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I’ve been all over the place talking beauty lately, and I can ensure you – I am having blogging, styling and photography satisfaction like never before. Besides, my skin is super thankful for all the blissful opportunities to be introduced to the best, the greenest and the most amazing brands I’ve been so lucky to work with lately.

Never the less, it’s not only about my personal experience with the beauty products, it is about TLV Birdie Blog being your most trustful and lovable (hopefully!) destination point to learn more about natural beauty (also eco-friendly living and sustainable attitude to style and beyond, but that’s another story), ask questions, give feedback, deepen your knowledge and improve your personal care regimen. Thus, if you feel like you want to know more about :

  • what natural beauty brands to trust
  • what ingredients are actually good for your skin
  • how to find healthy alternatives to traditional beauty products
  • my personal opinion on this and that product

you’re welcome to browse BEAUTY SECTION of the TLV Birdie Blog : by clicking this link, clicking the BEAUTY banner on the right sidebar, or, tadaaam, if you’re looking for a very specific product, brand or something particular, I’ve just created a BEAUTY LOUNGE page where I have listed all the beauty products and brands I’ve reviewed so far in A-Z for your convenience. Remember that I have just started to expand the Beauty section, but the list looks pretty much informative already and hopefully will continue this way. Enjoy, get “cleaner and greener” : BEAUTY LOUNGE.

P.S.: whenever you guys have questions or concerns about natural beauty and skincare, ideas or suggestions of what brands and products you’d love to see on TLV Birdie Blog, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me in comments below or via email! It won’t take lots of your precious time, but it will definitely help me to improve TLV Birdie and make it even more interesting and informative for you!

P.P.S.: my GIVEAWAY with Aila Cosmetics is still on (9 days more to participate!) : one lucky randomly chosen girl will be gifted with more than $100 value healthy nail care set, check this post for the prize description, guidelines and conditions :

TLV Birdie Blog and Aila cosmetics giveaway

On this cheerful note, I’d like to finish this post with the TLV Birdie Blog’s article on Healthy Nail Care featured on the Independent Fashion Bloggers network.



What do you do when your eyeshadow breaks? How do you NOT take an outfit photo? How do you take care of your nails? How to you add a little edge to your style? The serious questions when it comes to fashion. Well, ok, still very IMPORTANT. This week we have a great roundup of interesting links informing us all those little things you didn’t even know you really needed to know.

Links à la Mode: January 22nd

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  • So happy you popped into my blog, because I do have a question about skin moisturizer. I’m going through a period of sensitive skin and I would like a natural skin lotion. I love my Neutrogena Sensitive Skin with SPF 15 moisturizer, but I would still like a chemical-free option. What would you suggest?
    Texas Jak

    • Hey dear, I’m currently loving Josh Rosebrook Deep Hydrating Serum (you can read more about it in this post –, it’s essential oils based serum (no nasty chemicals!) that feels very light and soft on the skin! No spf though. Also, I’ve reviewed the whole set of Blissoma Solutions especially for Sensitive Skin in this post –, it’s definitely worth your attention as it will most likely will ease on your sensitive skin period. I also had a moment when Burt’s Bees Daily Moistrizing cream for Sensitive skin helped me a lot, it’s super affordable and 99% natural. Recently, I personally prefer natural oils based facial products (Josh Rosebrook, Blissoma, Raaw in a Jar) that target soothing, relaxing, nourishing and hydrating at once. I really hope this would help you!:)

      • Thank you so very, very much. I’d give you a hug if I could.

        • Hello miss, Check Acure Organics…They have some great and affordable moisturisers. I really love this brand!
          I have also reviewed a couple of other moisturisers on my blog too.:-)

          • Thank you for your suggestion as well.

          • I am going to review quite a lot of Acure products really soon! In love with their body products at the moment!

          • Great! I got some Acure shampoos too….:-))))

  • tianna

    congrats on being featured! love your blog 🙂 ♥

    Stop by and chat >> 🙂

    • Thanks, Tianna! I am glad you enjoy TLV Birdie Blog, stay tuned:)

  • Ah this is so helpful! It is honestly hard to find reviews for natural products and especially a good selection of them. I am running out of a lot of my skincare staples and I will be utilizing your Beauty Lounge to pick my next products!

    • Kristine, I am so happy to be helpful! Let me know if you have any specific questions etc:) And enjoy!:)

  • Nice! Love to read more about beauty! Love your blog!x

    • Thanks for all the warm words, dear!:) More to come!;)

  • This brand looks awesome! Thanks for sharing Oly!

    I wish you an amazing weekend!



    • Thank you, Jeanne, you’re the sweetest!<3

  • anotherearthpink
  • Oh, lovely post! Whenever I usally use natural beauty products, they feel much better! With Love,

    • Oh indeed! They act better as well. I hope you’ll take a moment to go through my A-Z natural beauty products/brands list to discover something new, that will make your skincare and makeup routine much more beneficial and cleaner!

  • Svetlana

    Thanks for sharing this post! It was very interesting to read about these products!

  • Thanks for this guide! I always feel like I need these beauty/skin care guides more during the brutal winter, so perfect timing 😛 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  • Eleanor Humphries

    Love your blog- thanks for linking me! New follower x
    eleanor’s adventures // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

    • Thanks for your kind words, Eleanor!:) Appreciate that!

  • Jasmin

    Hello lovely, I’ve just heard about this new skincare line from Singapore called ‘Noer Organics’ and I’m totally sold (emotionally), though my purse strings aren’t feeling particularly generous at the moment. So I was hoping that you could review them! As far as I’ve heard, they’re looking for bloggers to test out their products and will send out a sample pack.

    This is their website >