About motivation, simple living ideas and healthy lifestyle changes in Instagram photos #6

  November is being a month of great changes so far! Hard working BLOvember days – new collaborations and Instagram blogging tips guest post are coming soon, not to mention the first Tzipora the Style Blogger printed publication in a magazine that I can’t wait to show you! That’s a big thing for us! Also, I’m taking little steps for a big changes in the daily life too – for a healthier, self-confident and more organized days. Here are my Instagram moments from the last week under the new Instagram profile name.

Get ready, this post will be all about motivation, simple living ideas and healthy lifestyle changes!

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1. I feel so motivated about blogging full time, I think I finally have a picture in my head how I want things to be done and where I want to get eventually. BLOvember will be a great month to establish the organizational part of blogging, so later I will have more time to spend on the creative side.

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2. I start to feel better about myself: about my hair, about my sometimes sleepy face, about my USA adaptation period gained weight, about my wardrobe. Seems like my inner world is getting back into shape.

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3. That is why this inspirational quote caught my attention. Blank is good. Blank means space for something new, for present, for beginnings, for adjustments.

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4. Coffee is still my best friend, but I’ve switched to soy milk completely for now. The only dairy product left in my “diet” is ice-cream, but that’s private and no one can stand between the two of us (am I right, Ben&Jerry’s?). I am substituting dairy for soy for about 3 weeks now and I can already feel the difference inside and outside. 

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5. I am totally thrilled to finally feel the autumn here in Los Angeles. I took advantage of the first cold day to wear my favorite open front wool cardigan and knee high socks (which doesn’t happen a lot). Cozy and girly feeling got over me.

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6. I still make friends with squirrels in the Griffith park while morning hikes. They are the cutest things around! I always take some granola in my pocket to feed them, and most of the times they are not afraid to grab it right from my hand and then to pose for a picture. My name is Oly the Squirrel Whisperer Shamrik!

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7. Sweater weather makes me happy. I wrote about how I feel about cold season in the previous post and I am looking forward to benefit from each and every sweater / cardigan/ outerwear item I’ve collected through the years. And yes, it’s a hat season also!

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8. I am doing my best to wake up earlier and go for morning walks. Luckily, I have a great neighborhood to do a morning coffee run, or to sync with the gorgeous wild nature of the Griffith park. My vintage Reebok mustard sneakers are being an essential part of my casual morning outfit.

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9. The most exciting part of all the new healthy lifestyle changes – I am back to my yoga practice. I’ve found a great yoga studio in a walking distance from my home, called One Down Dog. Their 40$ new students deal was too attractive to miss. So now, I am on the way for a better myself – balanced, active and healthier in- and outside.

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10. Constant, unlimited flow of inspiration I am soaking in from everywhere – my husband, my Instagram community, books, movies, nature.. Absolutely grateful for this period of my life when I can stop, listen to myself and take right decisions towards better future.


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