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Knotably | Full Service design studio based in Los Angeles

I know it’s weekend, but I feel like talking about work today. Because to be honest, I have almost no weekends. And I am pretty happy about that.

I believe some of you who’ve been reading / following TLV Birdie for a while know that my life is filled with other creative businesses in addition to the blog.

Earlier this year, in April me and Yossi have launched Knot To Self. This baby was born from our genuine passion to jewelry design, street wear and poetry. We craft style for all : older and wiser youngsters, urban dreamers, original bold and old souls, inked dames, bearded gents. The Knot To Self Instagram community grew extremely fast, and we work hard on creating outstanding aesthetics and bringing visual concepts to life, on a daily basis. Here’s the latest Knot To Self editorial shoot from a couple of weeks ago. And here is the result of this week’s online store makeover that I can’t even put into words how complete I feel about it.

We are passionate about what we do, and being in the creative field since forever is pushing us to expand the boundaries every single day. So it took as an extensive while to join forces and take our passions, creative abilities and motivation to grow (professionally and personally) one step further, together.

This is how we’ve launched Knotably, the design studio.

Knotably | Full Services design studio based in Los Angeles

Knotably is the full service design studio that we run with pure desire to light things on fire. Planting concepts, growing brands. We create identities, illustration, animation , video content, type and lettering, embroidery, graphics, photography, social media packages and lookbooks. We like to explore and experiment. We like to research and discover. We come from different countries, different backgrounds, we are mixed but also we are the perfect match. Some say that you can see it in our works immediately.

Knotably Design Studio Los Angeles - hand embroidered logo Knotably Design Studio - Craft Your Days hand embroidery logo.

We are currently taking bookings on all the creative services for fall. Feel like talking about your next project? Shoot us an email. We’re good listeners.

We appreciate support, and here’re a few things you can do to help us spread the word about Knotably Design Studio :

– share with your friends who run businesses / projects and do understand the importance of good creative,

– follow Knotably design studio on Instagram – where we share our work and behind the scenes,

– visit the Knotably design studio website and feel free to reach out to us, we’re friendly.

(Los Angeles : we’re also down for good coffee and good chat, anytime)

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