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Tata Harper Contour and Highlight Kit - green beauty story on TLV Birdie Blog

Contouring here, contouring there, contouring talks are everywhere…

Well, it may be THE TIME to digg into some makeup knowledge the interwebs are collecting every single day regarding how to contour that, and how to highlight this, and how to master the whole contouring makeup thing and look flawless. However the experience shows that my definition of “flawless” may be slightly different from the majority of Youtube Beauty stars. You probably know that I am all about as minimum makeup as possible, as effortless as possible. That doesn’t actually mean NO makeup, that basically means a little makeup, and a good makeup – that you actually apply, but don’t actually feel. By the way, I’ve stumbled upon this introduction into contouring makeup biz by Sephora Pro, couple of videos on how to identify your face shape before you start along with detailed contouring makeup tutorials for different face shapes. Hope this will be helpful!

So when my all time favorite natural beauty Vermont based brand Tata Harper has released the Luminous Definition : How to Contour and Highlight Kit, I was totally down for a challenge of giving the contouring technique a try. An extra effortless, quick, natural and very curious try.


Here’s what you’ll see when you open up a kit : a duo of Very Bronzing contour and Very Illuminating highlighter (including a brochure explaining what goes first, where and how, super duper easy-to-follow!). Both very compact, creamy and extremely lightweight. Just so to mention, 100% free of synthetics, GMO, fillers, synthetic fragrance and cruelty.

It is real fun to play with these two and experiment with angle and right amount of product to use. Also, you can learn how to beneficially use these two separately within your daily makeup routine – Bronzer to add some flawless summer glow when and where it’s needed, and Highlighter to enhance the radiance under the eyes, along the brow bone etc.

All you’ll need are your finger tips. I’d also suggest applying these on the top of your liquid foundation / BB cream for better blending results. Down for a BB cream suggestion? Hop on this post to get to know my current favorite BB-cream.

But that’s not all..

Tata Harper natural skincare samples inside the Luminous Definition kit - TLV Birdie Blog

You’ll also find complementary samples of Tata Harper skin care essentials in the kit, that are meant to step up your glowing face game : Resurfacing Mask, Regenerating Cleanser (I’ve been using this one before and it’s the best for a good daily cleanse, seriously!) and two samples of Volumizing Lip & Cheek tints.

Tata Harper Contour and Highlight Kit - green beauty story on TLV Birdie Blog Tata Harper volumizing lip and cheek tints - TLV Birdie review

Speaking of which, finalizing the “no-makeup” makeup look is so easy with adding just a hint of natural looking pinkish color from a multitasking Volumizing Lip & Cheek tint. From 6 different shades available, here’re the two I am currently loving : Very Charming (fresh petal pink, you may remember it from this post) and Very Nice (a more neutral, nude sort of pink). Both gently transform the natural lip color into a more vibrant and an amazingly tempting one, plus add gorgeous shade to the cheeks. For better results of application and color, make sure to exfoliate and moisturize the skin before. I mean, in general.

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