Black on Black – Simple VS. Boring

Hey.. emm.. I just thought.. you know.. would you mind if I’ll steal some attention from my green beauty stories and show you my face? Just this one time… Would you be so kind to enjoy this rare moment?:)

The thing is, this blog is not about me. It’s about my passions, my styling work, my simple living beliefs and other interests, skills, whatever. And I usually express them in a pretty much selfless way. I mean, there’s a lot of me in what I do, but it is less about me. Although I am keeping the right to show up like this, all of a sudden, and take a moment to talk about myself. And about my boring style choices.

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Yes, I love it simple. The further I go, the stronger my casual style radar becomes. Just as much as I love easy-breathy fabrics and bohemian state of mind, I enjoy myself in black | grey | white | beige neutral colors and minimalistic (read : simple) fits. Finding a perfect balance between these two, most likely, is the mission of my life. And there’s nothing like dressing all black under the Californian sun – people immediately rank you as hundred points on a hipster scale. Isn’t it just adorable. What a great effect can the simplest black t-shirt, black skinny jeans and black sandals deliver. The only thing I have to do is to suck it up and deal with the Los Angeles heat. Because the Siberian girl inside me feels hot wherever she is.

Life is full of paradoxes. And for this single time my blog post made you smile. Meaning, I am not that boring. (Please, let me know if it didn’t, I’ll lower my expectations)


H&M black t-shirt || Zara black jeans || Urban Outfitters macrame sandals (last summer) || Forever21 necklace || sunglasses c/o ZeroUV


the coldest and the coolest of all cold brews from Cafe Vita in Silverlake

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