Simple Living : Home Decor tips and Fall Wardrobe Updates

Hope you had a lovely long weekend, birdies!

I am ready to finally take you on a quick home tour since we’ve moved to our new little nest. A good reason for that are some of my recent Goodwill finds, really good finds that it would be wrong to just keep to myself. In fact, that was my very first visit to Goodwill. And definitely not the last one!

So here we go – some easy home decor styling tips for a slow living enthusiast. Is it you? Yay, I hope you’ll enjoy the tour and the tips:)

Home decor styling tips for a simple living enthusiast - TLV Birdie Blog.

Starting with a none-thrifted items on our coffee table. Famous Knot To Self tattooed hand, few books – one of them is an extraordinary beautiful edition of The Birds of America that Yossi found for me at Barnes & Noble, some dried plants and current favorite soy candle from Fig & Moss – Salt + Lime with a very delicate, citrus scent.


Here comes the first find – one perfect vintage trench coat, of a perfect camel color and too good to be true petite size “7”. That basically makes a perfect fall style staple that I’ve been hunting for forever since I gifted my old Zara trench to my friend in Israel before moving to Los Angeles. As I thought I wouldn’t need it anymore. Learning on my own mistakes, all the time. I still have some job to do on this number – dry cleaning (it’s in a mint condition, but I’d just prefer to clean it before wearing) and to fix some buttons. But look how gorgeous it is!!

One perfect thrifted trench coat, one perfect fall style staple - TLV Birdie blog

Yes, totally gorgeous. Especially for $7. Especially with black and white basics!

Fall wardrobe update - thrifted corduroy pants as a go-to casual style item | TLV Birdie Blog

Another style find that easily takes my casual wardrobe on a fall ride – these corduroy pants in a dark mustard color. Also true vintage, perfect condition and quintessence of personal vintage hunting luck – petite style! Whaaat? $4, caching! Can’t wait to roll them up and wear with all the black&white stripes, minimalistic patterns and t-shirts of earthy colors.

Thrifted baskets in home decor - essential home decoration tips on a budget for slow living enthusiasts on TLV Birdie Blog. Straw baskets in home decor - essential home decoration tips on a budget for slow living enthusiasts on TLV Birdie Blog.

I’ve got a very weak spot for baskets. Any size, any color. But the more natural-looking ones – the better. I’ve found these two, for about $3 each. Still looking for a permanent place for these in our apartment. In the meanwhile they serve as a great prop for photo shoots, and as a temporary storage for the things I fancy at the moment.

Kitchen wall decoration ideas - TLV Birdie Blog.

Moving on… Here’s my kitchen wall. Once I’ve put it together – frames with hand embroidered birds, my hand embroidered leaves and pages from botanical books – my kitchen became thousand times cozier right away. But then I found this frame …

Kitchen wall decoration ideas | TLV Birdie Blog.

for $4. Isn’t it beautiful? This chart of pressed herbs totally had me at hello. Now I am thinking about a right place for it, but I may just leave it standing, right here, next to my growing succulents garden.

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my nest!

Do you shop at Goodwill / your local thrift shops? What are your recent finds?

Let me know in the comments, and just so you know, I am always happy to connect :

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  • I LOVE shopping at thrift stores! I have found so many great, unique pieces for decorating! Garage sales are great for finding amazing things too, surprisingly!

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