Castelbel soap bar – when design and fragrance totally match

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  When it comes to a nice package and a great smell beauty product 2-in-1, chances are high that I won’t leave it on the store’s shelf. My eyes work like a sharp radar for everything earth themed, nature-inspired and leaves (or birds) patterned. And when a cool object is detected, I  immediately share it with you, my darling blog readers!

  I am an absolute fan of fresh, green fragrances and today’s find makes me really, really happy! Castelbel luxury soap bar, beautifully wrapped in a black&white cucumber and mint pattern paper, gives a strong hint what to expect inside – mint color soap bar with amazingly refreshing fragrance of (wait for it!) cucumber and mint!

  Castelbel is a Portugal based company that focuses on best quality home and body products with truly evocative fragrances, that can be easily found in the US most popular retailers (I purchased this soap bar at World Market, one of my favorite stops when my soul asks for a some home shopping fix). Usually, I can spend over 20 mins at the soaps display by choosing a right one for my current mood. But as much as I love beauty and skincare products, I endlessly love eye catching packages. Most of the time, the design of the package will help me to overcome the hard time of decision making – that is basically what happened when I saw this pencil sketch look of this Castelbel soap bar. The soap will disappear eventually, but the beautiful nature-inspired wrapping paper will stay with me (and believe me, I will find a nice way to reuse it for scrapbooking or other creative projects;).

Do you have any favorite soap brands?

 Have you ever tried any Castelbel products?

What usually drives you to purchase a soap – a nice fragrance or an outstanding package design?

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