Instagram moments : 8 things that made my week

Fake Siberian girl inside me is still in the same love and hate relationship with these cold, grey and windy days currently happening in Los Angeles. Ridiculous reality. And while my mulled wine with spices is boiling in the kitchen, I’ll share with you what made me love this cold week. You’ve probably already seen these images on my Instagram (you’re following me, aren’t you??). Once again, to document the memories and never complain on slightly cold weather again.

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1. First of all, I’ve been enjoying being inside. Obviously. More time to work on current blog projects. More time to stay focused. I’ve been recently adding a bunch of really inspiring green beauty stories to the Beauty Section of the blog, make sure you didn’t miss a thing! Like this botanical heaven in R.L. Linden skin care review post. Or, my currently happing giveaway where $119 value La Mav organic skin care set is announced as a prize!

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2. But then, outside is not that bad! Time to pull on lazy  cozy looking outfit – oversized everything : oversized denim, puffy sweatshirt, huge cashmere scarf. Layering is in my blood, literally. (You all know that I was born in Siberia, right?) You can also spot my current green makeup favorites on this shot – Antonym cosmetics that I’ve reviewed in every little detail in this post.

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3. So talking about makeup, I’ve already announced on my Instagram that I am seriously falling for Eyeko eye makeup products, without looking back! And when if not right now to experiment with these dreamy creamy Me & My Eyeshadow crayons* and soft, accurate Visual Eyes eyeliners (have you seen that gorgeous petrol color??!!)? Right now, before the heat hits and my face starts to melt! A big fan of Eyeko Sport mascara* too, impressive curl and yoga surviving abilities!

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4. Coffee breaks. Oh yes. Warming my heart and veins with a good caffeine potion is even better when sitting outside of a newly discovered neighborhood coffee place named “Bourgeois Pig”. Yup, that might be about me.

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5. And then returning back home to my beauty packages! I was so happy to get a glimpse into the new Pixi Beauty Spring 2015 products release, so this box brought some genuine emotions to my doors! Especially that Brow Powder Palette*, as I’ve just recently joined the secret eyebrow obsessed ladies club. I’ve been testing it out lately, so just an advice – make sure you’re checking my blog often as I am going to post a proper review on all of these new Pixi Beauty updates soon! Or even better – sign up to my newsletter list (on the sidebar). Real love deal.

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6. Also it was great to pull on my vintage Minnetonka moccs. It was a freaking lucky find back in the days, I am definitely looking forward to expand my Minnetonka collection with some new designs. Because nothing in the world is more comfier than these! By the way, more vintage news to come, but I am not saying anything just yet.

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7. Working on the Knot To Self orders has been so fulfilling. I didn’t make any official announcement on the blog yet (besides that huge banner on the left), but Knot To Self is the project me and my husband have been working on for a really long time and happy to see it’s alive, growing and blossoming into an outstanding brand! Check out our brand new online store.

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8. Another project I am inspired to bring into life – my hand embroidered leaves. As you can see, embroidery is a big part of my creative life, and I am excited to connect these two passions of mine – hand embroidery art and nature – in this fragile project. This black and white number would make a great addition to any decor.

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How is your week going, darlings? What’s happening in your lives? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear anything you want to share with me!


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  • Hey Sophie, thanks for stopping by! Careless selfie is a good selfie!:) I don’t do that much, but it happens to me as well! I can totally smell the rain today..! Thanks for your lovely words!

  • Your IG pictures are as stunning as your blog pictures, just wow! I look forward to your review on the Eyeko mascara, I’ve read and heard great review on the brand so looking forward to read your thoughts on it.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • Thank you so much, Shireen! Your compliments always mean a lot to me!:) I am looking forward putting together a post with my thoughts on Eyeko too, it’s been a really great test-drive with their products! Stay tuned:)

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