Happy Hanukkah!

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  You didn’t think I would leave you without a special Happy Hanukkah greeting, didn’t you? (to whom it may concern)

  Let’s just say, Hanukkah is one of my favorite jewish holidays. A cheerful week when we can eat as many donuts (sufganiyot) as we desire without guilty aftertaste. When we light the candles every evening and put on old school kids holidays TV Programs on Youtube. It’s my first Hanukkah outside Israel for the last 4 years, but I must admit, I have this special holiday vibe no matter what. Especially concerning the fact that Hanukkah napkins, candles, greeting cards and other stuff can be found everyone in Los Angeles from Target to a local supermarket. Little something that totally makes me feel like home:)

  However, it was sort of a last minute, and we didn’t manage to find a nice hanukkiah to buy…so I decided to do one by myself a night before the holiday eve. My handmade hanukkiah is super simple to DIY ( I assume it is already late for this year to remind you to prepare your hanukkiah on time, but maybe it’ll be useful to take a note for the next year). All I have used to make this beautiful snowy looking hanukkiah were : a wooden board, white acrylic, 9 bottle caps (it was a last minute, so my caps are all of different sizes), masking tape (preferable, double sided) and some nature fragments. I covered all the caps with the white acrylic, then the board itself and placed all the parts into order fixing them with the masking tape where is needed to be more stable, and gave some special attention to a 9th candle (shamash). Then I’ve decorated with dried rosemary, pine cones and other nature fragments, and added a touch up of white acrylic all over them as well.

  Happy Hanukkah, my dear friends and family!

hanukkah 2014, handmade hanukkiah diy, diy home decor blog, eco friendly lifestyle blog, tlv birdie blog, happy hanukkah greeting

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