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I am so glad to introduce you today to the Antonym Natural Makeup Guide. I’ve been in a full swoon over the absolutely stunning earthy packaging for a while, but believe me, the EcoCert certified natural makeup goodies that are hiding inside are beyond any comparison! To be completely honest, I never thought I would have this kind of relationship with makeup… And here I am now, writing this love letter to Antonym cosmetics that completely stole a part of my heart.

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Antonym got 2 different variations of their beautiful Quattro eyeshadowNoisette (warm brown shades) and Croisette (essential colors including pinkish salmon and dark charcoal). I got lucky enough to test Noisette which I find as a brilliant day-to-day color palette of 4 complementing each other tones – Pale Gold (light, warm shimmer), Copper (really gorgeous dark gold shine), Pearl Brown and Matte Brown. Double-sided tiny vegan brush is also included in the set. I love creating the combined look of Pale Gold as a highlighter in the inner corner, Copper on the eye lid and contouring with Matte Brown. Separately, they work pretty cool too! Wet application of Matte Brown, by the way, can create a real statement! Suitable for sensitive skin, as it’s formula is 99,6% natural.

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I love playing with this 100% natural Lipstick Pencil by Antonym, I have it in “Pinkish” shade that is a little bit shimmery and more like dark pink – coral. It looks very gentle on the lips, definitely adds a feminine touch, lasts fairly long and, most important for me, doesn’t make my lips feel dry. Moisturizing formula contains Sunflower oil, Shea butter and a potion of vitamins C and E. With that being said, it glides very smoothly and makes application quick, easy and accurate. Currently eyeing the “Naturelle” shade as well, that is more brownish and a little less girly.

antonym baked foundation, antonym baked blush, antonym vegan blush brush review antonym baked foundation review, natural baked foundation brand, organic beauty blogger, tlv birdie blog

I am a huge fan of baked textures and I was really happy to discover that Antonym has their Baked Powder Foundation in 4 shades. I went with “Medium Beige”, that is my absolute go-to these days. It makes me look like I am actually living in Los Angeles and having time to go to the beach. Which is a total lie, as sometimes I don’t even notice that I sat the whole day in my studio and hadn’t got a chance to go outside. Freelance life, that’s what it is. And I am happy I got little helpers that make me look fresh no matter what! I am applying this foundation real quick on the top of my BB cream (it seems like I’ve found the one and I am going to cover it in one of my next posts) using my kabuki brush so it lays down very gently for a light yet steady coverage and adapts to my skin tone. It is 99% natural, and 100% outstanding!

antonym baked brush review, organic beauty blogger, antonym vegan brushes review, tlv birdie blog

Another baked color touch for the cheeks comes from Antonym Baked Blush that I tried in “Copper”. I am really amazed by how easily it blends on the skin and adds just the right amount of warm, sun-kissed glow. I can already see how perfect it will look in summer on slightly tanned, bare face! True masterpiece – just look at this gorgeous blush, looking like a Baked Earth, sitting in it’s precious wooden container with a little mirror inside. I use Antonym Blush Brush (on the right) to apply the blush, it’s soft bristles spread the product smoothly and one light touch is enough to add some radiance to the cheeks.

antonym blush brush, antonym eyeshadow blush, antonym vegan brushes review, natural beauty blogger

antonym vegan brushes, natural lipstick brush review, organic beauty blog, natural beauty blogger, tlv birdie blog

Speaking of brushes, Antonym got a full collection of 20 vegan makeup brushes that I guess every makeup artist (not to mention makeup amateurs like me!) would love to own! Those wooden handles are so beautiful, and as you may understand, totally my cup of tea! I’ve been using Blush Brush #2, Large Eye Shader Brush #6 and Lip Brush #15 (that as you can see I already took advantage of quite a few times!). I find these as great essential brushes for a makeup kit, but definitely looking forward to expand my Antonym Brushes collection!

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Last thing I want to let you know about Antonym natural makeup line is Lola Lash Mascara. If you ask my opinion, I am SO not going back to drugstore mascaras. 100% positive. I definitely lean towards natural mascaras that make really good impression, but are friendly to my sensitive eyes with contact lenses. What I especially love about Lola Lash is it’s ability to define the lashes very quickly, you don’t have to go back and forth several times. It adds some significant length and looks very natural. I usually don’t use a lash curler, so I was quite surprised to see the natural curl that this Antonym mascara added to my lashes. Zero clumps. No flakes or dark circles throughout the day. Natural formula and notable appearance, totally in love!





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  • Great review! Clearly Antonym seems to be as good as it looks! Right now, I’d be more tempted by the vegan brushes – as my makeup stash doesn’t need to grow bigger atm 😉 xx

  • I really loved it! The textures are so soft and velvety, plus just the right amount of shimmer.. you know me, I am not an all glowing type of gal:) Thanks for your comment, dear:)

  • Seriously sister that is one rocking image…seriously! Great review too but that art is just wow. I hope they sell to Aus, they sound great and their packaging os divine

  • Thank you so much, dear! I am in love with the look myself, and everything works really great for me – that baking powder is my ultimate go-to right now!:) I am glad you like it!

  • Thanks a lot, dear!:) I am really happy my introduction made you feel on exploring more about Antonym Cosmetics, in my humble opinion, they are truly awesome!

  • Rowie, your should stop this because you’re making me so so blush!:)) Thank you so much for all your support and kind words, you have no idea how much I appreciate this! I am not really sure if they sell to Aus, but they may have some local retailers… I hope they do, because I am sure you’d love their makeup!

  • I know I’m repeating myself, but the amount of work you put into styling these photos is actually outstanding.

  • Your photo scenes are beautiful! I wish I could wear these tones of makeup, but I am pale as can be so the earthy look doesn’t quite work for me. Lovely post!


  • Hey Rebecca, thanks for stopping by! I think you may like the Croisette eyeshadow from Antonym then, it may work better for a brighter makeup! I am a huge fan of no-makeup makeup look, so as for me – the earthier the better:)

  • Haha, I am asking the same question!:) Welcome here, I am happy you did found me!:)

    This blush is something special, I agree!:) Adds such a nice copper shade on my slightly tanned face!

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