Ere Perez natural makeup highlights ( + GIVEAWAY)

Do you remember that first time I’ve put my hands on / trusted my face to Ere Perez natural makeup? It was right in this post a couple months ago. My love for Ere Perez makeup products hasn’t changed even a bit since then. Today I want to introduce you, darling birdies, to some new creations Ere Perez got in their store for all of us who are after cleaner and greener beauty choices. I am also going to highlight some of my all-time favorites. And Friday surprise – new international giveaway is awaiting in the end of this post, hurray!

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One of the new Ere Perez makeup goods I am seriously excited about is Versatile Vanilla Highlighter in “Falling Star”. Creamy, light texture very nicely transforms into soft pearl glow to emphasize the cheekbones, brow line, lips and spots like neck or décolleté. Just the right amount of glow : not only a picture-perfect essential for any photo shoot, but also a great chance to add some light to a daily “no-makeup” look. If you’re thinking about downsizing your makeup bag, think about this highlighter as a universal one! Works great on fair skin, if you’re a tanned beauty – check outt the golden sister – “Sun Halo” shade.

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Speaking of downsizing and simplifying, it’s hard to find a better multi-tasker than Beautiful Beetroot Cheek & Lip Tint in “Joy”. I totally get it when Ere Perez say this is one of their best selling products! Natural stain that applies with an easy roll, comfortably blends (use your fingers) and adds a bright, natural-looking red cherry color to lips and cheeks. I bet these 10ml will last long, as it’s highly pigmented and all you need is just a tiny bit to add some fun to your casual makeup look. The gorgeous color pigment is coming from the Beetroot extract and Rosehip oil, this statement alone makes my cheeks and lips smile happily.

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Let’s talk about essentials now. Transculent Corn Perfecting Powder is seriously awesome for a) sensitive skin and b) light, shine-absorbing coverage. Tone is called “All for all”, which is a neutral shade that is almost invisible on the skin, yet the powder is working hard on eliminating excess oil throughout the day. Looks great as a matt finish over a foundation, or as a stand alone powder. I use it with my Ere Perez Kabuki brush, that has been one of my favorites since the very first try!

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My current go-to blush is the Pure Rice Powder Blush in “My Blush” for a few simple reasons. First of all, it’s a luxurious neutral shade that complements my fair skin tone and emphasizes the natural face features. Second, I can barely feel it, and that’s one of the points I am usually very strict about. It is super light and allows my skin to breath. Brown-ish, warm, matte tone of “My Blush” would be the most universal choice for everyone who is one a mission to step up the game of that “no-makeup” look. I’ve also tried the “Rose Tones” before and looking forward getting back to it in the winter season.

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Discovering GOOD natural mascaras is a tricky business, and I’ve scored some experience in this. Getting back to Ere Perez Natural Almond Oil Mascara is always a pleasure – long, bold black, well defined lashes and oil treatment in one product. I am also loving how gentle this mascara is to my sensitive eyes. Answering your future question – no, no flakes.

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I’ve already told you all about Ere Perez Clever Cheek&Lip balms in this post, but my discovery path of the multitasking abilities and different shades of this balm is far from being over! Getting ready for autumn season with a gorgeous plum color of “Holy”. Adding lovely glow and a bit of color to the lips and cheeks is super easy with this balm’s creamy (yet, solid enough) formula. No need of brushes, perfect on the go and for traveling. Also available at Urban Outfitters* (for US readers).


ere perez natural makeup review, tlv birdie blog, natural makeup bloggers, los angeles based beauty blog, beauty editorial styling

Time for a new giveaway: Ere Perez generously provided the set of their natural makeup products to make one lucky lady truly happy and naturally pretty! I am already excited for one of you to join the club!:)

The giveaway prize is a collection of 6 Ere Perez natural makeup products (over $140 value) that includes: Natural Almond Oil Mascara, Clever Carrot Cheek&Lip Balm, Beautiful Beetroot Cheek&Lip Tint, Pure Rice Powder Blush, Transculent Corn Perfecting Powder and Versatile Vanilla Highlighter.

This Giveaway is INTERNATIONALLY open. Duration period : two weeks, from August 28 till September 11, 2015. The winner will be randomly chosen on September 12 by the power of luck.

Follow these simple rules to enter:

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Share this opportunity with your natural makeup and green beauty loving friends by using the social media share buttons in the bottom of this post. Good luck to everyone!:)


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