about gold on your lips?

Sounds a little bit old school to you? Hold on, my friend! New “Captivate” shade of the famous Kjaer Weis Lip Tint* is about gold – yet again, smart and modern golden glow that is mixed into a gorgeous nude shade. What you get as a result is a very defined daily look of a brownish nude with soft golden sprinkles. What can possibly be more “holiday season appropriate”?!

In a full fall swing : new Kjaer Weis organic makeup favorites on TLV Birdie Blog.

Wow, that’s a lot of color,

you may say when you open up the “Above and Beyond” Kjaer Weis Cream Blush*. Yes, it is. And my first thought was well, it’s probably not exactly for me. But let me remind you that experiments are the power (not only just fun!). This bright pink / coral tone is especially created for darker skin tones. However I think it will also look gorgeous on contrast of dark hair, pale skin (like a classic russian beauty … which I am not). I like coral lips though… so here we go:) Pairing “Above and Beyond” as a lip color with simple jeans, stripes and a camel trench coat sounds like a new classic for me. (Does this sparkle a visual in your head? Check out my Style Essentials Pinterest Board, you’ll easily find more casual style inspiration over there!).

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Now tell me, what is that ONE ITEM from Kjaer Weis organic makeup line that is always in your makeup bag? 

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  • Hey Sheree, so true! I’ve mentioned in one of my previous posts about KW makeup that their packaging is not only sophisticatedly looking, but also super conscious – you can order refills and place them into metallic compacts! Intelligent is the right word to use for Kjaer Weis in any aspect:)

  • I’ve recently purchased their foundation and one of the eyeshadows (Grace …I believe). I’m very much impressed with their quality, even as a makeup artist I can gladly tell that they are absolutely competitive with the PRO brands in coverage and lasting effect. And the fact that they are non-toxic makes the whole purchase even more rewarding!

  • So glad to hear that you agree with me, Anna (you’re the expert here, for sure!) More than anything, I think Kjaer Weis got me at the beauty of their color palette, and the graceful adjustment of those colors from what you see in the package to what you actually get on your skin. It’s January and I still can’t get enough of their Dazzling bronzer, it simply looks super natural (even though it looks super gold inside the container).