September was like … | Monthly report

September was like … a roller coaster. It was tense, it was diverse, it was way too emotional. It made me re-thinking and re-evaluating existing projects way too many times. It came up with some personal challenges. Overall, it sort of changed me. Piece by piece, month by month it feels like I am constantly developing and changing nonstop – in terms of work, family and personality. I thought it would be great to document that. And to share with you right here on TLV Birdie Blog. Month by month, starting with September.

September was like : Slow Living | Monthly report on TLV Birdie Blog.

1. I’ve opened up more space for Knot To Self in my life. This business of ours has always been a priority, a dream project that we’re building from scratch. But somehow over the summer it didn’t have my full attention. I am coming up with an idea, with a discipline discipline of equal dedication to all the work we have going on. We’ve just launched the Knot To Self Journal, re-done all the product photography in the store, shot this absolutely gorgeous editorial and the results are pouring back.

2. Autumn season makes me excited about shoes more than anything. On my radar: wearing more boots and enjoying the dry leaves crust in our beautiful neighborhood that smells like autumn.

3. Slower mornings, larger cups of coffee. My daily schedule has shifted into late mornings, late nights. Which is fine with me, as the creative flow usually hits me late at night.

4. More dedication to tradition : we had a lovely Rosh HaShana dinner with our dear friend and a-mazing challah by other dear friends at ChallahHub. In general, we’ve been making more friends and more connections during September, naturally. And for us, last stage introverts, that’s a big step!

September was like : Style | Monthly report on TLV Birdie Blog.

5. Long story short. I’ve cut my hair. Really short. I love this length and the opportunity to grow healthier, fuller hair!

6. Along with leather boots, my good ol’ Reebok Classics are ready to be mixed into casual outfits and taken out for errands, walks, gatherings with friends.

7. I found a perfect vintage trench coat (for less than $10) and told you about it in this post.

8. I’ve been living in these faux leather Zara culottes and I realize I need at least one more pair in my wardrobe.

September was like : Work | Monthly report on TLV Birdie Blog.

9. More photography and styling projects on the horizon, more updates to come to the blog during next month. My Creative Services page is here, announcing a tiny bit of what I can do for ‘ya.

10. We’re currently working on a new products release for Knot To Self (so long awaited!!) and developing something too secret to tell but too tempting not to… Keep an eye on updates!

11. The Knotably Design Studio website is finally launched too and here’s a story about what we do.

12. Our design of Knot To Self Pin “We run to the place we ran from” never felt more relevant. I had a strong feeling for a change during September, mostly concerning the blog and some creative projects I’ve been involved into, and I feel like I’ve figured a way to find the right balance of myself in these.

September was like : Green Beauty | Monthly report on TLV Birdie Blog.

13. I finally got to try Pacifica makeup, and I am seriously in love. Check out my Pacifica introduction story.

14. Not giving up on a summer glow. No no. Dazzling Bronzer* by my go-to natural makeup brand Kjaer Weis takes a privileged place on my makeup shelf. More in this post.

15. New green beauty discoveries in September gifted me so much more happy skin time! Lots of great opportunities happened during this month (like when Urban Outfitters knocked on my inbox), and I am positive about where it all goes. Planning more beauty content to appear on TLV Birdie Blog during October definitely sparkles lots of inspiration for styling and photography projects. Oh, exciting times!

16. New colors of Jane Iredale Fall makeup line made me really, really happy. Take a closer look in this story.

September was like : Personal| Monthly report on TLV Birdie Blog.

17. Did I already mention we’ve been connecting more with people, creatives, other business owners? The amount of new connections equals the amount of time we spend outside of our studio, we know that and we’re working on it. For instance, we’ve met darling Jamie from Blossom Vintage who took this rare portrait of the two of us in her stunningly decorated airstream.

18. More time together. Period. Actually, we’re together 24 hours a day, most of the time. But the process of working / creating / building business together takes over our life and at some point a date night, two coconut slushies, a Sunday morning picnic at Echo Park or a glass of wine accompanied with Netflix get a whole new value.

19. If someone would tell me a year ago that I will be into cooking, I would laugh in that naive person’s face. But… I’ve been exploring my cooking skills lately on a whole new level. And every lunch break is another chance to catch Yossi’s smile, genuine awe and kind words towards by kitchen creations. Excited to continue and expand my knowledge (up from zero) on some seasonal recipes. Hello to Good Housekeeping magazine and their gorgeous spreads filled with butternut squash soups and apple pies.

20. Bike rides! Yes! Finally, we are back on wheels! It started with a ride to Atwater Village turned spontaneous 4 hours / 12 miles ride all the way down LA River route, and it feels so good to be back!

How was your September like? Do you document your life (goals, achievements, failures, emotions, progress)?

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