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Natural makeup picks at Carbon Beauty | TLV Birdie Blog

Hello, darling birdies! Some of you already know from my Instagram sneak peak what this post is going to be all about, but I’ve got no secrets from the rest of you – natural makeup! Oui! Today I’ll be sharing my natural makeup picks from Carbon beauty online store and putting the spotlights on some very well-known natural makeup brands that would be a great fit for your greener and cleaner makeup bag (visit my Beauty Lounge to get some more advices about natural beauty brands that deserve your attention). Not only that, a new giveaway is waiting for you at the end of this post! Oui indeed!

If you haven’t heard of Carbon Beauty store just yet, you should put it on your green beauty shopping list right away! Even better, you can subscribe to their newsletter to receive all the promotions and news directly to your inbox. Carbon Beauty has created a very well curated line-up of brands that include my favorites like Fig+Yarrow, Skin Owl, Soap Walla, Herbivore Botanicals (all the links lead to my reviews) and many more clean, ethical and naturally positive brands yet to be discovered on different directions : skincare, hair care, fragrances, bath+body, even home gifts (!!!) and my current favorite – makeup! So many things to explore and to fall in clean beauty love with! 

As you know, I’ve been on a mission to turn my makeup bag upside down, empty it from all the makeup junk and slowly fill it with good, clean and ethical choices. I’ve been sharing my makeup picks with you down the road, and today I’ve tried some more products that caught my attention at Carbon Beauty store. Let’s have some makeup discovery time!

Natural makeup picks at Carbon Beauty | TLV Birdie Blog TLV BIRDIE

I was especially excited to try out some W3ll People makeup (I’ve heard so many good things about their creations and I was really wondering if their makeup worth the green hype). Well yes, it definitely is! This W3ll People Bio Bronzer stick ($29), for example, is a very smart version of light bronzer oh-so-tempted by me personally this summer. I am taking this 100% natural, 100% on point bronzer everywhere with me these LA summer days to bring some sun-kissed shade to my cheeks. It has a universal tone that adjusts very easily to any skin tone by bringing healthy glow and very true version of “no makeup look”. Really loving this one, especially for the fact it’s formula is infused with organic aloe, chamomile and green tea.

Natural makeup picks at Carbon Beauty | TLV Birdie Blog Natural makeup picks at Carbon Beauty | TLV Birdie Blog

Another W3ll People number to completely fall in love with is their Bio-Extreme Expressionist Mascara ($24) that became my go-to lashes companion. Fine separating without leaving clumps or flakes, very kind to my sensitive and contact lenses wearing eyes, very easy on my lashes! It’s formula contains sunflower oil (that conditions and nourishes the lashes) and it does NOT contain talk, aluminum, fiber, silicon, parabens or any other nasty things. In addition to that, it is a real survivor! This water-resistant mascara actually does last long and gives black, long, well-defined lashes. True beauty!

Natural makeup picks at Carbon Beauty - Eco Brow defining wax | TLV Birdie Blogeco brow defining wax review, tlv birdie blog, natural makeup blog reviews, natural beauty blogger los angeles Natural makeup picks at Carbon Beauty | TLV Birdie Blog

Speaking of eyes, I’m a big fan of eyebrows! Eyebrows of any sort, but mostly – dark, fine, bold, yet looking natural. Unfortunately, I don’t have those but I am working on that. My newest discovery in this not so easy brows game is EcoBrow Defining Wax ($26), which, my darling birdies, is brilliant! It couldn’t be easier to create full, sculptured eyebrows, naturally. All you’ll need is EcoBrow wax of your skin tone (I’ve been using Penelope shade that I would say is the most universal shade from 4 available), angled brush and some easy-to-pick-up skills! If you were born without naturally impressing brows just like me, this wax would be your best friend from now on!

Natural makeup picks at Carbon Beauty | TLV Birdie Blog Natural makeup picks at Carbon Beauty | TLV Birdie Blog

Studio 78 Paris is yet another natural makeup brand I am a big fan of since…right now! First, their packaging caught my attention (it’s a professional thing). Then, they way their gorgeous products look. After that, the formula and the actual test-drive! For instance this Marble Mattifying Powder ($42) is a pure art – not only it’s baked texture looks flawless in the box, but on the skin it blends so naturally, feels so light and brings an even and bright skin tone I couldn’t dream of. The secret is the mix of 5 shades, correcting yellow, green and light purple plus rose and white base that all together correct the imperfections, enhance light and give a nice matte finish (with just a little bit of light-reflecting glow). Not to mention it’s mineral formula infused with vegetable oils is friendly to sensitive skin.

Natural makeup picks at Carbon Beauty | TLV Birdie Blog Natural makeup picks at Carbon Beauty | TLV Birdie Blog

And here somes the sibling of matt powder – Studio 78 Marble Bronzing Powder ($42), which offers the same eco- and sensitive skin -friendly formula yet in another, more summer-ready look! Kissed with sun, sand, pink sunsets and Pina Colada summer sweetness, this powder creates a perfect skin tone! Baked shades of browns, pinks and bronze blend into a naturally looking glow. You can use this powder on the top of your favorite base, or as a stand alone product. Ideal summer partner for any skin tone!


tlv birdie blog, natural makeup blog giveaway, natural makeup review, carbon beauty store

Good things are meant to be shared, and here is a new giveaway! (P.S.: 3 more days left to enter the Graydon natural skincare set giveaway if you haven’t already). This time one of you, lucky birdies, will get a chance to try out a collection of makeup products by W3ll People carried and thoughtfully selected by Carbon Beauty online green beauty store.

The giveaway prize is a collection of 4 W3ll People makeup products that includes: Bio Bronzer Stick, Expressionist Bio-Extreme mascara in Black, Hypnotist eyeliner and Bio Extreme Lip Gloss in Nude Rose.

This Giveaway is open for US + Canada only. Duration period : two weeks, from August 4 till August 18, 2015. The winner will be randomly chosen on August 19 by the power of luck.

Follow these simple rules to enter:

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Share this opportunity with your natural makeup and green beauty loving friends by using the social media share buttons in the bottom of this post. Good luck!:)




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