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So as you all know, the whole makeup thing got me really curious. And the more natural-oriented – the better. However, my cosmetics bag is not limited to green beauty products only and I tend to give a chance to some well known and mass market makeup brands as well. With that being said, out of curiosity (and out of face powder options!) I’ve picked some Physicians Formula makeup items from my local drugstore to test out and to form my opinion on those. Let’s see what we got here!

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I’ve picked two tones of Powder Palette Multi-colored Face Powder* to try – “Buff” (on the left) and “Beige” (on the right). It took me quite an effort to stop on these two, as the choice of powder variations and different shades is really impressive! “Buff” perfectly fits my current skin tone, and “Beige” will wait a bit for the summer. This powder gives me a light decent coverage. It comes with a nice little puff, but I prefer to apply it with my kabuki brush. I like it’s ability to blend and even out the skin tone without adding an extra pound feeling to my face. It claims to be hypoallergenic, oil-free and non-comedogenic. I must say, I haven’t noticed any bad skin behavior so far, so I definitely considering to re-purchase the Buff tone once it’s done. Perfect over BB-cream.

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The same hard choice moment happened to me over Physicians Formula mascaras section, they have more than 10 different mascaras to offer and they all seem quite interesting to try! I’ve got Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara*, the packaging won. I am from that lucky gals category who relate to sensitive eyes concerns, constant contact lenses wearers and in addition to all of that, thin lashes owners. 3 in 1, huh. Finding a right mascara for me is a process, and I’ve found quite a few that work great for me, like my recent discovery – Antonym Cosmetics Lola Lashes mascara (love love love it!). But as you know, all the good things come to an end and it’s nice to have a backup. This one from Physicians Formula made me very glad, and my eyes too. It defines the lashes beautifully and adds significant volume and length. No notable clumps were noticed so far. I want to try their CC Curl + Cure mascara* next!

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Somehow these Concealer Twins* jumped into my shopping basket too. Well, they’ve probably had a well planned scheme with my under-eye dark circles, little bastards. It’s all for my best, I assume, so we shaked hands on that. Yellow color targets the under-eye circles and other bluish spots (if you mysteriously happen to have those), green one aims to take care of blemishes, scars and post-acne spots. This concealer has a nice liquid (not too sick!) texture, but it can be easy to over-do with. When using it, make sure you apply the tiniest amount of the product – it will be enough, the coverage is pretty solid! Fits the fair to light skin tone just right.


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  • I tried the Physician’s Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara, and while I did love the finished look and the price, it tended to flake on me. I’m interested in trying their CC Cream, though I plan on researching a couple of the ingredients first.

  • I am more into their pressed powder, to be honest! They work great for me, and I am looking forward trying the talk-free option as well! As for the mascara, they got about 10 different ones and I am sure the newest editions may be better..! In a big picture, that’s a very affordable brand and it keeps up to the natural makeup game, in my opinion.

  • I agree, the packing won the hard choice battle for me:)! Emm, not something that I’ve noticed of.. it should be applied in a really small amount so you won’t look like you got a leopard spots. The green side plays perfect on red spots, and the yellow one is meant for fair/light skin tone and it blends quite nicely! Thanks for stopping by, Izzy!:)

  • I hate when there are so many options, simply can’t choose so I tend to walk away with nothing lol. The green concealer looks so odd does it blend well it leave any tinge?

  • I totally hear you, Rowie. Sometimes it just feels they want me to stay at the store double more time than I planned!:) Well, it doesn’t blend to the skin tone obviously, but it really works on capricious red spots as a step before you apply foundation. It is pretty liquid-ish, so it doesn’t leave that heavy coverage.

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