Meet Tzipora. She’s cool.

  The day I realized one alter-ego is not enough has come. Honestly, I’ve been on emotional roller coaster concerning the blog lately, as I needed to find that proper source of joy, that core blogging fun. It took me time to realize that TLV Birdie blog is supposed to be about pure craft and self-expression. And today, Tzipora was born. 

  Tzipora. Her name means Bird in hebrew. A very old-fashioned name, but it suits her. She might have an old soul, as she believes in the “old-fashioned” values – family, love and slow living. She enjoys little things of life and pays close attention to nature. She’d prefer picnic in the park to a fancy restaurant. The way she dresses comes from her heart and her interactions with outside world, but not from the fast-fashion trends. She’s 26 now, her roots come from a cold country, but she used to migrate from one spot to another. She is a married lady now and she is all about nesting with her bird-man. She has a degree in International Relations, but she has an extraordinary lack in networking. The field of her work though is connected to creative industry, styling, window displays, VM. Well, basically, she is me.

tzipora style blogger

At the first appearance on public, Tzipora the Style Blogger wants everybody to see her true style spirit. It’s almost the end of September, our minds are craving some californian mountains getaway and our wardrobe is based on earthy, neutral colors. For a date with Mother Nature Tzipora stays loyal to the basic yet a bit bohemian style.

  Tzipora’s choice for a Mountain Getaway:

P.S.: check out new style stories of Tzipora and make sure to check out her Instagram tag #TziporaTheStyleBlogger.

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