How to survive a moving : skincare and makeup essentials.

The last week was filled with boxes, packing, unpacking, cleaning, moving, cleaning again, putting together new furniture and organizing all of our belongings. We’ve moved into a new apartment and I can’t even start to tell you how calm, energized and peaceful I feel! This is a great new chapter for the two of us and I feel truly madly deeply happy! I will be showing you guys pieces of our new place somewhen down the blogging road, but today I want to share a true story of my survival while moving : skincare and makeup essentials that helped to fight all that dust, heat, sweat and stress. Even if you can’t relate to the moving subject, I believe these observations and tips are right in time for the summer season (it’s getting unbelievably hot in LA already!) and for those moments when you need to bring your stressed / sensitive / problematic skin under control.

– Natural skincare essentials –

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The key to skin survival for me was to keep down the amount of products to an essential (yet truly effective) minimum that consists of previously tested items:

– My skin needs good energies just like me, so I start every day with two caffeine portions – one hot & black in a mug for me, another one for my skin – One Love Organics Morning Glory caffeinated serum* (link to my review). Wakeup call is easier with this boost of skin energy!

– After a shot of caffeine, I follow with nutritious skin food – Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Oil*, my absolutely favorite facial oil for a very long period of time! I’ve shared my full review on this oil along with other Herbivore Botanicals skin care items in this post a little while ago, but I am only getting more and more in love with it. My love is basically based on it’s ability to calm and balance the oil production in a very light, comforting and well moisturizing way.

– Puffy eyes don’t count as an essential part of my look at all, to deal with them I cooperate with Skin Owl Eye +*, stimulating and cooling gel that is honestly brilliant (read my Skin Owl story here)!

– My best friend and loyal partner in combating dirt, dust and excess oil is White & Elm Sunflower Deep Pore Cleansing Oil*. The oil cleansing ritual doesn’t frighten me anymore (it literally take me 2 mins to get this crucial cleansing part of my skincare routine done), and the results are truly fascinating! Cleaner, calmer skin, minimized pores and literally restructured skin. Full story here.

– My current favorite toner is Board and Batten Calming lift that does extremely good job on toning and actually calming my skin (bye-bye redness, hello healthy and hydrated skin!). Read my review on this toner and other Board & Batten products.

– One little skincare trick that can prevent a bunch of problems  –

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– multi-tasking little helper – Murad Clarifying Wipes* to remove dirt, reduce shine, kill all the possible bacteria and tighten the pores when it’s needed. This came in handy so SO many times! I’ve previously shared my thoughts on other Murad skincare products in this post.

– Minimalist makeup kit –

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Keeping it simple (and actually keeping it on my quite challenged face till the end of the day) with:

– basic, nicely moisturizing coverage with La Mav Organic BB Creme. Simply can’t get enough of this one and wishing for a life time stock of this BB creme! Read my review here.

– eye brows defining Maybelline Brow Drama Gel*, that gives just right amount of natural color (I am using the “Soft Brown” shade) and holds the shape together (yet not too sticky!).

– curling, extra volumizing and super waterproof Eyeko Sport Mascara* that stays on my lashes even after I take a quick shower in the middle of unpacking the boxes.

-Skincare specials : to calm and repair –

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It’s hard to avoid cracked, dry and damaged skin under the pressure of moving, tearing cardboard boxes and cleaning the apartment. But it is real to minimize the harm and to repair the skin quickly with these special skincare items:

– protective and highly hydrating Murad Rejuvenating AHA Hand Cream* to bring back the silky soft hands.

– for the tired feet – Fig and Yarrow Foot Butter, totally wipes all the stress away with it’s herbal aroma and melting texture. Full story here.

– for any minor cuts, dry patched, lips and cuticles, simply everything that is in need of healing – Badger Balm For Sensitive Dry Skin. Read my review here.


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Well finally, it feels so good to be home! 

Planning to move anytime soon and feeling concerned about how to make your skin through this/any rough period? Bookmark this post!:)


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  • The White & Elm Sunflower Deep Pore Cleansing Oil is definitely on my wishlist. I also like the sound of the Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Oil and the La Mav Organic BB Creme.

  • The Cleansing oil is really simple, but it is definitely the best meaning of the word “simple”, it totally re-structured my skin into something so clean and pure I don’t even remember I had before! You will get addicted to it just as I did, I am so sure!:)

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