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My darling birdies, today I’ve prepared something oh so truly special for you. Something that will totally change the way you look at presents, at spa getaways and at natural beauty products in general (if you still haven’t, because I am here for you!). Fig and Moss* is one of my latest green beauty discoveries, that completely swept me off my feet at that very moment when this package has landed on my doorstep. I promised you back then that I will tell you all about what’s hiding inside, so here I am now ready to do that and also, following the best of TLV Birdie Blog traditions, one of you will get a chance to win Fig and Moss SPA box in our newest giveaway, keep on reading!

Fig and Moss natural skincare and gift boxes | TLV Birdie Blog
I kid you not, my dear friends, this is how the Fig and Moss Spa Day Gift Box* looks! Isn’t it the dreamiest of the packages you ever saw?! Not only it has e-v-e-r-y-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e-t-h-i-n-g you need in order to get carried away to a spa wonderland within four walls of your own nest home, but it also soothes my mind just by holding it and exploring every little and extremely thoughtful detail of it’s decoration. I am ready to sign the contract saying the all the future presents to my friends (gals and guys, because F+M got both genders naturally covered!) will be coming directly from the Fig and Moss online store*. These charming wooden boxes filled with 100% natural beauty treasures are ready to rock your world, I’m telling you! Dive into the Spa Day Gift Box* with me today and enter our giveaway for a chance to win your own in the end of this post! But please, take a deep breath first…

Fig and Moss natural skincare and gift boxes | TLV Birdie Blog Fig and Moss natural skincare and gift boxes | TLV Birdie Blog

All natural beauty kits of Fig and Moss* are hand-packed with selected natural body and soul relaxing treasures with a few earthy scented options for you to choose from in order to personalize your box, but it basically includes 5 essential products for you to juuuust relax!
Fig and Moss natural skincare and gift boxes | TLV Birdie Blog Fig and Moss natural skincare and gift boxes | TLV Birdie Blog

Light the Salt+Lime soy candle based on essential oils to kick start the home spa program. Citrus involved scents are my choice when it comes to recharging the energies and cleaning my mind. These candles last really a long time for me, but to be honest, I can’t wait to finish this particular one and re-use the jar for my succulent garden (it’s just too pretty)! So I’d better light it tonight right after the shower once again while I complete the next step of the spa body pampering with…

Fig and Moss natural skincare and gift boxes | TLV Birdie Blog Fig and Moss natural skincare and gift boxes | TLV Birdie Blog

… this mind blowing floral retreat of Bloom whipped body cream! If you know me well, body butters are my weak point and there’s nothing I can compare to soft, melting texture and muscle relaxing ritual like this! Fig and Moss body butters (the next I want to rub my skin with is Milk + Honey!) are based on shea butter, mango and cocoa butters, coconut oil and Vitamin E, and will most definitely make even sensitive skin types very happy by nourishing the skin with natural components. The blooming notes of Lilac, Tuberose, Vanilla and Rosewood prepare you for a floral spa escape.

Fig and Moss natural skincare and gift boxes | TLV Birdie Blog Fig and Moss natural skincare and gift boxes | TLV Birdie Blog

Whooh, it may be too hot in Los Angeles these days for a hot bath, so I’m saving this bath bomb for better times. Here here, I found a perfect opportunity to mention how my Siberian heart is crying for some snow. But I may find a closer solution for using this large sized bomb filled with essential oils during our soon-to-happen Joshua Tree getaway! And then I will most likely use it once again, because honestly it looks like it can handle two bath sessions at least – it is that big! The one that you see on the picture is Rose+Geranium naturally scented.

Fig and Moss natural skincare and gift boxes | TLV Birdie Blog Fig and Moss natural skincare and gift boxes | TLV Birdie Blog

Wait, don’t forget about a good ol’ cleanse with cold process soap that keeps your natural oil IN and raises your mood high with all the good stuff it is prepared with! In my Spa Kit I have an Oats and Goats soap that came on a wooden soap deck (which is just what I needed in my new bathroom, wink wink). It is a natural goal milk based soap that also contains oat flakes for a soft exfoliation bonus. Smells pretty good too, a bit milky, a bit sweet (honey + vanilla + almond), a bit herbal ( Chamomile). You’ll be amazed once you see all the gorgeous selection of Fig and Moss soaps*, and it will cause you sleepless nights if you don’t choose the one you want right away!

Fig and Moss natural skincare and gift boxes | TLV Birdie Blog

One last little thing to complete the SPA essential treat is this little Lavender sachet that will fill your linen drawer with a relaxing, long lasting herbal aroma. Or, you can place it on your desk and take a quick sniff every time you are experiencing a lack of focus. Actually, I would need one for every drawer and another one on my desk, because I am a very, very big fan of lavender (which reminded me to show you my wedding bouquet!).

Now, it’s time for you to get excited, because it’s time for…


Now one of you, lucky birdies, will get a chance to experience this natural spa heaven yourself!

The giveaway prize is a Fig and Moss Spa Kit Box* that includes: Essential oil candle, Body Butter, Bath Bomb, Cold Process Soap+ Deck.

This Giveaway is open for US + Canada only. Duration period : two weeks, from July 15 till July 29, 2015. The winner will be randomly chosen on July 30 by the power of luck.

Follow these simple rules to enter:

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